Ever find yourself lost in the maze of design, staring at a blank screen, and thinking, “There’s gotta be a better way?” Well, strap in and grab your digital paintbrush, ’cause we’re diving into the world of Bootstrap tables.

No, no, we ain’t talking about some dining room furniture. These tables are sleek, smart, and oh-so-stylish. Picture them like the most awesome dance floor for your data.

  • Want to line ’em up?
  • Make ’em dance?
  • Or give them a new spin?

We’ve got all the beats. In the following paragraphs, we’re gonna break down, piece by piece, what makes these tables the new groovy thang in web design. So, whether you’re a noob or a seasoned web rockstar, you’ll find the rhythm that’ll make your website sing. The dance of the pixels has just begun, and you’re invited to groove along. Grab your virtual dancing shoes, and let’s hit the dance floor.

Bootstrap Tables Examples

Fixed Header Table

Check this out: a table with a lot of pizzazz! You’ve got rounded corners giving it some zing, and it’s got a bit of depth, too. There’s a fixed header, and your users will love the vertical scrolling option. Color? You can pick from loads. Dark-themed lovers? We’ve got them covered.

Responsive Table

Here’s a table that’s not just another boring grid. It’s sleek, and there’s a wow-factor to it. Want to twist it, change it, make it yours? You can do all that.

Bootstrap 5 Table With Search And Checkboxes

Hey, Bootstrap fans! The BBBootstrap Team got something cool here. You’ve got a Bootstrap 5 table with all the neat stuff like search and checkboxes. Free and open source? Absolutely! Perfect for your Bootstrap tables needs.

Minimal Flat Table Design

Want something simple but snazzy? This Minimal Flat Table Design is where it’s at. Users will zip through information and data like a hot knife through butter.

Adminator – Simple And Elegant Looking Datatable

A professional, slick template is here. It’s not just a datatable; it’s interactive with charts for visualizing your data. Searching, sorting, adjusting – you name it, it’s there. Need pagination to jump to the right table page? Easy peasy. This is a top-notch Bootstrap datatable.

Table with Vertical & Horizontal Highlight

Loads of data and don’t know where to look? No sweat! This table is your guide. Hover over a row or column, and it lights up to show you the way. It’s a modern-looking table, and wait till you see the gradient background! It’s not just about Bootstrap tables, it’s about making them stylish.

Table With Collapsible Sections

Hey, need something cool? Jason McCuen crafted a Bootstrap Table for ya. Picture this: two headers and three sections that collapse. Yeah, that’s right, it’s something fresh in the Bootstrap tables scene.

Fixed Column Table

Too much data, not enough space? I know the struggle. Here’s a table where one column stays put while the others take a stroll. Scroll horizontally, add heaps of Bootstrap text, and it still looks neat.

Pricing Tables

Free stuff alert! Bootdey Admin whipped up some pricing tables. HTML, CSS, JS – you can download the whole shebang. Build your app faster, and have some fun with Bootstrap tables.

Fade and Blur on Hover Data Table

Want to catch an eye? Here’s a sleek table where magic happens. Hover over an option and watch the rest fade away. Only the chosen one shines.

Responsive & Accessible Data Table

Client needs something that’s there on the big screen and still dances on a mobile? Here’s a table that shrinks gracefully. Add a search option, and this Bootstrap datatable becomes a friendly buddy.

Bootstrap Table V16

For the dark design lovers, say hello to Table V16. Black background, stylish rows. It’s more than a Bootstrap table; it’s a fashion statement.

Bootstrap 4 Basic Stripped Table With Progressbar

BBBootstrap Team’s at it again. Here’s a Bootstrap 4 Bordered Table, with a bit of a twist: pagination and card snippet. Free, open source, and ready to rock your project.

Fresh Bootstrap Table

Feeling fresh? Then this Bootstrap Table will make you feel at home. Two versions, five colors, endless style. Click on the live preview; explore the world of stylish Bootstrap tables.

Bootstrap 4 Team Points Table

Last but not least, here’s a Team Points Table brought to you by BBBootstrap Team. Crafted with love and Bootstrap 4. It’s just perfect for any project, big or small.

Vuetify Vuex Data Table External Pagination & Sort

Looking for a datatable that knows what’s up? You’ve got it here. Sorting, paginations, and some really neat hover actions – it’s all packed into this professional-looking table.

Want to control the number of rows you see? No problem. Want a loading animation that doesn’t bug you? Done.

This is what a modern, user-friendly bootstrap datatable should be like. A real game changer in the world of Bootstrap tables.

Sortable Tabular Data

Ever looked at a messy table and thought, “Why can’t this be easier?” Well, here’s your answer.

The Sortable Tabular Data design. It’s like your virtual helper that organizes tables into specific categories or orders. It’s about time tables got tidier, right?

Bootstrap Table V18

Want something responsive? Check. Want hover effects? Check. Need checkboxes and a quick reference in the occupation column? Check and check.

Bootstrap Table V18 is that friendly neighborhood table that listens to what you need and then goes and does it.

Data Table

Boring tables are so last year. Meet the Data Table that’s all about looking neat and clean.

Want visitors to spend more time on your site? This table might just be the wingman you need.

Table light with image background

Images in a table? Oh yes, it’s a thing.

Just specify a max-width for the parent cell, use some sizing utilities, or whip up your own CSS. A table has never looked this cool before.

Colors by List Table

Need to jazz up your webpage?

The Colors by List table’s got you. Different colors, lots of visual appeal, and tons of personality. Your Bootstrap tables just leveled up.

Gentelella – Bootstrap Datatable With Option To Select Rows

Classy? Check. Useful features? Check. Datatables designed like a boss? Check.

Gentelella is that bootstrap datatable with style and brains. It’s got zebra stripes, neat texts, and a search bar where you need it. Mobile responsive and ready to mingle with your existing website or app.

FAQ about Bootstrap tables

How Can I Add a Bootstrap Table to My Site?

Dude, it’s simple. Just grab the code snippet from Bootstrap’s official site. Put it in your HTML where you want the table, and boom, you’re done. Don’t forget to include Bootstrap’s CSS and JavaScript files. Without those, it won’t look as snazzy.

Why’s My Bootstrap Table Not Responsive?

Ah, responsiveness! To make your table fit different screen sizes, add the .table-responsive class around your table. It’s like putting your table on a diet. Makes it fit anywhere!

Can I Style My Bootstrap Table?

Sure thing! You can add custom CSS or use Bootstrap’s built-in classes like .table-dark for a dark theme. It’s like giving your table a new coat of paint. Make it yours!

How Do I Add Rows and Columns?

Easy peasy! Just like any other HTML table, use <tr> for rows and <td> for columns. Think of it like building with Lego. Add pieces where you need ’em!

Why Are My Column Headers Not Bold?

You must’ve missed the <th> tag for headers. It’s like the crown on your table, making the headers bold and beautiful. Use it, and your headers will stand out like a rockstar!

How to Make a Striped Table with Bootstrap?

Wanna zebra-stripe your table? Use .table-striped class. It’s like giving your table those cool zebra stripes, but without all the wildness. Stripes have never been easier!

Can I Make a Table with Hover Effects?

Sure, just throw in the .table-hover class, and it’s hover-magic time. Your rows will change when the cursor’s over them. It’s like they’re dancing to the beat of your mouse!

What’s the Deal with Bootstrap Table Borders?

Need borders? No problem! Use classes like .table-bordered. Think of it like building a fence around your garden. Keeps everything neat and tidy.

How to Align Text in Bootstrap Table?

Alignment’s a piece of cake! Use classes like .text-center for center alignment. It’s like adjusting the pictures on your wall, but way easier. Your text will sit just right!

Can I Combine Different Table Styles?

Absolutely, my friend! Mix and match Bootstrap table classes like a DJ mixes tunes. Combine .table-striped with .table-dark, and others. It’s your world; make your tables dance to your beat!


So, you’ve been following along, and now we’re at the grand finale – the cherry on top, so to speak! Bootstrap tables, eh? They’re like your favorite kitchen table, but in the world of web design.

They’re perfect when you need something neat and tidy.

  • Line things up just right,
  • Add some cool effects if you want,
  • Or keep ’em simple.

They’re adaptable, they’re sturdy, and they’ve got style to boot. A bit like your trusty old sneakers, but for data.

Looking for something that fits your page like a glove? Those Bootstrap tables will be there for you. From your simple home cooking to your fancy five-star dishes – or in web terms, whether it’s a basic blog or a high-end business site – they’ve got your back.

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