So, here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ about Bootstrap icons. These little gems, they’re not just shapes and lines. Nah, they’re like visual words that scream action. See, we web designers, we grab ’em like paint on a palette.

  • Splash ’em here
  • Throw ’em there
  • Mold ’em like clay

They’re a part of this wicked toolkit that makes websites dance and sing. You see Bootstrap icons? That’s like the wink in a smiley face, the sparkle in an eye. It’s the future of cool.

I mean, imagine being stuck in a room full of legal documents. Now, drop some Bootstrap icons, and BOOM, you’ve got yourself a party!

This ain’t just any old tool though. It’s a revolution in design, my friends. So buckle up and get ready to dive into the whirlpool of creativity. Let’s explore the universe of Bootstrap icons, one pixel at a time. It’s time to let your website put on its dancing shoes!

Bootstrap icons, cool stuff! Ever thought about how they make things look so neat? Here’s a bit of insight:

  • They come free if you’re already rolling with the Bootstrap framework. Talk about handy!
  • Implementing them? Piece of cake. Just some HTML copy-pasting, and you’re good to go.
  • These icons are vector-based. Make them big, make them small; they’re always crisp.
  • Everyone can use them. Yeah, they’ve got those ARIA properties for accessibility.
  • Customize them however you want. Play with their color, size, and style using CSS. Your playground!

Dive into the Collection of Bootstrap Icons

The Real Deal – Original Bootstrap Icons

These beauties add elegance and a professional vibe to any site. 1,800 high-quality, open-source icons? Yes, please! They make the design pop, blending seamlessly with the layout for smooth navigation. User-friendly and visually engaging, that’s the way to go!

The Figma Collection of Bootstrap Icons

This isn’t just any icon library; it’s designed to work with Bootstrap. With over 1,900 icons and a whole bunch of fans around the world, it’s the go-to for aesthetic enhancements. The latest version? Full of SVG icons for all your creative needs.

Bootstrap Icons with React – react-Icons Version

Working with React? Bootstrap Icons from react-icons has got your back. With ES6 imports, you can add just what you need, no extras. Convenient, efficient, and super attractive, it’s all about making those React-based web projects look and feel amazing!

The Noun Project’s Take on Bootstrap Icons

Oh man, these are some handy Bootstrap icons, right here. You’ve got 300 scalable vector icons that’ll work wonders for your web development and app design. Whatever symbols you need, they got ’em, ready to make your designs all snazzy.

Bootstrap Icons, Courtesy of Iconfinder

Here’s a treasure trove of 1,071 icons for you. We’re talking different styles like Solid, Semi Solid, Outline, and the Filled Outline. Free? Premium? They’ve got it all. And no need to link back. Just grab ’em and make your commercial projects shine!

IconScout’s Bootstrap Icons

IconScout? More like Icon Supercool! They offer 87 royalty-free vector icons for your web and mobile projects. Line, flat, gradient styles? Check! SVG, PNG, and more? Check! They’re ready for you to tweak them to fit your brand’s vibe.

Twitter’s Own Bootstrap Icons by Iconduck

Twitter got in on the Bootstrap icons game, and they did it with style. They’ve created 1,152 icons just for you, under the MIT license. Hand-designed by Twitter, these icons are free to use for anything you can imagine. Get creative!

Blazor’s Icons

Blazor’s Bootstrap icon component keeps it simple. It’s there to display an icon from any font. Yup, just like that. They know what you need and they deliver.

Exclusive SVG Icon Set

Oh boy, these Bootstrap Icons are something else! They mesh with Bootstrap components like peanut butter with jelly. We’re talking form controls, navigation, the whole deal. And they’re SVGs, so you can resize and restyle them to your heart’s content. They’re built for Bootstrap, but hey, they’ll fit in anywhere you need ’em!

FAQ about Bootstrap icons

What are Bootstrap Icons?

Oh, that? Bootstrap Icons are just these cool little symbols you see on websites. Think of them like emojis, but for web design. They help make your site look snazzy without busting out the big paintbrushes and drawing something from scratch.

How Do I Use Bootstrap Icons?

Easiest pie! You just pick the icon you want, copy a little piece of code, and stick it in your HTML file. Bam! It’s like magic, but for your website.

Can I Customize Bootstrap Icons?

Totally! You can change their size, color, whatever you want. Just play around with some simple CSS and HTML. It’s like dressing up your digital dolls, but it’s an icon.

Are Bootstrap Icons Free?

Yup, most of them are! Some might cost you a coffee or two, but many are free to use. Just check the license and you’re good to roll.

Why Aren’t My Bootstrap Icons Showing Up?

Ah, the mystery of the disappearing icons! Sometimes the link to the icon library might be broken, or maybe you got the code wrong. Double-check everything, and you’ll likely find the culprit.

Can I Add My Own Icons to Bootstrap?

Why not? You can create your own icons and add them in. It’s like adding your own flair to the party. Just make sure they’re the right format, and you’ll be rocking your own style.

How Can I Align Bootstrap Icons with Text?

Alignment issues? No worries! Just a bit of CSS magic, and you’ll have them lined up like soldiers. Play around with vertical alignment, and you’ll get them right where you want ’em.

Are Bootstrap Icons Compatible with All Browsers?

Mostly, yeah! But like anything else in web design, there might be some quirks with older browsers. Always good to test and see how they look everywhere. Can’t have them looking wonky on Grandma’s computer, right?

Do Bootstrap Icons Affect Website Loading Time?

Well, they might add a tiny bit of weight, but it’s like putting a feather on a camel’s back. As long as you’re not going overboard with hundreds of icons, you’ll be just fine.

Can I Use Bootstrap Icons with Other Frameworks?

Sure thing! Bootstrap Icons aren’t super picky. They’ll play nice with other frameworks like Angular or React. Think of them as the friendly neighbor in the world of coding. It’s all about sharing and caring in the coding community.


So, you’ve taken the wild ride through the digital jungle, and here you are, right at the foot of Bootstrap icons. It’s like finding a treasure trove of miniature paintings, except they’re sharp, scalable, and customizable.

They’re not just icons; they’re your allies.

  • In a landscape of websites, they give you a voice.
  • In the clash of pixels, they’re your sword.
  • They’re the spark in a sea of code.

Who knew something so small could make such a big splash?

But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Crack open that code editor and let those Bootstrap icons dance. Whether it’s a simple ‘click me’ button or a majestic visual storytelling – Bootstrap icons are the brushes for your next digital masterpiece.

And you know what? That’s just the beginning.

Keep your eyes wide, your mind wild, and let Bootstrap icons take you where no pixel has ever been.

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