The magic of the Bootstrap progress bar. Imagine, you’re creating something special, something alive and ticking. It’s like giving birth to a visual beat. Tick-tock, fill up, slide over. The Bootstrap progress bar does that.

But wait, why the fuss?

You’re painting a room, and you’re watching the paint dry. Boring, right? Now, replace that with colors filling up on your screen, showing you how much of a task is done. That’s what the Bootstrap progress bar is.

It’s simple, yet mesmerizing. It’s ordinary, but with a twist.

Let’s dive in:

  • What if it’s more than just a bar?
  • What if you could make it dance, jump, and wiggle?
  • What if it could tell a story?

Get ready to embark on this adventure with me as we unravel the hidden charm and untapped potentials of the Bootstrap progress bar. It’s not just a visual element; it’s a stroke of genius. And it’s waiting for you to explore. Buckle up!

Bootstrap Progress Bar Examples

Bootstrap Progress Bars Example

So, you want to get the hang of Bootstrap progress bars, huh? There’s quite a few, I’ll admit, and choosing the best option can make your head spin. But hey, let’s keep it simple and talk about the Bootstrap progress bar. Picture it as a way to show what’s going on with the elements on your page – stuff is loading, moving forward, or getting done. Simple, right?

Tolerance Levels for Bootstrap Progress Bar

Ever thought of adding upper and lower tolerance bounds to your Bootstrap progress bars? This code shows just that. It’s a neat trick to present the Bootstrap progress bar in a way that’s a bit more advanced. Think of it as fine-tuning your control over how things are displayed.

Bootstrap Progress Bar Diamond Style

This ain’t your ordinary bar – it’s diamonds! Unlike the regular bars, this one uses tiles, with the blue section showing the progress. More blue, more progress. Pretty cool, right? And all done with some slick HTML and CSS by inez3030.

Bootstrap progress bars by Sushma

Sushma’s got all the goods: default progress bars, animated progress bars, striped progress bars, stacked ones, and alternates. Whatever you’re into, she’s got a Bootstrap progress bar that’ll make your page pop.

Bootstrap Progress Bar List


Need a range of Bootstrap progress bars? You’re in luck! This list is the go-to for all the progress bars (CSS) you might need while using Bootstrap. It’s a goldmine, showcasing how you can use them creatively.

Bootstrap Progress Bars by Iain Kiloh

Start, stop, start, stop! With Iain’s Bootstrap progress bars, you’ve got control with a starting button and even a spinner button. It’s interactive and fun, letting you manage how things roll out on your site.

Progress Bar – Tiles


Why go for bars when you can have tiles? This Bootstrap progress bar uses tiles for a fresh look. The card includes the progress bar, progress percentage, and some text details. You’ve got options for background colors too. Pyrax designed it all with HTML and CSS.

Progress Bar Animation On Page Load

Get ready for a show! Nathalia Xavier (tuiaverde) created an eye-catching CSS progress bar animation. It’s a spark that ignites when the page loads, and it works with the Bootstrap 3 framework to make sure it looks good everywhere. This animated progress bar adds a lively touch to your page, making for a real standout experience. How cool is that?

Progress Bar Style 17

Simple? Check. Elegant? Check. This progress bar’s got thin lines that are hard to miss. The beauty is in the details, with a little description and a percentage thrown in. Created with HTML and CSS, it’s a minimalistic touch to perfection.

Progress Bar With Glow

Ever seen a progress bar that glows? Well, now you have! Built using Bootstrap 4.1.1 and sprinkled with some JavaScript, this bar’s got animation and a glow 3D effect. It’s like a little light show while users wait for pages to load. Fancy stuff!

Light Blue Progress Bar


Admin life can be tough, especially when you need to keep an eye on the server load. Enter this light blue progress bar. It’s there to make sure you know the important numbers, keeping everything under control. Efficiently managing resources never looked so good.

Animated Progress Bar

Animation lovers, unite! This animated Bootstrap progress bar is created by kastya, and it’s part of the Bootstrap 3.0.0 collection. It’s like a little dance on your screen, showing the progress in a way that’s fun and engaging. It’s not just a bar; it’s a show!

Circle Progress Bar

Why stick to straight lines when you can go in circles? This Bootstrap progress bar does just that, with a circular design that really stands out. The blend of blue and white, along with the percentage of work done, gives it a fresh and unique vibe. Made with CSS and HTML, it’s a creative spin on the ordinary.

Progress bar responsive

Marketing specialists, this one’s for you! This horizontal progress bar’s divided into sections by big dots. You can change the number of points with CSS files, no JavaScript needed. It’s more than a bar; it’s a motivation tool, getting people to take action. Smart, right?

Bootstrap 4 Circle Progress bar with percent loading

Big projects need big tracking. This circular Bootstrap progress bar is like a clock, ticking down to your deadlines. Made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by the BBBootstrap team, it shows your work progress in a clear and concise way. It’s not just a bar; it’s a roadmap to success!

Bootstrap Progress bar Animation


You’re working on this big project, and the deadline’s creeping up. How do you keep track? Enter the Bootstrap progress bar with animation by Michaelbarys. It’s in the middle, so it’s easy to see, and it’s got this calming light blue color. It doesn’t just show progress; it kind of cheers you on. You’ll love it.

FAQ about Bootstrap progress bar

How Do You Create a Bootstrap Progress Bar?

To make a Bootstrap progress bar, you just need to add a few lines of code. Using a div element with the class progress, and a div with the class progress-bar, will do the trick. You can control the width of the bar with inline styling. Easy, right?

Why’s My Progress Bar Not Showing Up?

Uh oh! If it’s invisible, it could be a missing class or incorrect HTML structure. Check your code for any typos and make sure you have the right classes applied. And, remember, Bootstrap’s CSS file must be linked in your HTML.

Can I Change the Color of the Progress Bar?

Yeah, totally! You can use Bootstrap’s predefined contextual classes like .bg-success or .bg-info to change the color. You can also use your custom CSS if you want something different. Get wild with it!

How Do I Add Stripes to My Progress Bar?

Want some stripes? Cool, you can add the .progress-bar-striped class to the progress bar. That’s all you need to make it snazzy!

How Can I Animate the Stripes?

Animate those stripes? You bet! Just add .progress-bar-animated along with the striped class. Now you’ve got moving stripes. A lively touch to your project.

Is There a Way to Show the Percentage Inside the Bar?

Yep, you can! Just place the percentage inside the div with the class progress-bar. Now your users can see the exact progress at a glance.

How Can I Make the Progress Bar Thicker or Thinner?

Want to change the thickness? Adjust the height with some custom CSS. A simple tweak in your stylesheet and you’ve got it!

Can I Make a Vertical Progress Bar?

Sure thing! But it’s a bit tricky. You’ll need to apply custom CSS to rotate the bar. It’s not built into Bootstrap, but with a little creativity, you can make it happen.

How Do I Update the Progress Bar Dynamically?

Want to update it on the fly? Use JavaScript or jQuery to dynamically change the width style. Your progress bar will change in real-time. It’s magic! Well, coding magic.

How to Reset the Progress Bar?

Need to start over? No problem. Set the width style of the .progress-bar to ‘0%’. It’s like hitting the refresh button on your progress. Easy and efficient.


So, wrapping up this journey, you’ve probably got a real good hang of what’s cooking with the Bootstrap progress bar, huh?

Yeah, it’s kinda like…

  • A magician’s wand for your website
  • A neat guide for the folks visiting your page
  • That sleek look you were dreaming of

You see, the thing about Bootstrap progress bar is it ain’t just lines and colors. Nah, it’s all about showing progress, milestones, that WOW feeling when things are moving ahead.

And guess what? You don’t have to be a tech guru to do it.

Just follow those steps, Pop in those codes, Tweak a bit here and there, And bam!  You’re on fire with a customized progress bar. Ain’t that sweet?

Keep playing around, mate. Creativity is never-ending, just like a marathon. With Bootstrap progress bar, you’re never running alone. You got style, function, and that cool breeze to take you further.

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