Bootstrap charts, those beautiful bits of data magic. You see ’em, and suddenly numbers make sense. Like turning a bowl of alphabet soup into a best-selling novel.

But, hey, you’re not here to wax poetic about charts, you want to make them, right?

Grab your pixel paintbrush, and let’s go:

  • Bootstrap: Fancy term for some code that makes stuff look good. Think of it like fashion for websites.
  • Charts: Like graphs but cooler. Pie, bar, line… not just dessert and geometry, but ways to show off numbers that even your grandma would love.

I can hear you: “Why Bootstrap charts, though?” Well, friends, let me tell you, if your website was a rock band, Bootstrap charts would be the lead guitarist. They’re slick, they’re efficient, they make complex stuff look easy.

Time to tune your guitars. Let’s turn those numbers into music. It’s chart time, rockstar style! Wait, no emojis. Scratch that. Rockstar style, plain and simple.

Bootstrap charts examples

DevExpress Bootstrap Charts

Bootstrap Charts. Yeah, that’s the game changer right there. Whether you’ve got a pile of numbers or a stream of data, these charts turn it all into something you can actually read.

Forget about where your data comes from, these charts will gulp it down and spit it out, all nice and pretty on your screen or even on paper. Fast, flexible, and it looks good.

Custom Bootstrap 4 Charts JS Gradient Examples

Ever thought about jazzing up your Bootstrap Chart JS with a custom gradient? This example has got your back. It’s even pulling off the old padding trick to keep the chart’s height steady when your page loads. Straight gradients, imaginary lines, all the magic you need.

Bar Chart

You know bar charts, right? Vertical or horizontal lines all lined up nice and neat. A perfect way to look at different stuff and how it stacks up. Here’s how you do it with Bootstrap. The magic’s all in the type of chart option, data, and labels. Simple and sweet.

Radar chart

Radar charts. These bad boys show a bunch of data points and how they dance around each other. Great if you’ve got a few different things to compare. Bootstrap’s got you covered for that too.

Line chart using Bootstrap

Just need a line chart? Here’s an example. No fuss, no muss, just a straight-up line chart.

Bootstrap 4 Charts

Welcome to the collection of Bootstrap 4 Charts. Clean lines, interactive, and they play nice with the Bootstrap 4 framework. Whatever you’ve got to show, these charts make it look good.

Ghc-Client-Bootstrap-Dashboard For Line Charts

Weather nerd? Here’s something for you. A dashboard for checking out temperature, humidity, and soil moisture. It’s got dials and line charts, all put together by Simon Bönisch. And yeah, it’s all Bootstrap.

Bootstrap SEO chart

SEO stuff. Now, here’s a chart that breaks down all the heavy lifting like content creation, backlinks, trust, authority, and how folks engage with it. All in Bootstrap, of course. The bars and percentages are just for show, but they make a good show.

Horizontal Bar Chart

Got a long list? Don’t want it to look like a mess? Go horizontal. These Bootstrap bar charts lay it all out on the y-axis, so everything fits nice and neat. Just what you need for when vertical won’t do.

Charting with Bootstrap, Chart JS

You see, with Bootstrap charts, you’re looking at some real beauty. ChartJS goes ahead and gives these nice flat designs, all drawn up with HTML5 Canvas. All modern browsers? Check. Animated and responsive? Double check. Mobile, tablets? Oh, they’re all in.

Equalizer Graph Charts

Imagine if music equalizers turned into Bootstrap charts. That’s what this is. Vertical bars, reaching for the sky, and they’re all connected at the top. Go custom, rock, pop, classical, disco – these bars will groove to any tune. Each one’s got its own vibe.

Chart.js in bootstrap modal

Here’s something cool. Want to load a line chart from Chart.js into a bootstrap modal? This is where it happens. Just click, and BAM! There’s your chart, fresh from the links and sitting pretty in that modal.

Polar Area Chart

Polar area charts in Bootstrap are like slices of a pie that decided to be different. Same angle, but the radius? It’s playing by its own rules, changing with the value. It’s like a dance where everyone knows the steps but brings their own flair.

CanvasJS Charts with Bootstrap 4 Layout Pie Chart

Pie charts and column charts, all on one page. A feast of Bootstrap charts, if you ask me. The pie’s cut into neat slices, showing each part of the whole. And those columns? Standing tall, lined up, with the values on the left, telling a story in vertical bars.

Mixed chart example

This is where Bootstrap charts really show off. You’ve got data, and this gives it form and life. Simple Javascript charts, flexible and ready for action. Designed for both designers and developers, it’s like a playground where numbers come to have fun.

Bootstrap 4 Modal with Google Charts

Ever played with Google chart tools? Trust me, they’re cool, powerful, and, well, free! Now imagine those as Bootstrap charts.

Click that ‘chart’ button, and BOOM! Five vertical bars, colorful like a rainbow, waiting to dance a little jig when you hover over ’em. Each bar’s got a name, too. It’s like they’re saying hi.

Doughnut Chart

We’re not talking bakery here. This doughnut chart in Bootstrap is a piece of art, where each slice gets to wear its own style. Colors, shades, patterns – the arcs can be decked out just the way you like. Each dataset struts its stuff in its own way.

Responsive and Animated Pie Charts

HTML, CSS (Sass), and JavaScript walked into a bar. They sat down and cooked up these jaw-dropping Bootstrap charts. Pie charts, to be exact, all styled, responsive, and animated like a dream. Want your users to stick around? Serve ’em up a piece of this pie!

Morris.js Responsive Charts with Bootstrap 4

Morris.js is this buddy of mine. He’s into javascript charts, plays well with raphael.js, and man, he’s easy to hang out with! And, the best part? He’s responsive, fits right in with Bootstrap charts, and is exactly what your clients want if they’re looking to show data in style.

Ionic angular-chart example

So, here’s an angular Chart.js example with Ionic apps. No fuss, just straight to the point. Simple can be beautiful too.

Bootstrap Chart js Responsive Line Chart Graph

Chart.js is like a magic wand for HTML5 canvas-based charts. They’re lightweight, easy to twist and turn, and, oh, the colors! The options are a treasure trove, and with Bootstrap, these line charts are ready to groove. But mind you, they aren’t born responsive – they need a little nudge.

Highcharts Donut w/ Angular

Highcharts? Meet Angular. Together, these two are a powerhouse, crafting some of the most appealing donut charts you’ll ever feast your eyes on. Interactive and visually captivating, they’re the stars of the Bootstrap charts scene.


Matrix is like this all-in-one funfair. Charts, graphs, widgets, buttons, and everything you could ever need in Bootstrap charts land.

Click, and you have layouts. Another click, styles and options galore. It’s like walking into a room where all the toys came to life. Explore and enjoy!

FAQ about Bootstrap charts

What’s a Bootstrap Chart Anyway?

A Bootstrap Chart? Oh, that’s like a visual party for your data. Think about all those numbers in your Excel sheets, and then BAM!

They’re dancing on your screen in a bar or pie chart. It’s all thanks to Bootstrap, a framework for making web designs snazzier.

Can I Make a Chart Without Coding?

You bet! With certain tools, you can click here, drag there, and you’ve got yourself a shiny new chart. No coding, no fuss. Feels like building a LEGO masterpiece without the instruction manual. Easy-peasy!

What Kinds of Charts Can I Create with Bootstrap?

Lines, pies, bars – it’s like a bakery for charts. You want a donut chart? You got it. How about a polar area chart? No problem. Bootstrap’s like the Swiss Army Knife for your data visualization needs.

How Can I Customize My Chart?

Customizing? Think of it like decking out your car. Colors, sizes, legends – you tweak ’em until it’s just right. Your chart, your rules. Make it funky, make it professional. It’s all about making it yours.

Why Use Bootstrap for Charts?

Why Bootstrap? ‘Cause it’s cool, smooth, and responsive. Like wearing a well-tailored suit that moves with you. Bootstrap makes your charts look good on phones, tablets, and PCs. Now that’s stylish.

Is Bootstrap Free to Use?

Free as a bird, my friend. You can use Bootstrap to create charts without spending a dime. So go ahead, let your creativity fly. The sky’s the limit!

How Do I Start with Bootstrap Charts?

Starting with Bootstrap is like setting up a new game console. You just plug in some libraries, add a pinch of HTML, a dash of JavaScript, and you’re ready to play. Have fun charting!

Are Bootstrap Charts Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile-friendly? Absolutely! Your charts will look smashing on any device. Like having a favorite jacket that fits no matter what. Bootstrap ensures your charts adapt and look great everywhere.

Can I Use Bootstrap with Other Frameworks?

Sure thing! Bootstrap plays nice with others. You can pair it with other JavaScript frameworks, like Angular or React. It’s like adding sprinkles to your favorite ice cream. More flavors, more fun!

How to Fix a Problem in My Bootstrap Chart?

Got a problem? Don’t sweat it! A little tweaking in the code, maybe checking some online forums or documentation, and you’ll have it sorted. Like fixing a flat tire – might seem tough, but once you’ve done it, you’ll feel like a superhero.

Ending thoughts on these Bootstrap charts

So, you’ve taken the grand tour of Bootstrap charts, eh? Wild stuff!

In the world of design, Bootstrap charts ain’t just a fancy term – they’re real game-changers. They make the dull numbers dance, and the complex data groove. They’re like the heartbeat of a website, letting you know what’s shaking without saying a word.

  • You need trends? Boom! They’re there.
  • Wanna see growth? Just a glimpse, and you’ve got the whole story.
  • Something’s off? Well, buddy, those charts won’t let it hide.

In the end, it’s like giving shades and a cool hat to your data. The ordinary numbers get to walk the red carpet, and your audience gets to see the blockbuster.

Life’s short. Don’t let your data be boring. Make it rock, make it roll, and let the Bootstrap charts take control. Ain’t nothing better. Trust me. I’ve been there.

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