We take care of many things while creating our websites and make sure that they are well documented, have valid coding, SEO friendly, highly responsive and retina ready. But still, we get limited users because every person doesn’t understand the language that we use to write our blogs and posts. To increase the traffic and bring more viewers, it is necessary to have multiple websites in different languages so that we can connect more people with us.

Recently, we covered a detailed tutorial on how to translate a WordPress theme using Poedit or Loco Translate.

Now if you don’t want to follow a hefty tutorial, some ready-made translation plugins can ease your tasks for creating a multilingual website. These ready-made plugins can increase the functionalities of any website in minutes without having any coding knowledge. Here in this article, we will let you know about twelve best WordPress translation plugins that can be used to translate web content such as posts, pages, etc. in universal languages with ease.

WordPress Translation Plugins



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WPML is one of the best WordPress Multilingual Plugin as it enables translation of every aspect such as pages, posts, custom post types, menus, etc. in the simplest way. It features many add-on plugins in the vessel like qTranslate. Many plugins that are essential to creating an effective website, such as WooCommerce, Pagelines, MapPress, and MarketPress are compatible with WPML.

To check the compatibility of themes or plugins with WPML, theme authors need to get in touch with the support team so that they can review and add the theme or plugin after finishing the test. It is also important because each theme/plugin that uses the WP API runs with WPML plugin. The inbuilt ICanLocalize service lets the user take help of qualified translators to translate content automatically.


Weglot Plugin

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Weglot is one of the best translation plugins for WordPress. This is one of the most efficient and user-friendly translation solutions, automatically detecting and translating your content. You have the option to manually edit translations provided or to order professional translation to ensure that you have the best quality. Weglot is compatible with all Themes and Plugins (no need to be XX ready) and SEO optimized for your translated versions!

qTranslate X


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qTranslate is one of the most stable multilingual WordPress translation plugins and has been providing excellent service for many years. It is a free plugin and known for seamless translate of the web content to any language. Like WPML you have no need to create separate pages for various languages.

Apart from free machine translation, It also features qTranslate Services by Web-Translations, which supports professional translation by humans. It creates a Dashboard Menu while selecting a language so that user can switch the dashboard of a different language.

Multilingual Press


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This plugin lets users create multiple websites from various languages and connect their content via a customizable widget which will show the links to all translated pages. You need to set the primary language for each website. It features a Language Manager that offers 174 editable languages, and you can edit any content from the original post editor without switching sites.

You can create a linked post on connected pages and access them via a page editor screen. You don’t lose your data when you deactivate the plugin, and all websites work as separate sites after that. It allows the user to create duplicate sites by using one site as a template and copy all posts, attachments and settings on the new one. It also sports SEO-friendly permalinks and URLs.



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This WordPress multilingual plugin offers automatic selection of bilingual or multilingual websites in the theme as per the language of displayed post, a group of posts or pages. Though, it is possible if the theme contains the correct .mo file for that language. It has a user-friendly interface which lets the user customize articles in each language.

Each user can choose the language of his dashboard. Xili-language trilogy utilizes most of the WordPress features and core functions such as API, meta-box, help, etc. It supports standalone as well as multisite WordPress installation.

GTS Translation Plugin


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This plugin supports over 30 languages and combines search engine optimization friendly functions (translates meta tags and Permalink URL names) and machine translation with crowdsourcing (community of translators) to avoid grammatical mistakes which eventually help the user to increase traffic on the website.

The bulk of the content gets translated automatically by a machine and reviewed manually after that to maintain the efficiency. Their translation server is secure and private.

Google Language Translator


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Google Language Translator plugin enables Google Language Translator tool which is a free Website Translator using shortcodes. Once the plugin is downloaded and activated, it allows viewers to switch between a preferred set of languages or the wide range of Google translator options. The setup process is fast and easy. The plugin supports with over 80 languages.



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Polylang is a translation plugin for WordPress that helps you to create a multilingual website where you can define the language for each post, categories, post tags, widgets, menus or web pages. This plugin supports RTL scripts and allows the user to translate content in unlimited languages.

It allows you to use unique domain or subdomain as per the language and automatically copy categories and post tags during translation. The admin panel is also multilingual so that users can set admin languages as per their choice. The Polylang Pro version includes support and some extra features.



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WPGlobus is a family of plugins that assist you in the creation of multilingual WordPress blogs & websites. Its core features provide a manual translation of posts, categories, pages tag menus, and widgets. You can add country flags and names of languages while adding multiple languages to your blog or website.

Free add-on like WPGlobus Featured Images to set featured image for every language, various translate options for using 3rd party plugins, WPBakery Visual Composer to enable WPGlobus on those themes that use its composer and premium extension such as WooCommerce WPGlobus, WPGlobus Mobile Menu, WPGlobus Plus etc. to translate payment method in other languages, provide a robust backend for multilingual sites.

Ceceppa Multilingua


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Ceceppa Multilingua is a user-friendly interface which assists users to write and create pages or posts in multiple languages. Its Quick Edit mode lets users edit the main web content and its translation to other languages from a single page. You can translate themes, widget titles, taglines, etc. You can add flags to the menu and customize Navigation label for every language. It maintains different URLs for each language in an SEO friendly manner.

Global  Translator

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Global Translator supports over 63 languages and automatically translates your blogs & posts. Global Translator takes the help from Yandex Translate APIs, which is already proven one of the best for their high-quality translation.

Once you install the plugin, you have to register to get Yandex API keys, and It will automatically start the translation of your blog to the desired language. The plugin is SEO friendly as uses permalinks (prefixing the language code with URL) and has a fast cache system.

Google Website Translator


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With the help of this plugin, you can translate your web content into more than 90 languages. If you are creating a website for your client, you can use this plugin because of its user-friendly admin panel and easy to use core functions.

Other major features include easy plugin setup, use it as a widget or as a shortcode, no impact on page loads, easy settings to import-export plugin configurations, etc.

Lingotek Translation


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This WordPress translation plugin provides cloud-based translation and localization of web content for WordPress. It simplifies the process of creating multilingual websites and offers automatic machine translation, professional review, and community translation, which eventually helps the user to present his brand in an efficient manner. The cloud-based management system allows the user to access new markets and reach new customers. It works with Polylang plugin and supports RTL scripts.

Any Other WordPress Plugin For Translations?

So these are the best WordPress translation plugins that let any website owner translate his website to any other language. Those who run their business through websites and sell products should also add any of these plugins so that they can find new markets. The internet is useful because it connects you with the entire world and these plugins help us to interact with those people and get recognized globally. Personally, I would advise you to use a multilingual WordPress theme in future instead of relying on a plugin service.