There are more than 59,000 free plugins to choose from in the WordPress official directory. They deal with features or functions used in the various website types and niches. Thousands of WordPress plugins from third-party marketplaces are also available. CodeCanyon for example, offers more than 5200 WordPress plugins.

Would you really want to sift through 59,000+ free plugins even if you had all the time in the world to do so Probably not?

We tested scores of WordPress plugin candidates, narrowed the options to a manageable few. And put together a list of what we deem to be the 8 best WordPress plugins for a range of popular functions and purposes.

We looked at plugins that addressed 4 common website needs that are not always fully addressed in themes, demos, or templates. These are:

  • plugins designed to help build engaging website landing pages with ease.
  • plugins featuring visual storytelling capabilities leading to engaging user experiences.
  • plugins that focus on managing and displaying financial, scientific, statistical, commercial, and other types of data.
  • plugins created to automate and streamline appointments and events bookings.

Most of the following 8 excellent WordPress plugins for 2024 offer both free and premium versions. You are encouraged to read the summaries and try them before coming to any decisions.

What characteristics do these excellent WordPress plugins share?

We found that these 8 top plugins shared the following characteristics: each critical to proper web design.

Features – We scrutinized each plugin to ensure the features advertised would satisfactorily meet the goal the plugin was designed and built to satisfy.

Compatibility – We made certain that each plugin was fully compatible with the latest WordPress and PHP versions. Each plugin in our list has been updated within the past two months.

User reviews. We inspected product reviews and client feedbacks that cited both PROs and CONs of the plugins and will be sharing examples with you.

Support – We reviewed product development teams’ responses to problems and questions and recommended only the products whose teams have a history of answering support issues within 24 hours.

Free version – Each plugin in this list has a free version. You are encouraged to try them out before you consider buying the premium version.

8 Excellent WordPress Plugins for your present and future website projects

These 8 great WordPress plugins are the absolute best in their respective service areas. You don’t have to worry about having to plow through all 59,000+ free plugins to find one or more you need.

Having the following information about their top features, clients average scores, and what real clients have to say about them at your fingertips should help you conduct any added research you feel you need to do.

1. Amelia: Booking for Appointments and Events Calendar

Amelia is the best WordPress plugin for service and event-oriented businesses needing an efficient, intuitive booking website to streamline their operations.

A clear majority of Amelia’s users will tell you that this booking system’s standout feature is its multilingual Notifications system that, once put in place, effectively manages appointments and events using email, SMS, and/or WhatsApp messages.

Other product qualities that users quickly discover when they begin using Amelia are:

  • the user friendly and easily navigable state-of-the-art backend and frontend interfaces.
  • customization options that enable them to tailor Amelia to their specific needs or brand.
  • transparent pricing, awesome functionality, and an overall design that is notably free from unwelcome surprises.

Amelia places a fully automated booking system at its user’s disposal. A service-oriented relationship coaching enterprise can, for example, receive appointment requests online  24/7 for couples, parent-child, or family consultations. Clients can change or cancel appointments and can make payments online or in person. Amelia also manages employee scheduling and easily serves multiple locations from a single platform and dashboard.

Rating (average): 4.8/5 on Captera.

Client feedback: “I love Amelia. I have been using it extensively for a while for events and can’t recommend it enough. The team is super helpful when you have any questions, and the plugin does almost exactly what we need. Since we only use it for events, we don’t use all the functions. There are many and they are constantly adding more. What would be great, is if they listen more to what users of the plugin request but that doesn’t diminish the quality of the plugin since what’s there already is very impressive.”

Available instant support is found in the user support manual, YouTube videos, and a Discord Group.

You are invited to Check Out Amelia .

 2. wpDataTables – WordPress Data Table, Dynamic Tables & Table Charts Plugin

wpDataTables is the best WordPress plugin for anyone who needs to create tables and charts from complex or massive amounts of data.

According to users, wpDataTables’ top feature is its Multiple Database Connections capability. This powerful and relatively new feature allows individual tables to set up independent connections to MS SQL, MySQL, or PostgreSQL databases.

Product qualities that quickly become user favorites include:

  • a user interface that does not require any need for technical expertise on the part of its users to effortlessly create tables or charts.
  • the ability to easily handle complex data structures thanks to a balanced blending of various data management features.
  • the ability to effortlessly craft informative tables by seamlessly integrating data and information from a variety of diverse origins.

wpDataTables is ideal for creating tables on popular subjects like pricing tables for businesses (note a link to a tutorial in the example). Other uses for specific user types include:

  • 5 charts engines for visually representing financial and marketing services data.
  • Transform Value that modifies the way data is displayed or processed in a table.
  • Single cell shortcode: useful for incorporating multimedia, links, or other dynamic elements.
  • Creating tables form MySQL Query to support tailored industrial data presentation.

Rating (average): 4.83/5

Client feedback: “I love this plugin and have used it on multiple client websites to solve a variety of problems. They are always trying to improve the plugin with updates and new feature releases. Any time I’ve had a problem, their support team has been quick to reply, and incredibly thorough and helpful in their responses.”

Instant support material includes a comprehensive support manual and YouTube videos.

Try WpDataTables for free.

3. Brizy: The Best No-Code Website Builder

Brizy is the best WordPress website builder for designers and agencies looking to implement a White Label operation in their business.

Brizy’s standout feature is its White Label option. It allows you to brand the Brizy builder as your own, with the result that clients will be creating their websites with “your” builder.

What prominent features will you discover once you begin using Brizy Builder? You will discover that:

  • you have the ability to edit in place regardless of the type of content you are working with at the moment.
  • the user interface always focuses on the task at hand. Brizy Builder places every tool and option right where the action is.
  • content is never created in a disjointed sidebar, a feature present in some competing builders.

Tailored features for agencies and resellers in addition to the aforementioned White Label option include Billing, Client Management, Reseller, Marketing Integrations, Stories, Pop-ups, and Multi-language capabilities.

Brizy Builder is great for building creative websites and landing pages in the Brizy Cloud as well as for building sites and blogs using the Brizy WordPress theme. Smart Learning is a Brizy template/pre-built website that could serve as the foundation for building a continual learning or home learning website or for a range of entrepreneurial endeavors.

Rating (average): 4.6/5 on Trust Pilot

Client feedback: Beautiful designs without being too heavy on the page load time. Very intuitive builder interface. The custom templates work like a charm to showcase your custom products – I find this to be the most user-friendly feature on Brizy. Also, the membership add on is a great plus – so you don’t have to go for yet another plugin to get the essential features to create a paywall-based membership site. Highly recommended.!

Support capabilities include the Brizy support manual and YouTube videos.

Click here to find out more about the Brizy Builder plugin.

4. LayerSlider – WordPress Slider Plugin

LayerSlider is the #1 WordPress slider plugin for web designers looking for an effortless way to make websites really shine.

LayerSlider stands out in creating sliders and popups, but even complex websites can be built and animated with this great plugin. In addition to the parallax effect and text transitions, you can create amazing scroll scenes with LayerSlider. Flavor Factory is a modern starting point for gastronomy-based businesses, while Pixel Agency is a great full website template for any online presence.

LayerSlider has its share of qualities that only users will be able to discover, such as:

  • The capabilities of the LayerSlider Project Editor are comparable to those of professional desktop applications, and its UI is designed to be simple and comfortable.
  • With the Project Editor, you can access millions of stock photos and videos and other online services for your visual content creation needs.
  • All the tools needed to design and create are right at their fingertips.

LayerSlider uniquely provides all the animation capabilities to make advanced popups and banners to get visitors’ attention. LayerSlider is “tailored” for use on any website, irrespective of its content.

Client feedback: “A fantastic slider plugin with regular updates to make sure compatibility is never a problem. Keep up the amazing work!”

Support: A support manual comes with the package, plus built-in help for almost everything inside the LayerSlider Project Editor.

Click for a preview of the LayerSlider plugin.

5. Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution is the best WordPress plugin for a variety of users, especially those looking to incorporate a WOW factor into their sliders.

Some customers say that Slider Revolution’s top feature is the ability to help them create sliders visually. Others say it’s the knockout effects for WordPress that turn them on. Both groups are right.

Revolution Slider has a host of design options all user categories:

  • Web shop builders will find the WooCommerce sliders to be especially helpful and useful.
  • Businesses and small agencies can put the one-page portfolio templates to effective use.
  • Slider Revolution’s mesmerizing Serenity Hero with Focus Effect slider  template will be a hit with a wide range of creative individuals and agencies.

Users quickly take note of the capabilities they have at their fingertips that allow them to easily upgrade their WordPress website visuals in mere minutes. They also love Slider Revolution’s friendly customer support.

Rating (average): 4.6/5

Client feedback: “The best thing in WordPress. Just beautifully crafted it’s a joy to use. a welcome change to the cluster of tedious, lackluster products out there (or let’s face it WordPress itself), Slider Revolution is a vast suite of tools that is a haven for anyone wanting their site to pop! I’ve seen videos where whole websites are created with SR.


My one little gripe, if it could be called that, is having quick and easy access to a simple slider tutorial. I did find one eventually that got me going. Personally, I’d put that right up front so anyone can make a start quickly.”

Support: For instant support, Slider Revolution’s support manual and YouTube videos are excellent resources.

Check Out the Slider Revolution plugin.

6. Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

Essential Grid is the #1 WordPress gallery plugin for capturing visitors’ attention with breathtaking galleries.

The grid skin options are unmistakably key to Essential Grid’s success and the 50+ unique grid skins are clearly its top feature. Once users start using Essential Grid, it doesn’t take any time at all for them to realize the time and effort they are saving and the quality of the help they are receiving.

Team grids, blog grids, portfolio grids, and You/Tube Vimeo channel stream grids are popular among select group of client categories. The Grant Fuhr blog grid for WordPress features a minimal, image-based blog grid layout with a circular mask animation effect, colored backgrounds, and a unique, slanted navigation will be a favorite of bloggers.

Essential Grid was created by the developers of the wildly popular Slider Revolution plugin that also appears on this list of best plugins.

Rating (average): 4.7/5 on Trust Pilot

Client feedback:Very great plug-in, works like a charm. Needed some questions to be resolved and all the support was very friendly and super helpful. Did not stop until everything was resolved and I was completely satisfied.”

Support: Instant support is accessible in the support manual and in YouTube videos.

Preview Essential Grid.

7. Google Web Stories

Web Stories gives you the tools to create visual narratives calculated to immerse your readers in powerful, fast-loading full-screen experiences.

The best feature of this awesome editor for WordPress is the way in which it blends selections of story creation capabilities into a WYSIWYG creation tool. WebStories also offers a delightful selection of templates. The Bike Shop template for example would be an inspirational choice for an eCommerce site.

Other popular features include:

  • Beautiful page templates that will help you in starting your story creation projects, as well as drag-and-drop features that make creating stunning stories as simple as possible.
  • Web Stories’ visually rich and intuitive dashboard that offers easy navigation through the whole story creation process.
  • Access to WordPress’ media library which let you use your media assets directly from the plugin’s dashboard while creating your stories.

Product features that Web Stories’ users discover when they start using the plugin include the ability to:

  • provide readers with fast loading times to keep them interested and entertained.
  • Easily create beautiful and engaging content from a technical perspective.
  • track and measure stories for viral sharing and monetization (Web Stories excels in this area).

Rating (average): 4.1/5

Client feedback: I’ve tested a few Web Stories plugins and I really like this one best. It’s easy to use, it has a lot of options, and it is getting better all the time. The support is fast and very helpful. Thank you.”

Support: Instant support is available in the support manual that comes with the plugin.

Preview the Web Stories plugin.

8. Tablesome – Form & Workflow Automation

Tablesome is the #1 WordPress form automation plugin for anyone who has a need to place information from submitted forms into tables.

Tablesome’s foremost feature is its WordPress Automation feature which was designed  to enable its users to automate certain processes when people have submitted forms.   Storing the entries in a table, saving them to Google Sheet, or sending an email are three examples.

  • Form users value what the Workflow Automation feature does to make their work easier. One of its more appealing features is how users, as they become familiar with Tablesome, begin to realize not only the tasks it can do, but the significant reduction in the number plugins needed to carry out those tasks.
  • Table Users feel the same about Frontend editing and Google Sheet Integration.

Tablesome is also a great tool for creating or updating data-centric websites. Available Workflows and integrations include MailChimp, Google Sheets, Slack, HubSpot CRM, OpenAI/ChatGPT, and WordPress.

Rating (average): 4.7/5

Client feedback: “I’ve not done extensive testing, but it works well for the addition of collecting form entries from WPforms lite. Thank you.”

Support: YouTube videos and Tablesome’s user manual are best for instant support.

Preview Tablesome.


Which of these plugins do you think you will have a use for in 2024?

It is highly unlikely you would have a use for all of them, but or two of them could game changing. With tens of thousands of excellent WordPress plugins to select from, it’s nice to be able to work with a smaller number. Especially with the knowledge that they are not only the best at what they were designed to do, they are also:

  • Fast, stable, and user-friendly. Each offers an intuitive and flexible user experience.
  • free of irritating limitations with respect to their particular area of functionality.
  • time savers with their top-of-the-line pre-built templates that make creating a more efficient and enjoyable process.
  • constructed to allow for responsive editing, so your site will look good on all screens.

Customer support is professional, helpful, and there when you need it.

Start with this compilation of the best WordPress plugins for 2024. Doing so will narrow your search and each plugin has something special to offer.

Now that wasn’t hard, was it? We started with 59,000+ WordPress plugins possibilities and quickly reduced your search to 8 of the absolute best. Each of which is intended to satisfy one or more user types or niches. We also spelled out the top feature of each one together with other key features that could be helpful to you.

Preview any of these plugins that interest you. Try their free version, and upgrade to their premium version should you eventually feel a need to do so. Assuming you find one or more that satisfy a pressing need you won’t be disappointed with the results, in 2024 or beyond.

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