Imagine you’re weaving through a maze of endless digital documents on your WordPress site—ever think there’s a smoother path? Enter WordPress PDF viewer plugins, a gateway to enhancing how visitors interact with PDFs directly on your webpage.

These plugins are not mere accessories but essential tools for anyone serious about publishing comprehensive, visually engaging, and accessible content online.

Navigating through various plugins might seem daunting; however, with this article, you will unlock a streamlined approach to selecting the perfect PDF viewer for your WordPress site.

We will explore top-notch options and delve into key features like mobile responsiveness, user-friendly interfaces, and secure embedding capabilities. Whether you’re looking to display restaurant menus, digital journals, or instructional materials, an ideal plugin exists to meet those needs.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped to boost your site’s functionality and offer an enriched user experience with PDFs that are seamlessly integrated, easy to manage, and delightfully interactive.

Dive into the world of WordPress PDF viewer plugins and transform the way your audience interacts with your digital content.

WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

WordPress PDF Viewer PluginKey FeaturesMobile FriendlyFree/PaidSpecial Features
Gravity PDFAutomatic PDF creation from form entriesYesFree & PaidCustomizable PDF templates
EmbedPressEmbed content from multiple sourcesYesFree & PaidSupports embedding PDFs, videos, and more
Algori PDF ViewerEmbed and display PDF filesYesFree & PaidMinimal setup required
3D FlipBookInteractive 3D flipbook styleYesFree & PaidRealistic 3D animation effects
DearPDFLightweight PDF viewerYesFree & PaidSimple and clean interface
WooCommerce PDF InvoicesAutomatically generates invoicesYesFree & PaidIntegrated with WooCommerce
Elementor PDF ViewerDesigned for Elementor page builderYesFree & PaidDrag-and-drop feature
PrintFriendlyPDF/print button that optimizes pages for printingYesFreeCustomizable print options
3D flipbook WordPress pluginCreates 3D flipbooksYesPaidRealistic page-turning effect
Pdf And Print By BestwebsoftAdds a PDF download and print button to WordPress posts, pages, and custom post typesYesFree & PaidCustomizable button placement
E2PDFExport PDF documents from WordPress dataYesFree & PaidDynamic data generation
PDF PosterBasic PDF embedding with zoom controlsYesFreeQuick and easy setup
FlowPaperResponsive PDF flipbookYesPaidAdaptive UI for different platforms
Embed PDF viewerSimple PDF embedderYesFreeAuto-resize for better readability

Gravity PDF

Gravity PDF is designed for seamless integration with Gravity Forms, allowing automatic PDF generation from form entries. This plugin is vital for businesses needing to create, customize, and dispatch PDF documents directly from user submissions.

Best Features:

  • Automatic PDF creation
  • Customizable templates
  • Extensive documentation

What we like about it:
The deep customization options are highly appreciated, allowing templates to be tailored to exact business needs.


EmbedPress enhances content by allowing you to embed PDFs, videos, and more from various sources directly into your WordPress posts and pages, enriching user interaction and engagement.

Best Features:

  • Supports multiple content types
  • Embeds from multiple sources
  • Easy to use

What we like about it:
The versatility in embedding content from over 40 sources directly into WordPress without coding is a standout feature.

Algori PDF Viewer

Algori PDF Viewer is a user-friendly plugin that provides a simple solution for embedding and displaying PDF documents in WordPress websites, improving accessibility and user experience.

Best Features:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Simple installation
  • Minimalist design

What we like about it:
Its ease of use and minimal setup requirement make it ideal for beginners looking to quickly enhance their site’s capabilities.

3D FlipBook

3D FlipBook transforms PDFs into interactive 3D flipbooks, offering an engaging reading experience that closely mimics the feel of a physical book with realistic page-flip effects.

Best Features:

  • Realistic 3D page-turn effects
  • Interactive interface
  • Customizable skin

What we like about it:
The visually appealing 3D page-turning effect enriches visitor interaction, making digital catalogs and brochures stand out.


DearPDF provides a lightweight, straightforward solution for embedding PDFs onto WordPress sites. It is designed to enhance performance without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Best Features:

  • Lightweight and fast
  • Simple user interface
  • Efficient performance

What we like about it:
Its performance efficiency is most praised, providing a smooth viewing experience without overloading the server.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices

This plugin automates the creation of PDF invoices in WooCommerce stores, streamlining the billing and invoicing process with professionally designed invoice templates that can be sent automatically to customers upon purchase.

Best Features:

  • Automated invoice generation
  • Professional templates
  • Integration with WooCommerce

What we like about it:
The automation of sending stylized PDF invoices adds professional polish to customer transactions, enhancing their shopping experience.

Elementor PDF Viewer

Tailor-made for Elementor, this plugin allows users to effortlessly integrate PDF viewing capabilities into their page designs, enhancing content layers and offering a richer media experience with drag-and-drop ease.

Best Features:

  • Designed for Elementor
  • Drag-and-drop feature
  • Seamless integration

What we like about it:
Its specific integration with Elementor makes adding PDFs to pages a fluid part of the design process, perfectly blending functionality with creativity.


PrintFriendly helps make web pages print-friendly by enabling a PDF/print button that optimizes the page for printing. It offers functionality to remove images and text to save printing resources, reducing waste.

Best Features:

  • Reduces printing costs
  • Eco-friendly
  • User-controllable print options

What we like about it:
Environmental conservation via user options to optimize pages for printing by removing unnecessary elements is hugely beneficial.

3D flipbook WordPress plugin

This plugin differs by offering a lifelike 3D flipbook effect, enhancing the reader’s experience. It’s great for digital magazines, brochures, and educational materials seeking to captivate and engage users.

Best Features:

  • Lifelike 3D effects
  • Interactive experience
  • Visual appeal

What we like about it:
The realistic viewing experience transforms digital documents into an almost tangible asset, making it ideal for premium content displays.

Pdf And Print By Bestwebsoft

This convenient plugin adds a PDF download and print button to your WordPress content, including posts, pages, and custom post types, facilitating the easy dissemination of your digital materials.

Best Features:

  • Easy PDF download
  • Includes print button
  • Customizable button placement

What we like about it:
The ability to add PDF download and print capabilities directly to posts and pages enhances content accessibility.


With the capability to export PDF files from your WordPress data, E2PDF focuses on dynamic data generation, turning site content into customizable, distributable PDF files, ideal for forms and document management.

Best Features:

  • Dynamic PDF creation
  • Extensive template library
  • Data collection integration

What we like about it:
Dynamic document generation allows for customized PDF output tailored specifically to user interaction, enhancing functional flexibility.

PDF Poster

PDF Poster is a straightforward PDF viewer for WordPress that allows you to easily embed and display PDF files on your site, equipped with basic controls like zoom and download prevention.

Best Features:

  • Simple embedding process
  • Basic viewing controls
  • Lightweight design

What we like about it:
Its simplicity and straightforward nature make it ideal for those needing a no-fuss PDF embedding solution.


FlowPaper offers an adaptive PDF viewer that converts PDF files into web-friendly formats. It allows users to publish brochures, magazines, and catalogs online with realistic page flip animations.

Best Features:

  • Responsive flipbook design
  • Adapts PDF for web
  • Multiple viewing formats

What we like about it:
Its adaptability to different viewing formats without losing the quality of the original PDF is especially notable.

Embed PDF viewer

Embed PDF viewer allows you to display PDF files directly within your WordPress content, facilitating better integration of PDFs with standard webpage elements through its straightforward embed features.

Best Features:

  • Direct PDF integration
  • Auto-resizes for better readability
  • Minimal configuration needs

What we like about it:
Its ability to seamlessly integrate into web pages and auto-adjust for optimal viewing provides a user-friendly solution that enhances site content.

FAQ On WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

How do I install a WordPress PDF viewer plugin?

First, navigate to your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins and click ‘Add New’. Search for your preferred PDF viewer plugin. Click ‘Install’ and then ‘Activate’. Ensure it’s compatible with your current WordPress version for a seamless experience.

Can I secure PDFs from downloading with a WordPress plugin?

Absolutely, many WordPress PDF viewer plugins offer security features that restrict users from downloading or copying content directly from your PDFs. Check for security features like “content protection” or “download restrictions” before installation.

What’s the best free WordPress PDF viewer plugin?

While “best” can vary based on specific needs, ‘PDF Embedder’ is widely regarded for its ease of use and basic features that cater well to small to medium-sized websites. It provides a straightforward way to embed PDFs into posts or pages.

Are there any WordPress PDF viewer plugins that support mobile responsiveness?

Yes, many PDF viewers are designed to be mobile-friendly. Plugins like ‘PDF Viewer for WordPress’ automatically adjust PDF display for optimal viewing on mobile devices, enhancing user experience across all platforms.

How can I track engagement of my PDF files in WordPress?

Choose plugins offering integration with tracking tools like Google Analytics. This allows you to monitor views, downloads, and interactions, giving insights into user engagement with your PDF content.

Can WordPress PDF viewer plugins handle large PDF files?

Indeed. Some optimized plugins are built to efficiently manage large PDFs without compromising your site’s performance. Look for plugins that perform server-side processing and offer lazy loading of PDF files.

Is it possible to display PDFs in a WordPress post without a plugin?

Yes, WordPress has a built-in feature where you can add PDF files using the media uploader; however, for advanced features like fullscreen view or zoom functionalities, plugins are recommended.

How do I update a WordPress PDF viewer plugin?

Updates are released regularly. To update, simply click on the ‘Updates’ section within your WordPress dashboard, and if an update is available for your plugin, proceed by clicking ‘Update Now’.

Do WordPress PDF viewer plugins affect website loading speed?

Some might, especially if they load large PDFs directly. Opt for plugins that support asynchronous loading, or those that convert PDFs to smaller file formats to minimize impact on your website speed.

What should I consider when choosing a plugin for displaying PDFs on my WordPress site?

Key factors include security features, mobile responsiveness, user interface, compatibility with your current WordPress version, and specific functionalities like zoom or print options. Also, consider the support and updates provided by the developer.


Exploring the realm of WordPress PDF viewer plugins unravels a host of possibilities that extend beyond merely embedding PDFs into a webpage. These tools are essential for securing digital documents, enhancing user experience, and ensuring content is both accessible and engaging on any device.

  • Security features maintain the integrity of private and commercially sensitive materials.
  • Mobile responsiveness guarantees that all users, regardless of device, have a smooth, uninterrupted experience.
  • User-friendly interfaces make navigation straightforward, encouraging visitors to engage more deeply with the content.

With the right plugin, managing PDF files becomes a seamless part of the digital experience, contributing to a professional and polished website. Whether it’s increasing interactivity, streamlining content presentation, or safeguarding valuable information, these plugins add substantial value to any WordPress site, making an indispensable tool in the digital toolkit.

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