Live chat is a very popular trend of connecting with people these days. You can stay in touch with your customers and talk to them live on your computer screen and help them and in turn promote your business, no matter in which corner of the world you are in or how far you are. For this, all you need is a computer or a laptop, and a WordPress Live Chat Plugin. There are loads of live chat plugins available for WordPress these days, and so you must be judicious while making your choice.

Each one of these WordPress Live Chat Plugin comes along with some attractive features, and that can be a criterion for your selection. Each feature is simply great in its way, and thus, it might be a little difficult for you to make the choice. But you should be wise while choosing. The different WordPress Live Chat plugins available these days that have gained an enormous amount of popularity are as follows:

WordPress Live Chat Plugins

1. Live Chat from OggyFlow


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This WordPress Live Chat Plugin from Oggy Flow has made it across to users from all over the world. It is a very simple Live Chat plugin. It helps a person to manage social network feeds, live Chat and customer support emails, Gmail accounts, etc.

This plugin helps to keep your business sorted, once and for all. You can share folders and documents and solve customer problems and queries right away. Furthermore, it is a free WordPress plugin, and thus, more and more users opt for it for their purpose.

2. Formilla Live Chat


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This is a very prominent live chat plugin for WordPress. People tend to choose this over other similar plugins mostly because it is very convenient to use and very easily to download and gets installed on your device within seconds. You can help you customers and clients out anytime anywhere without any trouble at all. You can have desktop notifications and colored themes which make the chat space look attractive from the customer’s point of view.

3. WP Live Chat Support


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This chat support system is one of the most authentic systems available in the markets at present. It comprises of a single standard interface for the company owners as well as the clients or the visitors. This is fully functional and simple and is the best plugin you can ever have for a small-scale business. This is so convenient for small-scale business persons, not just for its customized features, but because also because of that fact that you do not need to pay any amount for the subscription or the services.

4. Wise Chat


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Wise Chat is one of the leading plugins for the purpose that is known to strengthen the bond between the customers and the owners or the team of service providers to begin with. It makes use of the forum to connect with the customers directly and solve their queries and problems to whichever extent it may be possible.

This free WordPress live chat plugin is very easy to install and is completely user-friendly. It is a 100% responsive design and is compatible to be used with mobile phones as well. The anonymous chat feature has also been incorporated in this Live Chat Plugin.

5. WordPress Chat by Chatwee


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As the name suggests this Live Chat plugin is meant for the community as a whole. It involves each and every customer individually in the chat and tries to solve their problems one at a time. This is very useful as the customers can approach the authorities and the service providers once and for all. The amazing colors and fonts used in the chat of this plugin make it even more attractive for the users.

6. Live Chat Software by HelpOnClick


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This live chat WordPress plugin has been achieved so that the owners can have real-time chat with the visitors of the website and this, in turn, will increase the sales of the company and the total company turnover.

The installation procedure for WordPress is very simple and quick. All you have to do is to follow the instructions that are provided on-screen. It gives an additional authority to observe real-time traffic and the rest of the things. This plugin helps to provide the quickest support to the customers.

7. iFly WordPress Chat


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There are a couple of features of this website that make it important and prominent as a plugin at present. It is somewhat different from the general kinds of plugins available for Live Chat these days. Here there is provision for both one to one as well as group conversation based on the requirement of the users. Another important and very useful thing about this plugin is that here the conversation can be stored and can be used for future reference.

8. Facebook  Live Chat


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This has made it possible for the customer to speak up for her purpose. As Facebook is one of the best social networking sites, thus it is beneficial to run a particular business at present with the help of Facebook and thus Facebook live chat makes it approachable for the customers from across the world. People can post their queries and get the solutions to their problems immediately. This is another very suitable Live Chat plugin for WordPress.

9. Leap – WordPress Live Chat Plugin


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This Live Chat plugin for WordPress has all the data stored about any particular customer or user. This plugin comes with real-time interactions with the customers. The individuality and the secrecy of each and every customer are maintained, and each one can get their problems solved pretty quickly with the judicious use of this website and the inside of it.

10. MyLiveChat – Free Live Chat


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This WordPress live chat plugin comes with some features the main being, the main being that it is available for free. Just a few clicks will get you sorted with the services or the products. The live chat button presents on the screen alone. Overall, this plugin is very useful and convenient. The customers are guided through their problems beautifully with the use of this plugin.

11. WPMuDev Chat


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This WordPress live Chat plugin is mainly meant for blogs. It adds a unique touch to your blog and makes it more interesting. The blogs are made more active using this live chat plugin for WordPress. Visitors, clients, and owners can connect with each other at any time and discuss their likes as well as dislikes. This has been opted by a lot of WordPress users for a long time now.

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There are many more WordPress Live Chat plugins with lot more features in each one of them. Before choosing the best one for yourself, dig deep into the benefits of each plugin and then make the right choice.