WordPress is one of the most robust frameworks. No other CMS matches the freedom and versatility it offers. One of the most versatile components of the WordPress framework is its ability to morph itself into anything you could imagine using cool WordPress themes or plugins. A WordPress site could be a technology website, making revenues in millions a month, or it could be an online service menu or a simple blog.

This versatility of WordPress is what makes it a unique framework, and what gives it the power to become whatever you like – but sometimes it can be confusing as to what would be the best option between all of these million options. This list will guide you to some of the cool WordPress themes around Summers 2016.

Coolest WordPress Themes

The Voux

The Voux Cool Magazine Theme

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The Voux is a cool WordPress theme designed to run a simple and easy to navigate news or magazine website. With smooth animations and a fully responsive site, the theme comes bundled with Visual Composer giving you infinite possibilities regarding page layouts – and it even supports infinite scrolling with the next articles loading as you scroll down. It also comes with a custom-built Mega Menu and comes with full support for social sharing – including statistics that are stored in WordPress itself.



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This is a very suitable, minimalistic and simple WordPress theme designed for blogs in particular. It has high page speed so that you do not lag behind in the competition, and the browser compatibility makes it even more approachable by the customers. Complete localization of any page is offered in this theme, and this is the reason why more and more local and national business, be it small scale or large scale opt for this theme to draw more and more customers to them.


Cool WordPress Themes

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Bimber attempts to give you a cool WordPress theme emulating websites such as 9gag – something professional and focusing on making your content go viral. The theme comes with a custom-built popular, hot and trending lists, badges for popular posts and a visitor counter to display how many hits something is getting. It is fully responsive and supports every social networking site on this planet.


Sowe cool Magazine WordPress Theme

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Sowe is once again a very simple and extremely responsive grid-based chilly theme that you can use for any purpose you like. It comes with nine custom post formats and a custom page builder that will let you customize every page as you want without ever going near the code. The theme comes with Flexslider 2 and while it is fully responsive – if you want, you can make the theme fixed to a particular parameter as well.


Split Coolest WordPress theme

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Split is a WordPress cool theme sporting a unique design of “split scrolling”. This theme can be used for multiple purposes – the limiting factor is your imagination. There are not many customizable features since the theme insists on the split scrolling feature. However, the animations give it a great look and make it a unique experience for your users – who would be amazing with it on a mobile device since it is completely responsive.


Nexus cool WordPress Theme

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Nexus promises to work with the latest WordPress versions all the time – every time while offering some of the best support on offer. The theme is written with a fully documented code so you can manually change anything you want. It comes with custom-built widgets that fit the theme’s looks.

It also comes with a custom homepage builder that will help you build your home page as you want with simple drag and drops, all the while being completely responsive. Read Full Review ->.



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SociallyViral is one of the cool WordPress themes designed to make your content organically spread across your own, and other communities. As the name suggests, every button placement, font size, and color are carefully crafted to push the human mind into sharing the content. It is completely responsive and is designed to load incredibly fast too.


Brixton WordPress Blog Theme

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The cool design is what makes Brixton theme super cool in our list. The fonts of this theme are amazing which blends perfectly with design and other elements. More to the list is its improved responsive design which loads perfectly on mobile and other devices with different resolutions. With most recent update, developers have also included custom Ad blocks which can be turned ON or OFF quickly. Fast loading design and SEO-friendly code surely make this theme a must to try.


Best WordPress cool Themes

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EasyNote tries not to put the focus on itself but your content by being very plain, simple and clean. There are some smooth animations but nothing too flashy. It comes with six unique homepage layouts and six different post page layouts, and everything is fully responsive. It also comes with two custom types of Mega Menus that you can easily customize.

Pretty Creative

Most Coolest WordPress Themes

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Pretty Creative is once again built on top of the Genesis framework, and is therefore fully responsive and comes with all the goodness that Genesis brings. It also comes with a powerful theme customizer, an option to set a landing page and the ability to customize the header as you want.

It also comes with detailed tutorials and documentation to guide you through whatever difficulties you may face while setting it up or customizing it.


Ultra cool WordPress theme

Demo & Download

Ultra brings an infinite amount of variation to an already versatile framework – with simple drag and drop and an intuitive custom-built editor. Ultra lets you create any layout you could possibly imagine within one single theme – and everything is completely responsive. Ultra also comes with some really cool animations to show off and custom filters for your images that can be applied on-the-fly. It even supports WooCommerce just in case you need it.


Fullpane WordPress cool Templates

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The Fullpane coolest WordPress theme is built on top of Themify builder – an extremely powerful framework designed for developers, allowing them to make complex themes without writing complex custom code. It is completely responsive, fully supports any language you want to use with it and comes with 8 different layout options for you choose from.


Mondree cool WordPress Template

Demo & Download

Mondree is one of the most versatile and feature rich brisk templates out there. The amount of options and freedom it offers is amazing. It, however, mostly focuses on events – it comes bundled with a custom event composer, and support for over six payment platforms including WooCommerce. It is also completely responsive, so it will work on whatever platform your users decide to use.


Extra WordPress Theme For summers

Demo & Download

Extra is focused on building the best design for a magazine you could get. It comes with a beautifully crafted design that is elegant to the eye and responsive to every device your users could think of using.

It comes bundled with Divi’s Post & Page builder giving you extensive freedom in how you want your pages to look and react, and it even supports WooCommerce just in case you need that as well. Read Full Review ->.



Demo & Download

Glam is an immaculate and responsive cool WordPress template that is built on top of the Genesis framework. It comes with three unique layout options to choose from and features simple fonts and color palette that doesn’t take the focus away from your content. It also comes with a theme customizer and a custom header that is also customizable.



Demo & Download

Video is a fresh WordPress theme that is designed to focus on news sites and blogs that publish most of their content as Videos. It is fully responsive and comes with unique features such as sharing pop-ups that come up when a video is close to its end.

It has support for over 4 popular video streaming sites and comes with multiple layouts for both the homepage and post pages. It also is fully compatible with Mega Menu and is written with clean commented code with full documentation – so changing things won’t be a pain.

Zerif Pro


Demo & Download

Zerif Pro features the ability to set up a beautiful parallax background – it could even be a video parallax background. This fresh WP template comes bundled with the SiteOrigin page builder allowing you to build every page with complete ease without touching a single line of code. It also comes with a custom mega menu and all of this is fully responsive for whatever screen size you could throw at it. Read Full Review ->.



Demo & Download

Samantha is designed to sell products – it is an e-commerce theme so obviously it comes with full support for WooCommerce. Not only is it an e-commerce site, but it also goes one step further and targets the female audience specifically from its color palette to its design. It is fully responsive, comes with a custom-built slider and features some exclusive plugins built just for the theme.



Demo & Download

Much like Samantha – Rachel is also targeting the female audience, albeit not as an e-commerce website but a blog. Rachel supports multiple layouts to pick from and comes with a simple customizer that lets you change its looks without touching any code. It also comes packed with custom-built menus and is fully responsive.


OneEngine WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

OneEngine is a single page – or one page – theme. The whole theme is based in a single page and features a simple and elegant design with smooth animations and a custom layout builder to go with it. It is also fully responsive for whatever screen you would want to put it on and is extremely customizable. Read Full Review ->.



Demo & Download

DailyPost is a blazing fast theme that focuses on letting you build an amazing magazine – or blog – website. It comes with some cool built-in shortcodes, supports infinite scroll and a reading progress indicator as well. All of the code is well-commented and documented and the theme comes bundled with Visual Composer. It also comes with a custom-made form for your viewers to tip you with news and is fully responsive.



Demo & Download

While an awkward name for a cool WordPress theme, Narcos follows a very clean and modern design language while retaining all of the customization opportunities it could offer.

It comes bundled with Visual Composer, has 6 pre-built unique homepage layouts and comes with custom shortcodes that can make your articles look great. The whole thing is fully responsive and is written with well commented code and is fully documented as well.


Boxes Cool WordPress Themes

Demo & Download

Boxes – as the name suggests – is a grid based refreshing theme that focuses on letting you make a personal portfolio or gallery. It is minimalistic, fully responsive and comes with a custom post-submission form that allows your visitors submit their content for you. It also comes with some very elegant custom shortcodes that you can use at any point and is built on top of the relatively new Theme Junkie framework.


WordPress cool Startup Themes

Demo & Download

BeTheme is an extremely versatile multi-purpose cool WordPress theme with over 180 pre-built page layouts – and even more possibilities in terms of making your own. All it takes to use any of the layouts is a single click, and you can choose between Muffin Builder 3 or Visual Composer if you do decide to customize your layout.

Everything is fully responsive, and it even comes with some beautiful custom shortcodes. It supports parallax and video backgrounds, a Mega Menu, fully custom fonts that you can upload yourself, custom widgets just built for this theme and much more.

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Any Other WordPress Cool Templates?

These were some of the most versatile and customizable cool WordPress themes you could wish for – built on top of an already extremely versatile framework. WordPress is an incredible framework, the fact that it has managed to garner this much developer support is simply astonishing yet not surprising.

What is surprising though is how skilled these developers are and what they can do with a framework like WordPress – the possibilities are endless with WordPress. As long as these developers keep making their brilliant themes, there are going to be new opportunities every day.