The WordPress theme you select will help you create a beautiful high-speed, orientated towards generating sales website. Or you could end up with one that after some initial promises, will barely stand out from the others in the long run, if at all.

So, when you select a WordPress theme try to foresee what the future design trends might be. Maybe something that was popular 10 years ago? A mix of current design trends?

Next, look for a theme with a high degree of flexibility along with ease of maintainability. Overlooking these essential things will only bring you trouble, as your site will become dated and hard to maintain faster than if you would keep these in mind.

You need to look for the best, however, you define it. With so many WordPress themes on the market that you could fill in a small town, and with more and more being launched as you’re reading this, deciding on the best theme for your project is getting harder each year.

Our aim to help you save precious time with researching.

Thus, this post summarizes the top 11 WordPress themes for 2024. All these are overall good, as well as excellent in certain areas:

How do you know a top theme from an average one?

Taking a step further, they share the following must-have traits:

User-friendliness: Did you get hooked by a WordPress theme’s beautiful templates? If yes, then that’s normal. Test it and if it takes more than 60 sec to learn how to edit basic stuff by looking at the backend, ask for a refund.

Page builder options: Every page builder, from WordPress’s own builder to Elementor has its fans and supporters. And popularity does count for something. Select a WordPress theme that features or is compatible with an intuitive page builder and you should be good to go.

What can be customized: This is 2024, so you will need to be able to customize 95% of everything that you want. If you can’t re-position any button where you want, change its colors or size, then you’re looking at the wrong WordPress theme.

Template design quality: Don’t just scan a theme’s templates. Take a closer, deeper look at its design. Does the team behind it has true attention to detail?

Mobile editing: You can’t afford to have a website not compatible with smartphone screens, tablets or laptops. Most top WordPress themes offer responsive demos. Just as important, their page builders should feature easy-to-use mobile editing tools.

Loading speed: The theme’s page builder speed matters. The backend speed matters. And the speed of the final delivered website matters. Look for a theme that has all three.

Support: Even the most advanced designers need help from time to time. You want to stick with themes that are known to be well-supported by their developers. And themes that offer video tutorials and comprehensive and easy to follow manuals.

1.  UiCore Pro – A WordPress Theme for Agencies

Meet UiCore PRO, the distinct WordPress theme engineered for agencies aiming to revolutionize their digital presence across multiple websites under a comprehensive annual subscription.

UiCore PRO distinguishes itself among WordPress themes by offering tailored features that augment web design proficiency and streamline operational efficiencies specifically for agencies.

The Marketing template embodies sophistication, offering refined design choices, innovative content structures, and captivating special effects, curating an unparalleled user experience. Backed by a seamless backend interface, users indulge in smooth customization without encountering lag or errors, positioning UiCore PRO leagues ahead.

Agencies lean towards UiCore PRO for numerous reasons:

  • Full White Label Support: Safeguard your agency’s brand identity with comprehensive white label support, ensuring consistent branding across all websites.
  • Outstanding Performance: Experience lightning-fast performance and reliability, ensuring a seamless user journey on all websites.
  • Huge Design Collection: Access an extensive library of designs, facilitating diverse and tailored website creation effortlessly.

Unlock the potential of UiCore PRO – a realm where endless website creation intersects with groundbreaking innovation. Initiate control of your agency’s digital sphere today.

See the theme in action

User review: “Uicore’s themes are some of the best I have ever used. Clean admin panel and fast custom support. Will return.” 

2.  Be Theme: The most powerful multipurpose WordPress theme

BeTheme is a great WordPress theme choice for those who want one theme to handle all their upcoming web projects.

BeTheme is something else. A WordPress theme, with its own page builder, and website manager. If you’ve been in the market for a powerhouse WordPress theme that will give you the tools to build truly stunning websites, this is it.

One of BeTheme’s key features is its prebuilt websites. There are 700+ to choose from and fresh designs are released all year round. Hence, you can always discover a tasteful prebuilt website like the modern Doctor pre-built website.

BeBuilder, BeTheme’s in-house builder is another state-of-the-art tool. It’s quick as lightining, free of crashes, and friendly to users. Best of all, you can edit anything on your website or online store with it.

More reasons to give BeTheme a shot:

  • It saves time. BeTheme’ comes with complete multiple page websites. 700+ of them.
  • It’s easy to use. You truly don’t need to know CSS to use BeTheme in full.
  • Its support. For a Top selling theme it has impressively fast support.

See the theme in action

Product rating: 4.83 / 5

User review: Their customer support is exceptional and always provides fast and thorough help. I cannot recommend BeTheme enough.” 

3.   Avada – #1 Best-selling WordPress Theme of All Time

Avada is for designers & devs in need of a feature-rich solution celebrated for its flexibility.

Avada isn’t just another WordPress theme. Far from it. Avada gives you a complete website-building solution. It features 83 sparkling pre-built websites and 120+design elements, but it is the live visual builder that sets it apart and makes it a best-in-class option for 2024.

Take Avada’s Bed and Breakfast template for instance. It navigation is smooth as silk and the way the visuals are displayed makes it an ideal template for creating a website for a rental property.

Other qualities that have made Avada a fan favorite include:

  • Feature-packed. There is no need to install a ton of plugins with Avada. The features you need to get the job done are there.
  • Fast support. If you have a question or need help, Avada’s support is ready.
  • If you can think of it, you can design it.

See the theme in action

Product rating: 4.78 / 5

User review: “The theme is amazing, flexible, and just works! Updates are always prompt. But their customer support is what makes Avada really great. The staff is super friendly and always willing to help. I have been running Avada on multiple sites and web shops for a few years now and will definitely continue in the future. I will recommend Avada to anyone who is looking for a flexible theme with reliable developers.”

4.   Blocksy – Lightning Fast And Super Charged Free WordPress Theme

Blocksy is for those searching for a lightweight, free, and aesthetic solution for building a website.

Blocksy might be free, but it looks premium. Blocksy is full of features, quick as a Formula 1 car, and the websites that you build are loading quickly too. And the last one is essential if you want to generate sales via Google.

Blocksy-built websites are gorgeous. For instance, BizConsult has a sharp layout that can be used as the basic structure for an excellent website.

You can’t help but love Blocksy. Since this awesome WordPress theme works great with the top page builders — WordPress’s Gutenberg, Elementor, Brizy and Beaver Builder and editing will never be an issue.

3 more reasons you’ll enjoy working with Blocksy:

  • It’s free (Worth saying again). Not only is the free version of Blocksy loaded with site-building features, but if you want more features, a premium version is available.
  • Easy to use. No need for a thick manual to learn how you can edit it.
  • Support that is helpful. Clients are happy with how quickly supports gets back to them and the overall quality of it.

See the theme in action

Product rating: 5 / 5

User review:  “What sets this theme apart is its remarkable support. The support team behind Blocksy are out of this world! Any questions or concerns I have are always addressed promptly and professionally. Their dedication to helping users make the most of the theme is truly commendable.”

5.  Uncode – Creative Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Uncode is the best multiuse WordPress and WooCommerce theme for professional designers and agencies in need of a go-to solution for their projects.

Unlike many multipurpose themes, once you start using Uncode you’ll never want to look at a plugin again. You’ll have more than you need with this theme’s selections of 100 demos, 85 content modules and 550 premade section wireframes to work with.

Whatever you happen to dream up, you won’t have trouble recreating it with Uncode.

Uncode’s inspirational Portfolio Pattern demo with its awesome home page and overall attention to detail is illustrative of what makes Uncode a top WordPress theme.

Three more excellent reasons for giving Uncode a try:

  • Uncode code is good clean code. Bugs and slow performance will never be an issue with your websites.
  • The support team promptly responds to all requests and issues.
  • You can fine-tune any Uncode website to any level including the ability to go deep while editing.

See the theme in action

Product rating: 4.89 / 5

User review: I love this theme and the support is simply amazing! No matter what the issue, the Uncode team is happy to help, always responds in a timely manner and offers solutions and/or fix any issue you might have. Highly recommend this theme.”

6.   Total – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Total is ideal for web designers and developers looking for sufficient flexibility to be able to design from-scratch, as well as using time-saving templates.

Total is aptly named in that it gives you a complete toolkit to build any type of website you want, even if you just started as a designer. You can design from scratch if you want to by using WpBakery’s builder.

The Victor Bros. Marketing School demo can be edited fully. The hero section alone can be a major source of inspiration. The supporting layout is to the point.

Visit Total’s website and you will see that the variety of demos offered makes Web design possibilities endless. That is all-important if you’re building websites for multiple clients every year.

There are other reasons why Total is one of the best themes for WordPress in 2024:

  • Out of the box. It won’t take you hours to find and install plugins. The features you’ll need are already there.
  • With Total’s dynamic templates, global headers, and much more, it’s easy to program your designs for scalability.
  • Well-maintained. Total’s support is world-class, and users genuinely appreciate Total’s regular updates.

See the theme in action

Product rating: 4.86 / 5

User review: It is absolutely worth paying a little extra for ongoing tech support. The support provided by the developer is outstanding!”

7.   Litho: Responsive Elementor WordPress Theme

Litho is a top choice for anyone looking for a solidly built and excellently supported WordPress theme.

Litho truly us a great choice for your 2024 web projects for the following reasons. One that stands out the most would be the client support it offers.

It takes a talented team to create a great theme. Litho goes a step further with its 5-star customer support. Should you have a question about getting started or run into a problem somewhere along the way, you will find the client service to be fast, friendly, and more than ready to help you.

This support makes Litho an especially desirable choice for both novice WordPress users and professional designers. With Litho’s dedicated support behind you, you won’t feel constrained in any way as you work with the theme. Someone will be there to help you when you need it.

Other reasons why Litho is an excellent choice:

  • Template quality. Litho’s collection of premade designs are attractive and inspirational, e.g., if you need a website for a Home Business or another specialized business.
  • There are hundreds of awesome templates available together with loads of customization options that make it easy to design anything you want.
  • Elementor integration. Elementor, one of the most popular and user-friendly WordPress page builders, guarantees easy editing in Litho.

See the theme in action

Product rating: 4.94 / 5

User review: “Customer support for the Litho theme has been fantastic. Very helpful, friendly, and fast. The theme is full of features and design options that are modern, setting the look and feel of this theme apart from many of the older & more established themes. The design has a fresh and professional look.”

8.   Rey – Multi-purpose & WooCommerce theme for WordPress

Rey is the best WordPress theme for designing smart, full-featured, and high-converting eCommerce websites.

Rey is a stylish alternative to WooCommerce’s collection of themes. Plus, it’s a great option if you want to avoid having to supply great-looking WordPress themes with the ecommerce features and functionality they might be missing.

Take a glance at the Amsterdam demo and you’ll see how incredible these ecommerce sites actually are. The product pages and designs rival those of luxury brands, and websites built with Rey do a wonderful job of impressing visitors and converting them to customers.

Rey seamlessly integrates with Elementor. If you’re familiar with the Elementor page builder plugin, you know how easy it will be to customize whatever Rey demo you choose to work with.

Other excellent reasons for making Rey your theme of choice:

  • eCommerce functionality. There’s no need to install a ton of plugins to make Rey work like you want it to.
  • If you find out about a layout or feature you like on another ecommerce website, you can easily recreate it with Rey.
  • Rey’s support team does an excellent job of helping its clients with everything from basic questions to complex problems.

See the theme in action

Product rating: 4.98 / 5

User review:Best Theme for WooCommerce if you are serious with eCommerce. It works perfectly with Elementor. You can build everything from scratch. The theme is very fast and looks amazing. The customer support is excellent. They answer very quickly (even on the weekend) and solve problems. I recommend Rey!”

 9.   Woodmart WooCommerce Theme

WoodMart is without question the best WooCommerce theme for creating ecommerce stores for specific niches.

WoodMart is a great option if you plan to build a niche ecommerce website that will stand apart from competitors in each and every respect.

New pre-built websites are released monthly with each new release seemingly vying to be the best one yet. A good example is the easy to navigate Mega Market Home Improvement store with its excellent range of customer-centric features.

The demos and the hundreds of templates that come with the theme are amazingly easy to customize. You have at your fingertips whatever options and settings you might need to customize your designs just the way you want to, from a global level down to each element on the page.

Should you experience a problem, a built-in search feature will assist you to find the exact setting you need. The theme documentation is immensely helpful should you ever find yourself in an impasse.

3 other advantages for thinking about WoodMart for your online store include:

  • WoodMart is neat, clean and straightforward to work with. You’ll never feel overwhelmed.
  • Design quality. You will find a ton of inspiration amongst Woodmart’s assortment of demos and templates.
  • Mobile design. You will have to do minimal editing for mobile responsiveness. WoodMart’s templates look incredible on mobile.

See the theme in action

Product rating: 4.93 / 5

User review: This is a very functional, very well thought out premium theme, with good technical support and documentation, A really high-quality product.”   

10. Impeka Premium Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Impeka is the best WordPress theme for those who prefer spending their time designing and creating content instead of trying to master the workings of the theme.

Impeka has some remarkable things going for it. But if one stands out from the rest it is how easy this creative theme is to use.

Ease of use is not something you typically find in a multipurpose WordPress theme. Yet, the theme that developed Impeka found a way to create a super customizable theme that is full of great features. All this without subjecting the users to a steep learning curve in order to use it.

The theme’s developers also deserve special attention for the great support they unfailingly give their customers.

Impeka is updated frequently and pre-built sites like Impeka’s new Coffee Shop demo are released monthly (you can almost smell the coffee in this one). In addition, the comprehensive support options and instantaneous customer support are especially noteworthy.

Other reasons why users love Impeka:

  • There are endless possibilities as to the diverse ways you can use this theme.
  • Design quality. Its users will tell you that Impeka’s demos are true works of art. They are that good (see Coffee Shop above).
  • While Impeka is incredibly easy to use, the documentation makes it easy to answer questions and solve problems on your own.

See the theme in action

Product rating: 4.98 / 5

User review: “AMAZING SUPPORT! You message them and within minutes you get a clear reply that solves the problem. Like having your own private help desk.”

11.   XStore | Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

XStore is the best WooCommerce theme for designers and agencies looking to build high-conversion online stores.

XStore is the right choice for you if you are in the market for a WooCommerce theme you can use for virtually any type of online store. With 130+ pre-built websites and Coming Soon pages you will have no issue at all getting a store up and running quickly

The attractive  Beauty and Cosmetics pre-built website is an excellent example of what you will find in the way of the customer-centric features shoppers love to see and make use of when you install XStore and check out the online store examples.

XStore comes with an assortment of high-converting features in addition to the usual functionality you will find in a WooCommerce theme. Product variation swatches, live viewing counters, free shipping progress bars, shopping cart countdowns, and other features designed to help you capture more sales are included.

Other reasons you for choosing XStore include:

  • From the header and footer to the languages, currencies, and everything else, there’s no limit as to what you can customize.
  • Users love their XStore websites’ loading speeds. Even after theme updates the page performances stay stable.
  • Design quality. XStore’s attractive templates are designed to support a great user experience.

See the theme in action

Product rating: 4.87 / 5

User review: “The design options are incredibly versatile, allowing me to create a unique and visually appealing website that perfectly matches my brand. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, XStore makes customization a breeze with its user-friendly interface and extensive theme options.”


Which of these top WordPress Themes you will try in 2024?

With many thousands of WordPress themes waiting to be checked out and tried, it’s easy to feel like you want to check your Instagram instead of doing some research.

The good news is we’ve done that work for you.

Summing up, the themes that we wrote about above have this in common:

  • Come with well-know page builder and can be edited without effort.
  • feature high quality and easily customizable pre-built websites/demos that make creating your site much faster and more enjoyable.
  • are fast and stable, as are the sites designed with them.
  • do not place limits on the types of websites you can build.
  • give you the option to make websites responsive on mobiles with ease.
  • Give quick client support whenever a customer needs it.
  • are user-friendly.

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