Have you ever wondered, why does my WordPress site say ‘Coming Soon’? It can be a bit of a head-scratcher when you’re just starting out.

You’ve probably seen it – a screen declaring that your website is ‘Coming Soon,’ even when you’re ready to show it to the world.

In WordPress, the ‘Coming Soon’ page is often the first greeting to your visitors when your website isn’t ready for public viewing.

It’s a placeholder, a friendly wave that tells visitors you’re in the process of building something awesome.

Importance of the ‘Coming Soon’ Page

But here’s the deal – this ‘Coming Soon’ page isn’t just an electronic keep-out sign. It’s so much more than that. In fact, it’s a critical part of your website’s birth and growth.

Think about it. We’re in an age where digital impressions count. Your ‘Coming Soon’ page is like your “Under Construction” billboard. It’s your chance to create excitement and anticipation even before the site is ready. It can also serve as a powerful tool to start building an audience, capturing emails, and social media followers.

Having a well-crafted ‘Coming Soon’ page is your chance to set the tone and build the hype. It’s the start of your story in the digital world.

Remember this, every time you see that ‘Coming Soon’ page, think of it not as a barrier but a bridge. A bridge connecting what is, with what’s about to be.

Understanding the ‘Coming Soon’ Page

Purpose of the ‘Coming Soon’ Page

So, we’ve talked about what a ‘Coming Soon’ page is and why it’s important. But let’s get into the nuts and bolts of it.

Here’s the thing – your ‘Coming Soon’ page serves a dual purpose. One, it informs your visitors that something exciting is brewing. Two, it helps you buy time while you’re getting your ducks in a row, building and perfecting your website.

The ‘Coming Soon’ page is like your online business card. It can share vital information about your business or service. It could be your logo, a tagline, contact information, or even a countdown to your launch date.

In short, the purpose of the ‘Coming Soon’ page is to create intrigue, anticipation, and momentum for your website, while you’re busy working behind the scenes.

How it Affects Your Site’s Visibility

You may wonder – why does my WordPress site say ‘Coming Soon’ and what does it mean for my site’s visibility? You need to know this: your ‘Coming Soon’ page can affect how search engines see your site.

When your ‘Coming Soon’ page is up, most search engines see your website as being under construction and won’t index it. This means your website won’t appear in search results until it’s live. But don’t worry, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It simply means your website won’t be visible in search results until you’re ready to show it off.

The Role of the Hosting Provider in the ‘Coming Soon’ Page

Here’s another piece to this puzzle: your hosting provider. You might not realize this, but the hosting provider often plays a crucial role in that ‘Coming Soon’ page.

Some hosting providers automatically put up a generic ‘Coming Soon’ page when you sign up for their service and install WordPress. It’s like a default setting, a placeholder until you replace it with your website.

So if you’re wondering why does my WordPress site say ‘Coming Soon,’ one of the places to look at is your hosting provider.

The Difference Between ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Maintenance Mode’

Okay, so now we’re going to switch gears a bit. Let’s talk about the difference between ‘Coming Soon’ mode and ‘Maintenance Mode.’ And yes, they’re different.

Definition of ‘Coming Soon’ Mode

We’ve been talking about the ‘Coming Soon’ mode. But to recap, this is a mode that essentially says to your visitors, “Hey, we’re not quite ready, but stay tuned!”

It’s a sign that you’re actively working on your site, but it’s not ready for public viewing yet.

Definition of ‘Maintenance Mode’

Then there’s ‘Maintenance Mode.’ This is slightly different. This is a sign saying, “Hey, we’re doing some work under the hood. Be right back!” You typically use this mode when you’re updating, fixing, or making changes to your already live site.

When to Use Each Mode

Deciding when to use each mode is fairly simple. If your site isn’t live yet, and you’re still in the process of building it, that’s when you’d use ‘Coming Soon’ mode.

But if your site is already live, and you need to make some tweaks, fixes, or updates without your visitors seeing the process, you’d use ‘Maintenance Mode.’

Impact on SEO

And here’s another question: what about SEO, or Search Engine Optimization? Well, there’s a small but crucial difference.

While your ‘Coming Soon’ page can temporarily keep your site from being indexed by search engines, the ‘Maintenance Mode’ is generally short-term and should not impact your site’s ranking.

But remember, prolonged periods in ‘Maintenance Mode’ can send the wrong signals to search engines, so keep those tweaks quick!

How to Enable the ‘Coming Soon’ Page

Alright, let’s get practical now. You know what a ‘Coming Soon’ page is, why it’s important, and when to use it. Now, let’s look at how you can enable it on your WordPress site.

Step-by-step Guide to Enabling the ‘Coming Soon’ Page

First thing’s first – to enable the ‘Coming Soon’ page, you’ll need to go to your WordPress admin dashboard. From there, the steps can vary a bit, depending on your theme and your hosting provider.

In general, you’d go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Reading,’ and there you’ll find an option to set your site to ‘Coming Soon.’ Click that, and voila! Your ‘Coming Soon’ page is live.

Customizing the ‘Coming Soon’ Page

But don’t stop there. You can and should customize your ‘Coming Soon’ page. This is your chance to build that anticipation we talked about earlier.

You can customize the message, the colors, the fonts, even add an image or logo. Make it your own, and make it enticing.

Using Plugins to Enhance the ‘Coming Soon’ Page

And here’s a pro tip: you can use plugins to seriously up your ‘Coming Soon’ page game. There are numerous WordPress plugins available that offer templates and advanced features to make your ‘Coming Soon’ page really stand out.

How to Remove the ‘Coming Soon’ Page

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You’ve built your website, it looks fantastic, and you’re ready to share it with the world.


Now, it’s time to take down that ‘Coming Soon’ page and let your website shine. But how do you do it? Let’s find out.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing the ‘Coming Soon’ Page

Head back to your WordPress admin dashboard. Just like enabling the ‘Coming Soon’ page, the steps to disable it may vary based on your theme and hosting provider.

In most cases, you’ll again go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Reading.’ Here, you should see an option to take your site from ‘Coming Soon’ to ‘Public.’

Make the switch, save changes, and your website should be live!

Verifying the Removal of the ‘Coming Soon’ Page

Of course, you’ll want to confirm that your ‘Coming Soon’ page is indeed gone. The simplest way to do this is by visiting your site like any visitor would.

Just type in your URL and see what comes up. If everything went according to plan, you should see your shiny new website, not the ‘Coming Soon’ page.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

But what if your ‘Coming Soon’ page is stubborn and refuses to go away? Don’t panic, there are a few things you can try.

Clearing your cache is a good first step. Your browser likes to keep a record of pages you’ve visited to load them faster next time.

Clearing your cache can help make sure you’re seeing the most recent version of your site.

If that doesn’t work, it might be worth checking in with your hosting provider.

Remember, some providers set up the ‘Coming Soon’ page automatically, and they may have a special process for removing it.

Alternatives to the ‘Coming Soon’ Page

Now you know everything there is to know about the ‘Coming Soon’ page. But did you know there are alternatives?

That’s right!

Let’s take a quick look at another tool in your website building arsenal: ‘Maintenance Mode.’

Using the ‘Maintenance Mode’ Page

‘Maintenance Mode’ is like a sibling to the ‘Coming Soon’ page. It’s another type of placeholder page you can use on your site. But instead of signaling that your website isn’t ready yet, it’s more of a “be right back” message.

You can use ‘Maintenance Mode’ when you need to make updates or changes to your live site. It’s a way to keep things looking sleek and professional, even when you’re fixing bugs or adding new features.

Customizing the ‘Maintenance Mode’ Page

Just like with the ‘Coming Soon’ page, you can and should customize your ‘Maintenance Mode’ page. Keep it on-brand with your site’s colors, fonts, and messaging.

This helps maintain a cohesive user experience, even when your site is under construction.

Using Plugins for ‘Maintenance Mode’

And yes, there are plugins for ‘Maintenance Mode,’ too. These can provide additional customization options, as well as advanced features like countdown timers or email opt-in forms.

A well-crafted ‘Maintenance Mode’ page can keep your audience engaged, even while you’re making tweaks behind the scenes.

Preparing for Website Launch

Getting ready to launch your website is an exciting time. You’re preparing to share your site with the world, and there’s a lot to think about.

Here’s a little guide to help you along the way.

Checklist for Launching Your Website

Launching a website is a lot like launching a rocket: there’s a pre-launch checklist to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Your checklist might include testing your site’s functionality, checking for typos, making sure your contact forms work, and confirming that all your links lead where they’re supposed to.

Disabling the ‘Coming Soon’ or ‘Maintenance Mode’ Page

We’ve covered this before, but it’s worth repeating. When you’re ready to launch, don’t forget to disable your ‘Coming Soon’ or ‘Maintenance Mode’ page.

Remember, you can do this from your WordPress admin dashboard, in the ‘Settings’ and then ‘Reading’ section.

Ensuring Smooth Transition to the Live Site

Your website’s launch should be a celebration, not a source of stress.

Ensuring a smooth transition to the live site can involve double-checking that all of your pages load correctly, that your site appears as expected on different devices and browsers, and that any user accounts or e-commerce functions are working properly.

And of course, once your site is live, you’ll want to keep an eye on things.

Monitor your site’s performance, check for any broken links or errors, and be ready to make tweaks as necessary.

Your website is a living thing, after all. It will grow and evolve over time.

FAQ about why your WordPress site says coming soon

Why does my WordPress site say “Coming Soon” even after I’ve published my site?

Oh, I’ve seen this a lot. It’s most likely because your site is still in maintenance or coming soon mode.

When you first set up your site, many themes or plugins have this feature to let you build your site without it being live.

Remember to disable it once you’re ready to publish!

How can I remove the “Coming Soon” page from my WordPress site?

To get rid of that “Coming Soon” page, you need to disable the maintenance or “coming soon” mode.

This can usually be done from the dashboard of the specific plugin you’re using or from your theme settings.

Look for options like “maintenance mode” or “coming soon mode” and flick that switch off.

Why is my “Coming Soon” page still showing up after I’ve disabled it?

Sometimes, you may see the “Coming Soon” page even after disabling it. This could be due to your browser cache or a caching plugin on your site.

Try clearing your browser cache first, or disable any caching plugins temporarily and see if the page refreshes correctly.

Can visitors see my site while it’s in “Coming Soon” mode?

Generally, no. When your site is in “Coming Soon” mode, visitors usually only see the “Coming Soon” page.

However, as the site admin, you can often still see and edit your site when you’re logged in, which can be pretty handy for working on your site before you’re ready to go live.

How do I customize my “Coming Soon” page on WordPress?

Customizing the “Coming Soon” page depends on your theme or plugin. Some offer built-in options to add custom text, images, or even a countdown timer to the “Coming Soon” page.

Check out the settings of your theme or the plugin you’re using to find these customization options.

What’s the difference between “Maintenance Mode” and “Coming Soon” mode?

Well, the terms can sometimes be used interchangeably, but they do have different uses. “Maintenance Mode” is typically used when you’re making updates or fixes to a live site, and “Coming Soon” mode is used when you’re still building the site before it’s ready to publish. They both usually show a simple message to visitors, but their use case is a tad different.

How do I choose a good plugin for a “Coming Soon” page?

Finding the right plugin for a “Coming Soon” page depends on your needs. Key things to look for could include customization options, user-friendly interface, and whether it has good reviews.

There are plenty of both free and premium options available. Try out a few and see what works best for your site.

How long should I keep my WordPress site in “Coming Soon” mode?

There’s no hard and fast rule for this, but usually, you’d keep your site in “Coming Soon” mode until you’re ready to publish.

It’s up to you how long you want to spend building and tweaking your site. Just remember to disable “Coming Soon” mode when you’re ready to launch!

Can search engines see my site when it’s in “Coming Soon” mode?

Generally, search engines can’t crawl or index your site while it’s in “Coming Soon” mode. This is because the mode usually includes a ‘noindex’ tag that tells search engines not to index the page.

So, it’s wise to switch off “Coming Soon” mode as soon as your site is ready to be crawled and indexed.

Why do I need a “Coming Soon” page for my WordPress site?

A “Coming Soon” page can be a useful tool while you’re building or updating your site. It lets visitors know that something is in the works and gives them a hint of what’s to come.

It can also help build anticipation and collect email addresses for your launch notification. It’s a neat little placeholder while you get your actual site ready.


We’ve covered a lot of ground here, from understanding why your WordPress site says ‘Coming Soon,’ to exploring the differences between ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Maintenance Mode,’ to launching your website.

We’ve seen how these placeholder pages can help you create anticipation, maintain a professional appearance, and even build your audience before your site goes live.

In the end, ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Maintenance Mode’ are more than just placeholders. They’re tools that can help you create a successful and professional website. They’re a bridge between your website’s construction and its grand unveiling.

So, next time you see that ‘Coming Soon’ page, you’ll know exactly why it’s there and how to make the most of it. And when the time comes to take down that page and reveal your website to the world, you’ll do so with confidence.

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