In the exciting world of online content, YouTube Shorts have been making waves. They offer an engaging, quick-to-consume format that’s perfect for our increasingly busy lives.

Now, you might be thinking, what does this have to do with WordPress? Well, how to embed YouTube Shorts in WordPress is a trending topic for webmasters and bloggers like you and me.

So, why should you learn how to do this?

Think TikTok, but on YouTube. YouTube Shorts are short, vertical videos that last up to 60 seconds.

Simple, right?

They’re a fantastic way to share creativity, with features like music overlays and speed controls.

By embedding YouTube Shorts in your WordPress site, you create an engaging user experience. It’s a visually appealing way to share content and break up large chunks of text.

Plus, it gives your site a bit of a modern flair, considering how popular short-form video content has become!

Understanding YouTube Shorts

Before we dive into the “how,” let’s get to know our “what” a little better, shall we?

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube player

YouTube Shorts, in their most basic form, are just really short YouTube videos. But there’s more to them than that.

These videos are specifically designed for mobile viewing. They’re snappy, attention-grabbing, and easy to share – perfect for the modern, on-the-go audience.

The Rise of YouTube Shorts

It all started with TikTok. The explosive popularity of this bite-sized content format led YouTube to develop their own version.

Since their introduction, YouTube Shorts have rapidly gained popularity. They’re a fantastic tool for creators looking to engage their audience in a new, dynamic way.

Benefits of Embedding YouTube Shorts on Website

Embedding YouTube Shorts in your WordPress site has several benefits.

It can enhance your site’s visual appeal and interactivity, encourage visitor engagement, and even improve SEO if the videos are properly optimized. It’s all about creating an immersive and engaging user experience!

Preparing to Embed YouTube Shorts

Before we dive into the actual process, let’s gather our tools and resources. Don’t worry; it’s not as daunting as it sounds!

Requirements for Embedding YouTube Shorts

First things first, we need to make sure we have a few things:

  • A WordPress website (obviously!)
  • Access to the WordPress admin dashboard
  • The URL of the YouTube Shorts video you want to embed

If you’ve got all that, you’re golden!

Finding the Right YouTube Shorts to Embed

Now, this might seem straightforward, but it’s worth mentioning. You need to pick the right YouTube Shorts to embed on your site.

They should be relevant to your content, engaging, and, most importantly, owned by you or licensed for reuse.

Great, now that we have our resources in order, let’s get to the fun part – how to embed YouTube Shorts in WordPress.

Step-by-Step Guide to Embed YouTube Shorts in WordPress

There are multiple ways to embed YouTube Shorts on your site, and I’ll guide you through some of the easiest and most effective methods.

Using the Default Embedding Method

No bells, no whistles – just the simple, straightforward way.

Locating the YouTube Shorts

Go to the YouTube Shorts video that you want to embed. It’s right there on the YouTube app.

Copying the Embed Code

Tap share, then tap the ‘Copy link’ option. This will copy the video’s URL to your clipboard.

Pasting the Embed Code in WordPress

Head over to your WordPress dashboard, go to the post where you want to add the Short, and paste the link. WordPress will automatically turn that link into an embedded YouTube Short. Sweet, right?

Using WordPress Plugins for Embedding YouTube Shorts

For those who like a bit more control and customization, WordPress plugins are the way to go.

Overview of Available Plugins

There are numerous plugins available for embedding YouTube Shorts, like ‘Embed Plus for YouTube‘, ‘YouTube Embed‘, and more.

Installing and Setting Up the Plugin

Choose a plugin, install it from the WordPress plugin repository, and follow the setup instructions. Most plugins will ask for the YouTube API key, which you can get from the Google Cloud Console.

Embedding YouTube Shorts Using the Plugin

Once your plugin is set up, go to your post and follow the plugin’s instructions to embed your YouTube Short. It often involves pasting the video link in a custom block or widget.

Using Social Media Aggregator Tools

For those who want to curate multiple social media posts in one place, social media aggregator tools are perfect.

Overview of Social Media Aggregator Tools

Tools like, Juicer, and others allow you to embed a variety of social media posts on your site, including YouTube Shorts.

Setting Up the Aggregator Tool

Like with the plugins, you’ll need to create an account, set up the tool, and connect it to your YouTube account.

Embedding YouTube Shorts Using the Aggregator Tool

Once everything is set up, simply choose the YouTube Short you want to embed and follow the tool’s instructions to embed it in your WordPress site.

Customizing the YouTube Shorts Embed

Once you’ve embedded your YouTube Shorts, you might want to tweak their appearance a bit. Here’s how to do it.

Adjusting the Size and Position of the Embed

Depending on your theme and the method you used to embed the Short, you might be able to adjust its size and position directly in your WordPress editor.

Customizing the Appearance of the Embed

Some plugins and aggregator tools offer options for customization. This can include changing the frame color, adding a play button, and more.

Using CSS for Further Customization

For those with a bit of coding knowledge, you can use custom CSS to tweak the appearance of your embedded Shorts. Be careful, though – always backup your site before messing with the code!

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Here are some common issues and how to solve them.

YouTube Shorts Not Displaying Correctly

If your embedded Short is not displaying correctly, check the video link and the embed code. Ensure there are no extra spaces or characters.

YouTube Shorts Not Updating

If your YouTube Short is not updating with new content, ensure that the video link is correct. If using a plugin or tool, check that it’s correctly synced with your YouTube account.

Other Common Issues and Solutions

If you’re facing other issues, the best place to start is the plugin or tool’s support forum. Other users might have faced the same problem, and you can often find solutions there.

Tips for Effective Use of YouTube Shorts on Your Website

We’re nearing the end of our guide on how to embed YouTube Shorts in WordPress, but before we wrap up, here are some bonus tips!

Choosing Relevant YouTube Shorts

It’s important to choose Shorts that are relevant to your content. They should add value to your post and be engaging for your readers.

Regularly Updating Your Embedded YouTube Shorts

Keep your content fresh by regularly updating the YouTube Shorts you have embedded on your site. This will keep your readers coming back for more.

Using YouTube Shorts to Increase Engagement

Well-placed Shorts can be a fantastic tool for increasing engagement on your site. They can break up large chunks of text, add visual interest, and provide additional information or entertainment.

FAQ about how to embed YouTube shorts in WordPress

How Do I Embed YouTube Shorts on my WordPress Site?

Ah, yes, simple as pie! Head on over to the desired YouTube Short. Click the ‘Share’ button and then choose ‘Embed’. You’ll be given an embed code, which you can copy.

Now, switch to your WordPress editor and find where you’d like to add the Short. Choose to ‘Add Custom HTML’ and paste the code. Presto! Your Short is embedded.

Is There a WordPress Plugin for Embedding YouTube Shorts?

Well, there isn’t a specific WordPress plugin for YouTube Shorts as of my last check. But fret not! The generic YouTube embedding plugins should do the trick just fine.

Popular options include ‘Embed Plus for YouTube’ and ‘YouTube Embed’. These let you embed any type of YouTube content, Shorts included.

Will Embedding YouTube Shorts Slow Down my WordPress Site?

Ah, the age-old worry of site speed. Embedding a YouTube Short may have a slight impact on your site’s loading speed, but it’s usually negligible.

If you notice your site’s slowing down, consider using a WordPress plugin to lazy load your videos or a speed optimization plugin to help improve overall performance.

Can I Customize the Look of an Embedded YouTube Short?

Why, absolutely! You can tweak the size of the Short by changing the width and height values in the embed code. But, remember: keep the aspect ratio consistent to avoid distortion.

If you’re using a plugin, some offer advanced customization options like changing player controls, colors, and so on.

Are YouTube Shorts Responsive When Embedded in WordPress?

Indeed, they are! When you embed a YouTube Short on your WordPress site, it should automatically resize to fit different screen sizes.

But, remember to check your site on different devices to ensure it’s appearing as you intend. If it doesn’t look right, some CSS tweaking might be necessary.

Why Isn’t My Embedded YouTube Short Showing on my WordPress Site?

Oh, the frustration! A few things could be causing this hiccup. First, double-check the embed code – even a tiny error could stop it from displaying.

If the code is correct, check your WordPress theme. Some themes might not play nice with certain embed codes. Worst case scenario, a plugin conflict could be the culprit.

Can I Embed Multiple YouTube Shorts in One WordPress Post or Page?

Sure thing! There’s no limit on how many YouTube Shorts you can embed in a single post or page on WordPress. You simply repeat the embedding process for each Short.

However, do keep your page load times in mind – too many videos can slow things down.

How to Make YouTube Shorts Autoplay in WordPress?

Aha, the autoplay feature! In the embed code, you’ll see a part that says ‘autoplay=0’. Change this to ‘autoplay=1’ and your Short will automatically start playing when someone visits your page.

Just a quick heads up: some visitors might find autoplaying videos a bit jarring.

Do YouTube Shorts Embedded in WordPress Include Ads?

Yes, they do. When you embed a YouTube Short in your WordPress site, it will carry over any ads that the original video had. Keep in mind that this ad revenue goes to the content creator, not the website displaying the Short.

Can I Embed Private YouTube Shorts on my WordPress Site?

Hmm, tricky one. Only public or unlisted YouTube Shorts can be embedded. If a Short is set to private, it’s not available for embedding. So, if you have a private Short you’d like to share, you’ll need to change its privacy setting first.


And we’ve reached the end of our journey! We’ve learned the importance of YouTube Shorts, prepared our tools, embedded our Shorts in WordPress, customized them, troubleshooted issues, and picked up some handy tips along the way.

But, don’t stop here. I encourage you to dive in and start embedding YouTube Shorts on your site. It’s a great way to enhance your content and engage your audience.

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