WordPress site owners, get ready to empower your websites with the exceptional WordPress Profile Builder Plugin from Cozmoslabs.

Crafted with a plethora of features and functionalities, this plugin is designed to streamline user management while improving the user experience manifold.

Without further ado, let’s delve into this comprehensive tool’s world of possibilities:

Standout Features: WordPress Profile Builder Plugin Review

Diverse Shortcodes & Blocks

The WordPress Profile Builder plugin offers the luxury of incorporating front-end login, registration, edit-profile, and password reset forms into your website with simple, versatile shortcodes or Gutenberg blocks. This feature gives you agile, flexible control over form-related aspects of your website, making management considerably smoother.

Streamlined User Registration

User registration is a crucial aspect of any website, and this WordPress user profile plugin makes it more secure and efficient through some special functionalities:

Email Confirmation

To keep spam at bay, users need to confirm their email addresses post-registration. This step aids in verifying the authenticity of users and keeping your website free of spam accounts.

Admin Approval

With the plugin’s Admin Approval feature, you have full control over your website’s user base. You can get notifications via email for every new user and have the authority to approve multiple users at once from the WordPress UI.

Advanced Security Measures

Website security is vital, and the plugin addresses it head-on. You can set a minimum password length and enforce a certain password strength, thereby eliminating weak passwords and significantly enhancing your website’s security.

Comprehensive User Profiles

The plugin provides features to customize user profiles and make them more informative and interactive:

Extra Profile Fields

Customize user profiles to your heart’s content with unlimited additional user fields. These fields range from simple input fields to avatar uploads, map location, color picker, and more. The best part? These fields appear in the WordPress backend as well, making them easy to manage.

Conditional Logic for Fields

Presenting dynamic front-end registration forms to your users is a breeze with conditional logic. Depending on the data users enter, you can show or hide fields, thus creating an intuitive and user-friendly form filling experience.

User Content Control

Content Restriction

The plugin empowers you to restrict individual posts and pages based on user roles and logged-in status. You can find the Profile Builder Content Restriction box at the end of each page or post:

This feature extends to WooCommerce products and bbPress forums as well, offering you comprehensive control over content accessibility.

Enhanced Email Customization

Emails are an important communication link with your users, and the plugin lets you customize them as per your requirements. With the Email Customizer, you can craft fully customizable templates for WordPress Registration Emails, override the ‘from’ address, and more.

Advanced User Modules

To cater to different user requirements, the plugin brings several advanced user modules:

Multiple Registration & Edit Profile Forms
You can capture different types of information from different user types by setting up multiple registration forms with diverse fields for specific user roles. This feature allows you to tailor-make the registration process for different user categories.

Custom Redirects

Control user flow post-login or registration with the Custom Redirects feature. You can direct users to specific pages after login, registration, or when they try to access the default WordPress dashboard, login, lost password, and registration forms.

For example, you could redirect all of the users with the Customer role to your Shop page right after registration is complete:

Advanced User Listing

The plugin offers templates that are easy to edit for listing your users and creating individual user pages. This adds a more structured and organized look to your user base display.

Add Users on Map

Elevate your user listings by pinning user locations on a map. This feature adds a visual appeal and an interactive touch to your user listings.

Pre-Designed Form Templates

Looking to add a touch of professionalism to your online forms? Profile Builder has the perfect solution for you with its comprehensive range of pre-designed form themes.

Using these templates users can effortlessly customize forms to their unique needs. The diverse selection of themes ensures a seamless fit with any website aesthetic, promising a visually consistent and engaging user experience.

However, it’s important to note that this feature is exclusively available in the premium version of Profile Builder. Thus, upgrading to these versions not only provides you with a robust form creation tool but also empowers you to create striking, professional-looking forms like the one below with absolute ease.

Pricing & Versions

The WordPress Profile Builder Plugin offers three pricing plans, catering to a range of user needs:

  • Basic (€99/year): Ideal for single-site use, this plan comes with 10 advanced add-ons and 1 year of updates and support.
  • Pro (€169/year): Perfect for up to three sites, this plan offers 11 advanced add-ons, 7 advanced user modules, and 1 year of updates and support.
  • Agency (€299/year): Meant for businesses that run multiple sites, this plan provides access to all the features and functionalities along with 1 year of updates and support for an unlimited number of websites.

Advanced Add-ons

The plugin boasts of additional advanced add-ons that significantly expand its functionality. These are available with the premium version and include the ability to create multi-step forms, use social login, or integrate with WooCommerce, MailChimp, bbPress and other useful services.


The WordPress Profile Builder Plugin is indeed a power-packed tool for WordPress site owners. Its vast spectrum of features not only enhances user experiences but also simplifies user management for site administrators.

With its affordable pricing plans and a wealth of features in each version, it undoubtedly offers excellent value for money.

Whether you’re looking for robust security measures, versatile registration options, or customizable user profiles, this plugin has got you covered.

So, why wait?

Transform your WordPress site into a dynamic, user-friendly platform with the WordPress Profile Builder Plugin today. Experience the power of advanced user management and watch your website achieve new heights of success!

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