About WPDean

Hi there!

My name is Bogdan Sandu, and I’ve been passionately working with WordPress since 2008. I know, the grey hairs on my head say that’s a long time ago.

My Journey and Expertise

From the frustration of code-bloated themes to creating sleek, fast websites, my path has been driven by a desire for excellence.

The first WordPress theme I coded was born out of necessity—to build a site that performed at top speed for both users and search engines.

Achievements and Contributions

  • 15+ years of experience in WordPress development.
  • Creator of efficient, SEO-friendly themes.
  • Active contributor to the WordPress community.

What is WPDean?

WPDean is a comprehensive resource hub for web designers and developers. While it began with a focus on WordPress, it has evolved to include a vast array of tools, guides, and tutorials for all aspects of web design.

Key Features of WPDean:

  • Extensive Tutorials: Step-by-step guides on various web design techniques and WordPress intricacies.
  • Resource Library: A curated collection of themes, plugins, and tools to streamline your workflow.

WPDean is dedicated to empowering web designers with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Whether you’re focusing on WordPress or looking to broaden your design skills, WPDean offers valuable resources to enhance your craft.

The Vision for WPDean

Reviving wpdean.com was a mission to reclaim a valuable resource for WordPress enthusiasts. My goal is clear: make wpdean.com the ultimate destination for WordPress resources and tutorials. Here, you’ll find insights, tips, and tricks to enhance your WordPress journey.

Commitment to Quality and Trust

WPDean stands for reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information. Every piece of content is grounded in extensive research and practical experience. Whether you’re just starting or have years of experience, trust that you’re getting the best guidance.

Join the Community

WPDean is more than a site—it’s a community. Engage, ask questions, share your experiences. Let’s make learning interactive and enjoyable.

Get in Touch

Oh, and btw, if you’re interested in getting in touch, send me an email at bogdan@wpdean.com