Zerif Pro Review – A Beautiful One-Page WordPress Theme

Zerif Lite is one of the most popular free themes for WordPress. And Zerif Pro is the premium version of this beautiful theme. Like the free version, the premium theme is also very popular among the users. With lots of useful features and all the necessary customization options, this theme could be easily used to create professional, corporate, business, agency or any other creative website.

In today’s post, I will take a closer look at this excellent one page WordPress theme. Let’s see what the theme has to offer.

Zerif Pro WordPress Theme Review

Theme Features


Being a one-page theme, Zerif Pro will feature most of your website content on the home page. At the top, there is a usual navigation on the right and the logo on the left side.

  • Homepage Slider: With homepage slider, you can display your most important messages along with custom buttons. After that, there is the features section. This is the section where you can show the products and services you offer or the main purposes of your business.
  • Portfolio: In the portfolio section, you can display up to 8 portfolio items. Each item is accompanied by an image and with a nice hover effect. Clicking on any portfolio item will open the item to its page.
  • About Us: The next one is the about us section. Here, you can display detailed information about your company. You can mention your strongest skills along with a percentage point for each skill. Right below that section, there is a tiny slider to display your notable clients.
  • Team Members: There is also a dedicated section for displaying your team members. Each member will have a circular image along with their designation and links to various social media profiles. Hovering over each member will reveal more information about the member.


  • Pricing & Testimonial: Up next, there is the pricing plan section. The theme allows you to display up to 4 pricing plans for your customers. There is a sign-up form for the newsletter. And after that, there is the testimonials section. You can display the testimonial text along with the client name and designation in a nicely designed layout.
  • Integrated Google Maps: With an integrated Google Map, you can quickly display the company location here. And the next one is the contact form. As the form comes with an AJAX-powered input validation system, you won’t need any third-party solution for this feature.
  • Blog Section: Here, a slider of your latest posts will be displayed. Clicking on any item will open the blog post. And lastly, there is the simple footer section. The fully widgetized footer section includes your contact details along with links to your social media profiles.

How to Customize the Theme?

To customize various display options, log in to your website dashboard. Go to the Appearance -> Customize page. You will be provided with a page like the following –


As you can see, all the customization options of the Zerif Pro theme are located on the theme customizer page. The available options are divided into different sections.

First of all, the ‘Site Identity‘ option enables you to customize the title and tagline of your website. There is also an option to choose the favicon for your site.

The next one, ‘Sections order‘ tab can be used to select the positioning of various sections of your site. In total, there are 12 sections – Our focus, Portfolio, About us, Our team, Testimonials, Bottom ribbon, Right ribbon, Contact us, Packages, Google map, Subscribe, and Latest news.

As there are 12 options, you can assign any of these sections to any location you prefer. You will find separate customization options for each section below.

Colors,’ the next one allows you to choose custom colors for various areas like the footer background, footer text, site background, navigation background, text, links, link hover, buttons background, button text, etc.


General Options’ includes lots of different options. For starters, you can choose a custom logo, provide custom text for the footer copyright section and add Google Analytics code. For the footer, it is possible to add custom icons and values from the email, phone number, and address sections.

With ‘Social Options’, you can provide links to your various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Dribble, YouTube, Instagram, etc. The last three sub-sections allow you to choose custom widgets for the three widgetized sections of the footer.

The ‘Big title section’ includes the necessary options for customizing the big text that is displayed at the beginning of your site. You can provide custom text for the big title and two separate buttons. It is possible to choose the text, hover, background colors for each item. You can also elect to enable parallax effect for this section.

In ‘Our focus section’, you can provide custom title and subtitle, choose various colors for the text, border, etc. It is also possible to display widgets in this section.

The ‘Portfolio’ section could be used to choose different personalization options for the portfolio. You can provide the custom title, subtitle, background color and text colors for the main title and subtitle. There is a separate option to make the portfolio items full width.


In ‘About us’ section, you will find different options for providing the main title, subtitle, middle content and left side content. That is followed by four other sub-sections to showcase your strongest skills. For each feature, you can provide a title, text, and a percentage point. You can also add widgets in this section.

Our team’ section is the place where you can introduce your team to the visitors. As usual, you can provide a custom title and subtitle for the section. You can choose custom colors for various sections from the ‘Colors’ sub-section. And for adding team members, there is a dedicated team member widget.

The ‘Background’ menu includes all the necessary options for setting up your website background. It is possible to choose a single image, video or a slide show as the background. For the slider background, you can choose up to 3 images.

Other Useful Features

Powerful parallax effect is one of the central characteristics of the Zerif Pro theme. With the help of the integrated parallax effects, it is possible to create attractive page designs for your website. You can add separate images for different sections, and add custom text, buttons. Being perfectly optimized for speed, the parallax effect will not slow down your website.

As you have seen in the customizer section, there are unlimited color options for each section. You can choose any color you want for the text, link, button, hover and other elements.

The theme also comes with full testimonial support for displaying the reviews provided by your customers and clients. There is a dedicated custom widget for adding testimonials.

You will also find the complete Google Maps integration very useful. You can use this feature to show your exact locations to the visitors. The simple and user-friendly navigation guide could be set up within a few minutes.

As you have seen in the theme customizer, there are 12 different sections to display on your one-page website. You can quickly show or hide any of these sections to your site. It is also possible to rearrange the location of the sections and display any section more than once.

Setting Up a Shop with WooCommerce


If you want to integrate an online shop in your website, Zerif Pro theme has got you covered too. The theme comes with full support for WooCommerce. There are also dedicated designs for the shop and single product pages.

Selling both digital and physical products in your store is possible. If you are offering any services through your website, the theme also comes with a dedicated pricing plan for you. You can easily set different prices and customize the available features for each package.

The developers have followed all the security best practices in the theme coding. As a result, your website will be secure from the common security threats. Being optimized for SEO, the theme will also help you gain better search engine rankings.

When using the Zerif Pro theme, your website will look great on any modern browser. And if you want to develop a website in any other language, the fully localized theme package will be perfect for you. It is possible to translate the theme into other supported languages without making any changes to the source code.

Download Zerif Pro

Final Words

As you can see, Zerif Pro comes with a diverse range of powerful and useful features. These features make it possible to create any website within a short period.

So, what do you think about the theme? Which features look the most attractive to you? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Sunita

    Zerif lite was an elegant theme itself. The premium version of this them, Zerif pro is a more beautiful theme with added features and customization options.
    This, being a one page theme serves the needs of anyone wishing to have a creative website. Be it a corporate website or an agent website, this theme will do.

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