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WPEngine is a premium VIP WordPress hosting. They offer fast and reliable WordPress hosting with free Malware protection. They also offer auto-updates, daily backups, unlimited data transfers and free technical support around the clock. Almost all the top marketers and other web professionals are currently using WPEngine. If your business site is hosted on WordPress, then WPEngine could be the best bet for you.

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  1. Ramin Faizy

    How much traffic does WPEnging basic plan handle?

    • Cate

      The traffic that sites can handle depends on the plan to plan. If you are in the personal plan, it can handle a monthly traffic of just 25k. So, if you are having much more than that, you can either move to professional or business plan.

      • Gayle Midgett

        No doubt, WP Engine is one of the most costly WordPress hosting but it is still worth.

      • Moshe

        If you are looking for more, contact them and be sure to get the custom plan for you and your business.

  2. Naomi Ibrahim

    WP Engine provides 60 days no question asked money back guarantee. This means if any day from first to 60th you are not satisfied with their service, simply go ahead and cancel the account and you will get your full money back.

  3. Diederik Visser

    WP Engine hosting is one of the best hosting services for WordPress. No doubt they are doing an amazing job to provide the best out one can get but if you are not generating decent income from your website than would be bit difficult for you to maintain as they are costly.

    • Wagner Brenner

      WP Engine is a VIP and premium WordPress and hosting not an ordinary regular host. And they are taking care of this and trying to be on demand and satisfy the customer needs.

  4. James Crawford

    I guess WPE don’t even provide live chat support. When the other hosting providers like BlueHost where plan just starts at around $6, provides such features why WPE don’t at $29.

    • Nina

      They do have live chat support and you can connect with them 24×7 for all the queries. But mostly they use ZenDesk for support tickets as this is commonly used by all the company so will be easy to use.

  5. Cora Ann

    There was a time that I had to hire a freelancer on a freelancing platform just to solve the issue on my website. WP sucks especially their support. I had lost my contents on a page, and one of my websites was hacked, and I had no idea how to deal with it since I’m more of a business person and less of a web developer. I contacted them for several times and raised tickets countless times, but I was just wasting talking to them since they can’t solve anything regarding my issues. Fortunately, it was resolved by the freelancer I hired. After that incident, I canceled my account with them.

  6. Howard

    Since I’ve been using WP for all my websites and e-commerce business, it’s just logical that I’m using services of wpengine. So far so good, they live up to my expectations. They offer everything and every assistance that a web developer and a business person needs to excel on their field and keep business moving.

  7. Brad

    After hearing a lot of good reviews about WPEngine, I decided to give it a try. And boy, it was the best experience I’ve had for my six years in developing websites. I was hopeless with my last web host because it messed up almost everything in my websites. So, I took the courage to find the right web hosting company for my websites. And since, most of them are WordPress, I thought to myself, why not use wpengine.

    As of now, I’m with them for two years already, and it was all great. Uptime is fast, very easy to manage everything with the interface and the admin panel is easy to use. There was only two downtime for the last two years, and it was easy to reach out to them. The people on their support team knows exactly what they’re doing, and they quickly solve issues in no time. No matter how I look at it, everything is just really sweet. The price is worth it. The best!

  8. Anonymous

    Let me be fair in writing a review. There are good and bad things about WordPress that everyone should know before getting it. Good things first, user-friendly interface, their admin support is very easy to use, and you can do anything within a few clicks. The back-up is super fast which is a good thing for any web developers. I also love their live chat support team because it is easier to communicate in real time especially if you are discussing a complicated issue with the need of a lot of explaining. Then the bad things, migrator plugin is the worst. I’ve moved some contents, but most of them were broken, and they needed to be recreated. And lastly, they’re pricey.

  9. Gary Box

    DNS server always having errors and the uptime is a joke. There are more downs than the total population of mosquitoes. Their customer support team is not helpful. Sure, they know their thing, but they seem like they find it hard to explain it in a more simple way. It’s as they explain in a thousand word but what they mean can be communicated in just one word, lucky I pick up fast. There was even a time where my website was under 402 forbidden error, and it took them 12 hours to fix it. There was a lot of talking of course, but in the end I the person I was talking to just redirected me to raising a ticket and then, another talking before it was solve.

  10. Lesley

    I thought if something is expensive, the quality comes with it. WP Engine makes a lot of money from providing such poor services. At first, they were doing cool, but it started messing up things after a few months. I complained a ton of time to their customer support team but I they wasn’t able to help me. Most of the time, they will just redirect me to raising a ticket, and nothing will happen, and I will end up solving issues on my own. Their customer support is totally useless, nothing but a waste of time.

  11. Garry Reaollano

    WordPress is becoming a trend nowadays. I’ve been creating different niche websites and blogsites using WordPress for years, and I can say that it was a great experience. No doubt it became famous fast and easy. What’s more is that you can get every support you need as a webmaster using their web hosting plans. It’s a bit pricey compared with other companies which offer the same services, but it’s totally worth it. During my first time using their plan, I had a hard time getting a hand in hand with the admin panel, but after reading their documentation, I did everything within just a few clicks, an I mean piece of cake. I also have to mention their top notch customer support. Aside from being there all the times, like responding within just a few minutes, they also have this wonderful live chat support. I had a superb experience with wpengine hosting. Recommended.

  12. jefferis peterson

    I canceled my account with WPEngine because I wasn’t satisfied with their services. And when I say services, I mean a lot. Most of the services they boast are nothing but promises. Their uptime is not true, it’s just approximately 95%, cPanel is hard to get used to, and there are not many options, they say live chat, but you can’t get through most of the time because there were many people chatting at the live chat at the same time. Their support team is decent at least; they sound professional and knows their thing, but you can’t run a website with just a great support team. Maybe it was just me, I would give them another chance to prove their worth if I just had a lot of time and money but I just don’t. Luckily, I got refunded the full amount I paid.

  13. Kenny Toenges

    My site dropped from page 3 to page 20 after they changed the server my site was hosted on. I called support, and they were pretty astounded that no one had noticed this before. I was told that a service ticket had been assigned, and I would be getting a call back when the manager had a chance to look at everything. I have not heard anything back from WP engine, nor was I able to find a service ticket on the wp engine site under my account.

  14. Thomas

    This is the worst hosting solution of all times; you can’t even migrate a small blog without breaking it. And when you need help, they support is sleeping and then, they don’t even know what to do. Extremely high price for what they offer.

  15. Laverne Hachey

    WPEngine is hands down the best managed hosting solution, they take care of everything and offer a great deal of security for my blog. Is not cheap, but premium service is not cheap.

  16. Curt

    WPengine is the worst hosting company I know. I’ve been a web developer for six years, and I’ve never had such a bad experience with a web hosting company. They say migration is free, but you need to be a developer with a lot of knowledge to completely take advantage of it. Assistance? What a lie. I did most if the migration on my own. And that’s not all, after a few six months with them, my website was hacked by adult ads which are really annoying. I spent about 30 minutes of talking with someone on their team, but he couldn’t help me with the problem in the end and just redirected to raising a ticket. It took forever for them to solve the issue. Next time, I’ll be careful with offers boasting some free extra service.

  17. Conrad

    WP hosting is too pricey compared to other web hosting companies, but it’s all worth the price. If you are a WordPress user, this is the best hosting partner for you. They specifically tailored for hosting WordPress, well the name says it all. Their free migration is also superb. I migrated my e-commerce business without any hassle for absolutely free. And what I love the most about their services are their built in CDN and backup system. I’ve been with them for four years and more now and I was very happy with their services. People on the tech support are very polite, and you will feel like a boss, not to mention that they’re 24//7 available. Although I use other web hosting plans from other companies for my other websites which are cheaper than WPengine hosting plans, I can say that my loyalty is with WPEngine and if it comes to the point that I need to cut the budget, I will still retain WPEgine cutting the others.

  18. Sandeep

    Not really worth going for the limitations, high price, and poor support, although the services they offer are reliable, fast, secure and 100% compatible with popular scripts. You should try HostGator.

  19. Bianca

    This is the fastest hosting service with a great uptime. The optional content delivery network service makes my web page loading speed much faster. I’m happy with my service; I have been using WPEngine for almost two years now.

  20. Raitis

    No live chat. Besides, unlike many other web hosts that provide the live chat support at any time, WPEngine only offers this service from 9 am to 6 pm CST during the working days(Monday to Friday). So, if you have an emergency on the weekend, you’re on your own. Also, phone support is the worst support of all times.

  21. Georgi Stefanov

    I love WPEngine because I get complete command on my WordPress hosting to restore it anytime. Plus, I can take a snapshot of my hosting at any time and restore it as I need it. WP Engine is the only WordPress Hosting Platform with Git for version control fully integrated with WordPress, pretty neat.

  22. Elena Marinova

    Safety is one of my prime concern for online business. And WPEngine takes security very serious; they will scan my website on a regular basis to ensure that no one is trying to intrude. They provide a guarantee that my website will never be hacked.

  23. Robby

    WPEngine has a very nice feature, called staging area. As a developer, this is one of my favorites features; it allows me to do tests and when everything works, push my changes live. It is one of the things that you typically don’t get with a regular hosting company.

  24. Howard

    I changed from WordPress because a friend told me nice things about WPE, but sadly I didn’t like it. Is pricey for indie or small bloggers, and I don’t use half of the features. So, I don’t recommend this if you’re a small blogger.

  25. Mike

    Extremely high price, they offered three plans and priced at $29/mo, $99/mo and $249/mo. Is a little expensive for a majority of webmasters, another thing is that WPEngine has set a lot of restrictions in storage, hosted websites and visits per month. Your money is well spent in another solution.

  26. Mauricio Filler

    I decided to invest a bit of money into my site and get some serious web hosting. The number #1 thing I like is speed, I have used Synthesis and Flywheel, and I must say wp engine always comes first.

  27. Puneet Kumar

    WPEngine has a great user interface, it makes boring tasks easier, it also has great performance and security, with backups, firewall and malware scans. Is an excellent solution.
    I had a lot of issues when running one of my blogs. Since I moved the blog to WBEngine almost 99% of issues magically gone, and I am not worried anymore about a thing.

  28. Mahbuber Rahman

    Price is based on traffic. is this a single company who are charging its customer for traffic volume?

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