15 Best WordPress Team Management Plugins of 2017

WordPress as a content management system is used by different people or even corporations. Many people use WordPress to build a company and business websites. Now, business or a company must have a team, right? Here are some of the best team management plugins for WordPress that you can use to display details about your team on your website.

WordPress Team Management Plugin

Our Team by WooThemes


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This is a WordPress team member plugin developed by WooThemes, who are known for developing themes and plugins that provide excellent functionality on WordPress for e.g. WooCommerce plugin. They have been acquired by Automattic and are now part of the team that develops WordPress.

This plugin is a great team profile management tool which you can use to show details about your team members which includes their bio, picture, and more using a shortcode. It is a fully open source which means you can download the code for the plugin and modify it.

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Staff Directory


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This is another great WordPress team management plugin that you can use if you are looking for something that lets you display details about your staff, team members, faculty, etc. You can also divide the team members into categories which will help you in managing them. After everything is done, all you have to do is use a simple shortcode to display the details about your staff, team, etc. You have two templates that you can choose from so how the list looks is entirely up to you!

Modern Team

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Modern Team Showcase is considered by many to be one of the most advanced means for all your website based team management requirements. It is packed with useful features which will give you a lot of freedom and flexibility regarding what you can do. It is incredibly easy to use, and you can quickly start using it with thirteen different responsive preset options which can further be customized/combined with various other elements provided with the plugin.

Some of its other options include FontEnd showcase editor, FontEnd Password Forms, Visual Template Editor, Filter system, Editable Lightbox structure and some more. And even though it is filled with so many features, you will never find yourself to get overwhelmed as the plugin also comes with high-quality tutorial videos.

WP Team Showcase and Slider


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If you want to show a slider instead of a grid for displaying details about your team, then this plugin is the only plugin you should use. You have the option of choosing from a display style from either grid or a slider.

This team management plugin can be used to show your team’s picture, details, social media details, etc. and the plugin is fully responsive, which means the grid or the slider, whatever you choose will be shown entirely on a screen of any resolution automatically.

TLP Team


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This is one of the WordPress team management plugins that is both free and totally feature rich. You can either choose to display the grids or isotope view for your team details. The free version of this plugin comes with features like four layouts to choose from, widget, sorting, custom ordering and more.

You can get the PRO version of TLP Team, and you will get features such as 11 layouts, drag and drop functionality, visual composer and, all in all, great customization options! This plugin is also fully responsive, which means no matter which device is being used to view it, it will always look great thanks to the responsiveness.

Team Builder

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Team Builder, in essence, can be considered as a multi-use WordPress plugin, though it was mainly conceived with the purpose of showcasing your team on your WordPress website.
The plugin takes use of handy shortcodes and a powerful admin panel to give you great control and options on showcasing your team as well as beautiful craft testimonials.

You will get great customization freedom with your team’s card as mostly all aspects can be stylized and personalized. Another impressive aspect of the plugin is that it is Visual Composer ready, which means you can drag and drop your team’s card with ease. Some of the other features of the plugin involve multiple layout options, filter options for your team in accordance to department/tags, and a lot of options to add effects and enhance the design style.

TC Team Members


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This is a team management plugin for WordPress that comes in two versions i.e. Free and PRO. The free version is excellent and comes with features like responsiveness, being able to add as many team members as you want, being able to add custom post types.

You can add about 4 social links for each team member and after that you get an automatically generated shortcode that you can use to display the details about your team. The PRO version, on the other hand, comes with seven different layout styles, different social icon styles, a great admin panel, more customization features, and functionality altogether.

Team Members


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This plugin also comes in two versions i.e. free as well as PRO, which is paid. When you install this plugin, you get a separate Team section in your WordPress dashboard that you can use to manage your team and its details. You can add members, picture, position, bios, social links, etc. within a matter of few clicks and this is all in the free version. The PRO version of this plugin comes with features such as showing the new image when the mouse hovers on team member’s image, you get some more premium characteristics in the PRO version.

Our Team Showcase


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This is one more great WordPress team management plugin to display the list of your team members, and it is available for free in the WordPress plugins repository. You can add unlimited members and assign any color you want to them. The design of the team details that will be shown is also excellent and interactive. You can use drag and drop to re-order members. Not only that, but you also get a sidebar widget with this plugin that you can show on your WordPress website.

Team Awesome

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Team Awesome WordPress plugin offers a unique and eye-catching way to display your team as well as integrate their social links and information. Using the plugin is also very intuitive, and all options are very user-friendly. You will never run into any issues regarding showcasing your team members and that too, in a unique fashion. You can also use shortcodes to display the plugin on the front end and in your posts and pages.

The plugin comes with three different avatar shapes – the popular circle, the traditional square and the cool looking polygonal. It also allows you to use HTML5 video loops as the member avatar. Other than this, you can incorporate unlimited members and categories along with customization freedom over color, fonts, and dimension. You can also add skill bars, Slider Blur effects, background parallax feature as well as provide social media links for your team with over ten social icons with hover animations.

WordPress Team Manager


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This is a simple WordPress team plugin with features like being able to show list or grid to display team member details, being able to choose from different image sizes, limit the number of members to display, custom CSS, shortcode generator and more.

You can decide to display details such as name, social links, display picture, vcard and other stuff for your team members using this plugin. Now, if you are looking for a plugin that is to the point and comes with minimal bells and whistles, this is the plugin you should go for.

Easy Team Manager


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As the name suggests, this is one of the easiest to use team manager plugins, and it is also responsive. It comes with a nice looking front end interface in which you can choose from 16 different social icons. You will also be able to create more than one teams, which means if your company has different teams, this feature will come in handy. All in all, this is an excellent and easy to use plugin for team management.

Team Showcase


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This is a premium plugin that costs $17. You get excellent features like being able to show team details in a grid, or in a circular grid on which the details will be displayed when the user hovers their mouse pointer. You can also choose to display detailed information in a tabular form or a thumbnail pager form. Other features include a visual composer that you can use to show all the relevant details about your team.

Meet My Team


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This is another simple and responsive team manager plugin that you can use to show details about your team in different formats. You can display details such as the name, profile picture, email, biography, social links or their personal links and more.


WordPress Team Members

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Last but not the least, this WP team member plugin with a simple name Team comes in two versions. One is free, and another is the premium which starts at $14 and goes up to $199 depending on how many licenses you buy. This plugin shows team details in a fully responsive format, and you can add unlimited members or teams as per your wish or requirements.

You can also choose from the two different themes that are there to choose from. The premium version of the plugin has around 11 different themes that you can readily use, so that is an excellent option.

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Over to You

These were some of the best plugins that make team management on WordPress easy. The ability to be able to show the names and team members not only makes it great for the company but the visitors of the websites can also feel connected to the shared information that you have put up on the website about the team.


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