15 Useful WordPress Star Rating Plugins With Google Rich Snippets

WordPress is the easiest and most robust solution to host a blog or a website – it’s so good that even big companies run their sites on WordPress. All it was meant to be was a tool to help writers improve their typography – what it is now is the best blogging tool anyone could ask for with millions of users, and millions more viewing sites built-in WordPress.

All of that, while being open source – it’s quite astonishing what people can achieve when they build a product for themselves. Being open source has plenty of advantages; you get better security when you are open source, because you can be sure there are no back doors when the code gets audited by random people all across the world every day, not only that, but most open source software is free for obvious reasons – that is what made WordPress so big and popular, the freedom to do anything with it for free.

There are thousands of WordPress plugins that add features to your website that WordPress does not support by default, of course, that also means there are hundreds more that offer the same features but with different functionality. Today we are going to talk about one such feature, and the options you have to implement this feature – star ratings.

There is a different more common alternative to ratings, which is built into WordPress by default – comments, but comments have a problem; Comments take a while to write, require your visitors to donate more of their time than the usual, and above all that, your visitors need to have something worthwhile to say – this of course results in less engagement than you would like to see perhaps.

However, a star that your visitors can click to leave their opinion? Now that’s fast and easy and requires no major effort from your visitors. That’s what these star rating plugins for WordPress offers. Here’s a few of them that do the same thing – mostly, but that has mostly been the keyword here. Pick any of these WordPress star rating plugins that replicates what you want as closely as possible.

WordPress Star Rating Plugin

1. GD Star Rating

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GD Rating System comes with a modular approach with most of its features divided between addons or rating methods. With the help of the plugin you can allow users to rate anything on your website. You will get support for different rating entities, and each entity will be accompanied with even more rating types. At a basic level, you will get a rating method using star rating. You can enhance this further by applying addons for posts integration, comment integration, Dynamic Load, Rich Snippet support, Feeds support, and a Shortcake UI plugin support. You will also get posts and comments Addon which offers a sort by rating feature.

The star ratings come with over twenty font based icons and two image based sets. You will also get a shortcode for rating list, a default set of templates, shortcode for rating block and some more features. All this are available in the free version, and you go for the Pro version if you want even more flexibility with your rating system. For example, if you want a thumbs rating system, bbPress integration, BuddyPress integration, more fonts, Dummy ratings and similar features then all these will come with the pro version of GD rating system.

2. WP PostRatings

WP PostRatings

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WP PostRatings is for basic people with basic needs. The plugin doesn’t over complicate things and simply adds an AJAX rating system to any post or page to get its job done. Even though it is pretty basic, it is not mundane. You can choose from a range of rating images including the customary 5-star image, or even bars, squares and the dichotomous thumbs up or thumbs down. You can also use numbers and hearts if you so desire.

Another impressive feature of the plugin is that you can set the rating value for each of the rating options as well as allow permission to who can submit a rating to your post or page.

3. Star Rating


Download Link

This is possibly the simplest one of these, it lets you display the star rating wherever you want via shortcodes. It also has a responsive WordPress admin panel and lets you decide if you want to limit one rating per visitor or if you want it to be unlimited.

4. YASR – Yet Another Star Rating


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Yet Another Star Rating or YASR in short is quite humble with its name – but it packs some great features. It’s based on an older jQuery plugin called “RateIT“, and that’s about where the similarities end. YASR will let you create multiple star ratings for different aspects of your posts, and it even integrates the ratings in the Google search indexing.

5. Like Button Rating


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If you are looking for social ratings instead of just star ratings, then Like Button rating could be a great option for you. The like ratings could simply be added to posts, pages, forums, custom post types, WooCommerce products and even comments. The plugin settings comes with almost 80 parameter options along with real-time reports and voting statistics.

6. KK Star Ratings

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KK Star Ratings also supports the Google Rich Snippets – thus its ratings get indexed by Google as well, but it also features various different animations when you mouse over the stars, and you can decide how many stars you want. It also comes with a sidebar widget that you can add to show the top rated posts.

7. MN Star Rating


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MN Star Rating is one of the more complex plugins – it uses AJAX to make the user experience more fluid for the visitors, and lets the webmasters customize the CSS of the ratings, so they can contribute to this user experience. However, with all that complexity – it’s still quite easy plugin to install and use for a webmaster.

8. Cosmick Star Rating


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There’s not much cosmic about this, perhaps that’s why there’s a K involved, but that doesn’t stop it from being a must have WordPress plugin – this plugin will let you add the star rating wherever you want with a shortcode. Sounds similar to the “Star Rating” plugin – however this one also supports Google Rich Snippets, so the ratings get indexed by Google. It also features a sidebar widget to show the latest reviews.

9. WP Star Rating


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WP Star Rating also uses AJAX, much in the same way as MN Star Rating – except it is a bit less complex, in that it offers you simple and straight options to customize  the plugin. It lets you pick how many stars you want to show, whether or not guests can vote, would you rather hide the rating result from your users? Can do. It even works with custom post types.

10. Post Star Rating

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Post Star Rating is still in its infancy – it’s very new, and so it’s not that heavy on features. However, that gives you the opportunity to influence the features it will add eventually – it might not serve your purposes at the moment, but it might be a better bet in the long-term. What it is right now is a good old 5 star rating system.

11. Rating Widget: Star Review System


Download Link

Rating Widget is packed with features – but it comes with its own branding plastered everywhere. Unless you want to pay 3.99$/mo to remove the branding, but there are two more tiers where it adds even more features than it usually comes with. Rating Widget has too many features to list them all, so you should check them out yourself. Whether it’s worth it or not depends on what you want from it of course.

12. Multi Rating


Download Link

Multi Rating also offers a paid version at 33$ AUD, thankfully that’s not monthly. It’s probably the closest you can get to Rating Widget in terms of feature parity – but it does have some unique features, such as showing the rating in a dropdown menu instead of the causal stars, or perhaps radio buttons is what you fancy.

13. EC Star Rating

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EC Star Rating is an extremely lightweight plugin – all it serves is a tiny bit of CSS, HTML and the rest is the magic of Javascript. Very basic, very simple, and that’s intentional. It will offer you no more than the bare minimum – keeping your page load times as low as possible while still giving you the ratings system you require.

14. SN Rating

Download Link

Last but not the least – SN Rating. It truly is not the least, because it offers something unique – some basic analytics in the free version. You still get your customization options, albeit not as deep as some of the other plugins discussed here, but you get some really good analytical data – and there is no paid version, so it is completely free. Worth a try if it fits your needs, you get analytics as a bonus!


These are some of the WordPress star rating plugins we think might serve your needs, in case they don’t, you can find a hundred more of similar plugins that might – and if nothing does, get your hands on the code yourself and create your own plugin. WordPress is completely open source, letting you reference its code for the best optimization and giving you the best foundation needed for a plugin ecosystem.


  1. Max

    Hello, what plugin you are using ?

  2. Graham

    Do these review stars still show in Google search results?
    I read somewhere that Google doesn’t show stars now in the search results, is it true?

    • WPDean

      Yes, they still do.
      You can check our site in Google results with star ratings visible in snippets.

  3. Shojol

    i recently use ‘All In One Rich Snippets’ but it doesnt show the stars on google search.which of this plugin actually works with Google Rich Snippets ?

    • WPDean

      It takes time probably few weeks or sometimes a month for ratings to appear in Google results.
      At our site, it took 3 weeks for ratings to appear on Google search.

  4. Joseph Chikeleze

    I love the KK star sir. I added it and it applied to all my post at once.

    Am ever grateful to you, hope to see my ratings on search engines soon.


    Hello, is there a 10 star rating plugin? Or a plugin which allows grades from 0-10?

    • Daniel Powney

      Hi Nicole,

      There’s a setting in Multi Rating Pro if you want to have star ratings to be out of 10 (or any number for that matter)


  6. Vlad

    KK Star rating is not working with the current version of WP

  7. Tom

    I would like to show star ratings in my categories. Is there a plugin that works for categories?

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