Social media is the best option for marketing nowadays as it brings all of us in one place and post, share and recognize our content. If you want to promote something, then it is only social media, which can allow thousands of people to discover you. You can create your groups and target specific people on these platforms.

Many people run a promotional campaign on social media, but due to lack of response, they do not achieve what they expect. The biggest reason behind it is the less interaction with viewers and no information about their response and interests.

To figure out the performance of your WordPress website or blogs, on different social platforms, many useful social media monitoring tools are available which can be used by anyone without having knowledge of coding and make our work easier.

Let’s take a look at 14 best social media monitoring tools for WordPress users one by one.

#1. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a powerful tool which provides extraordinary results over all the websites, offline channels and apps of users. Google’s Analytics solutions help the user to convert customer vision into real profit.

It’s a free analytics tool which can be used effectively to track the route and device that people use to reach you with the help of reporting tools such as Traffic Sources. In-Page Analytics describes what people tend to look on your website so that you can customize your content for better impact on them. You can read our detailed guide on how to implement Google Analytics on a WordPress site.

#2. Twitter Analytics


Twitter comes up with its analytics to take the measurements of their effectiveness, which is available for all users. It allows users to monitor the performance of their tweets and what type of updates are coming up so that you can learn how to make them more successful in future. Twitter Cards increase your participation on Twitter and lets you sumptuously represent your content.

Now use analytics to take the measurements of their effectiveness. If you are running an ad campaign or doing any marketing, then this tool can help you acquire more information about the interest, demographics, and devices of your followers.

#3. Facebook Insights


Facebook is the most popular social networking website and every day millions of people use it. You can increase the traffic to your site by posting your content on Facebook. Facebook features some social plugins such as the like button, send button, and Facebook comments which allow the user to combine their WordPress theme based websites with it and reach more people.

Apart from that, you can also use its diversified analytics tool, namely Facebook Insights to get detailed information about the performance of your pages, domains, and apps and see how they are going.

#4. Pinterest Analytics


Pinterest own analytics tool is also available for use helps users to discover the performance of their website on Pinterest. You can see the metrics of your Pins and boards from your Pinterest profile and make them more useful.

It also lets you know about a viewer’s conversation with your Pins along with the device they use to reach you. It shows repins, clicks and general information of the viewer and you can also see your all-time highest-performing Pins.

#5. Buffer


Buffer offers an easy way to reach your audience and allow you invariably to plan your web content on social networks for the entire day, week and the whole month. It features a powerful and useful publishing tool which makes it convenient to share content across multiple social networks with a single click and save your time.

It just not help you to drive more traffic to the websites but also let you see how your updates are performing on social networks. Buffer is accessible as a browser extension on the web and sports mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

#6. TweetReach


It provides powerful Twitter insights and let you figure out the extent of your tweet for any particular keyword, search inquiry or hashtag. It shows you the approximate ability of your tweet and uses a number based technique to measure the reach. Its Twitter analytics are easy to set up and use, and can be shared with concerned people.

#7. My Top Tweet


If you publish your content mostly on twitter, then it could be useful for you. It’s an instant Twitter analytical tool which shows you top 10 best performing tweets on Twitter. It regular updates the information and help you to understand the trend of viewers and customize your campaign accordingly.

#8. Tailwind


Tailwind is a social media monitoring tool which is dedicated to Pinterest. By using it, you can schedule pins/posts, locate content, examine conversations and analyze the output as it provides a single platform for all those activities.

If you are planning to launch a promotion, then this tool could be helpful because you can monitor analytics, You can improve the performance by following analytics and trends throughout the Pinterest network.

#9. Sprout Social


Sprout Social is an analytics tool and wide social media engagement for those who advertises their content through social networks the most. You can schedule and publish posts and analyze your performance. It has inbuilt tools to execute and optimize your social marketing plans.

You can create your community by monitoring and involving into a conversation. You can manage multiple accounts from one dashboard. This tool is paid, but you can go for the free trail initially.

#10. Hootsuite

Hootsuite Plugin

Hootsuite is one of the best social media management platforms which are widely used by all kinds of users. It lets users monitor and manage their multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard. It also allows the user to create a group which can respond to comments, updates and tweets on user’s account. You can measure your social media performance by link shortening and analytics service which is an inbuilt feature of this tool.

#11. Keyhole


Keyhole presents analytics in a simple manner by showing visual reports and help the user to track all posts containing your hashtag and keywords. You can also track accounts and reports of your competitors to improvise your marketing strategy. The social media tracking service is available on a real time basis and dedicated specifically to Twitter and Instagram.

#12. Klout


This tool can be used for performance analyzing and also allows the user to monitor his as well as other user’s effect on social networks through Klout Score facility. You can get detailed analytics and figure out how retweets shares and likes change your score. Klout also offers additional benefits to the specialist of any particular topic. It suggests suitable and covert content for your audience.

#13. Viralwoot


Viralwoot is a social media marketing tool which is specifically focused on Pinterest marketing and dedicated to small and medium businesses. It provides one platform for the plan, promotes and manage your content and increases your reach to the audience.

You can enhance Pinterest following by scheduling pins in bulk and observe Pinterest existence to get discovered by more active users, which can bring a chance to develop beneficial relationships with the influential people on Pinterest.

#14. Beevolve


It is another social media monitoring tool which primarily seems useful for small and medium business groups. Users can schedule their posts and monitor results for them from its easy to use the platform. You can measure the success of your campaign through its easy to understand metrics and eventually engage with more people in your posts and gain popularity on social networks.

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Giving an advertisement doesn’t let us know about the response of masses, but in social media, we can track down that information and adjust our content according to the interest and demand of our viewers, we can also identify that which content is becoming more popular and which one doesn’t attract anyone.

These user-friendly analytics and marketing tools help and start up or small business enterprises to dig into the market at very low cost and less time. They are also beneficial for those who want to handle a huge community of similar interests and belief with limited people.