Creating and managing a podcast is not an easy task. But utilizing the podcast for building an email list and growing an audience is even harder. And what about posting your podcasts to your website?

Simple Podcast Press Plugin

Do all these tasks sound boring and time-consuming?

I know they do. While each of these is equally important, it still takes a lot of time and effort to perform these tasks. Luckily, there is an automated solution to make the whole process a lot easier for you.

I am talking about Simple Podcast Press, the best podcast player who is helping 900+ websites to publish podcasts, grow email list and build a loyal follower base.

In today’s post, I will show you how to use this plugin to do all these tasks. Let’s get started.

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Installing Simple Podcast Press

Once you download the plugin file, install and activate it on your WordPress site. This will create a new menu item titled ‘Simple Podcast Press‘ in the WordPress dashboard. Clicking on that menu will take you to the plugin settings page, where you will be asked to provide your license first. Once you are done with that, you can access the regular plugin features.

At this stage, you will be taken to a page like the following –


If you already publish your podcasts in iTunes or have a podcast feed, provide either link (iTunes URL is recommended so you can see all your world-wide iTunes Reviews) in the respective field. If you don’t have any of these, click ‘Continue‘ to enter into the actual settings page. You can reconnect anytime you want by clicking the ‘Reconnect My Podcast Feed‘ located at the bottom of the settings page.

The settings page is divided into several sections. Let’s go through the sections one by one.

# Publish Settings

As the title indicates, this section includes the options related to publishing your podcasts. Checking the first option allows the plugin to post new podcasts as blog posts automatically. Leaving this unchecked will save the posts as a draft. The next option allows you to receive an email notification whenever a draft post is created.


Then, there is an option to choose which podcasts you want to import. You can choose to import all podcasts, disable import or import podcasts published after a specific date. There is also an option to import the podcast episode image and set that as the post’s featured image. Check the following box to display the image on top of the post.

When you are using the automatic option to publish new podcasts as blog posts, it is necessary to use some particular attributes so that you can find those posts easily. The next three options will be handy for that purpose. They allow you to choose a default category, author and custom post type for the podcasts.

# Podcast Player Style Settings

This section allows you to customize the podcast player options.

First of all, you can choose the audio player style. You can choose the black, white or custom version. For the custom player, you can also choose the player, progress bar, text, and buttons colors.

Then, you can choose the default location of the player. The next two checkboxes allow you to replace your default audio player with this podcast player and to play the podcasts automatically. When you choose the automatic play options, podcast posts will start playing automatically when the page loads.

Next, there are two fields to customize the audio player width and minimum button width. Then, there are several buttons to enable various additional buttons like download, listen in a new window, leave a review, subscribe, etc. It is also possible to show up to six custom buttons. You can choose the colors for all buttons, while the custom buttons also allow you to change the text and link URL.

The next few options allow you to customize the text above player, hide time, enable round buttons, disable the player from home, archive, blog pages, disable the powered by text, etc.

# Opt-in Box Settings

As you can guess, this section enables you to customize the optin settings. Checking the first box will automatically add the optin below the player. You can choose the optin style. Available options include name and email, email address only along with two-step variation options. Next, you will find several options to choose the color of the headline text, submit button, submit button text, optin box container, etc.


Then, there are a few more textareas to provide the headline, sub-headline, optin form HTML code and submit button text for the optin form.

# Share Settings

This section includes the options for customizing the sharing feature. You can select the color for the Tweet and other buttons. It is also possible to provide a custom prefix for the podcast episode URL shortener.

Once you have made the necessary changes, click the ‘Save Changes‘ button below.

The plugin also allows you to import podcasts manually. To do that, head over to the ‘Manual Import‘ section in the settings page and click ‘Import New Podcasts Now‘.

iTunes Reviews

If you have connected your iTunes link and had reviewed(s) there, the plugin will automatically import them into your WordPress site. You will find the reviews in the Simple Podcast Press -> iTunes Reviews page.

You can also showcase your 4 and 5 start iTunes reviews on any page on your site or inside of your sidebar (more details on that below).

New Post Options

The plugin creates several buttons in the post editor as well. Let’s go through the new buttons one by one –


  • Tweet This: You can use this button to make any text easily tweetable. Once you do that, visitors can easily tweet the selected text by clicking the handy ‘TWEET THIS‘ link.
  • Insert Audio Player: This button allows you to add the SPP audio player in the post. It is possible to define the source URL by using the shortcode. The audio player styles could be controlled from the settings page.
  • Insert Opt-in Box: This button will add an opt-in section inside your post. The opt-in will follow the options defined in the plugin settings.
  • Insert Transcript: This button enables you to show the transcript of your podcast.
  • Insert CTA Buttons: With this button, you can add the CTA buttons you configured in the settings section. By default, all the buttons will be displayed.
  • Insert Episodes Table: If you want to display a list of your podcast episodes, you can use this button.
  • Insert Reviews: This button could be used to show the reviews from iTunes in your posts.
  • Clickable Timestamps: By simply typing in a timestamp in your post (for example 1:00), it will automatically be become clickable and when the listener clicks the player will jump to that particular time.

Custom Widgets

The plugin also comes with some custom widgets. You will find them in the Appearance -> Widgets page. The ‘Latest Podcast Episode‘ widget allows you to display the latest podcast from your channel. You can choose to display the podcast art, channel art, Libsyn page image or no image for the episode.


The ‘Podcast Reviews‘ widget is useful for displaying the user reviews from iTunes. You can choose the number of reviews and the presentation style. The reviews could be viewed as a list or in a slideshow.

Other Useful Features

Along with all the great features described above, Simple Podcast Press also comes with some additional features.

For starters, the plugin works perfectly with Pat Flynn’s Smart Podcast Player. With the help of this, you can extend the Smart Podcast Player by adding clickable timestamps, subscribe buttons, and email optin boxes.

What’s more, the plugin also supports the Blubrry PowerPress plugin. With one click, you can easily replace your PowerPress player with the Simple Podcast player for all your existing (and future) episodes.

License and Pricing

Simple Podcast Press offers three pricing plans –

  • Single License: Priced at $47, this license comes with all the plugin features and allows you to use the plugin in 1 website. It also includes one year of updates and support.
  • Professional License: This $97 plan includes all the features of a single license and allows you to use the plugin in 3 websites.
  • Multi License: With all the features of professional license, this plan allows you to use the plugin in 10 sites. You can get this license for $147.

It is also possible to purchase a single license first and then upgrade whenever necessary. All plans come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

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Over to You

Having a podcast is an excellent way to reach your audience in a more personalized way. And with a good tool like Simple Podcast Press, it has become a lot simpler to utilize your podcasts to get the most out of them.

Do you publish a podcast? Or maybe you are planning to start one. Whatever your case is, let me know your thoughts about Simple Podcast Press, the features you like and how useful it will be for you.

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