11 Best WordPress Search Plugins to Improve Site Search

WordPress is a content management system which lets the user create and run websites, online magazines, and blogs for their organizations. One of the key factors of success of a website is its search options which let viewers find the answers in a single click and get more information with limited efforts. It is true that visitors spend more time and come again on a website where the search is clear and classified. The search engine is an important part of a website and does half of the job for the viewer.

Although WordPress has a default search functionality and to some extent, it works fine, it doesn’t provide relevant search results and works very slow at times, especially if the website is large. WordPress has developed its functionality a lot in the past couple of years but seems to have ignored the search tool that’s why most of the users take help of WordPress search plugins so that their viewers do not face such issues. Here is this article with best WordPress search plugins that you can use to improve your site search.

#1. Google Custom Search


Custom Google Search holds the incredible power of the most popular search engine to intensify your web search results and ensures that you find what you are looking for. It is not bounded to your site only and can be formed to search for multiple websites or domains through Google. It works with all kinds of websites and is highly flexible. The search result displays in three formats.

  • On the search page
  • On the sidebar
  • As a pop up

You can make the search look more attractive using customer styles. The search box can be placed on the sidebar using widget.

#2. Search WP


Search WP has a commanding position among all WordPress search plugins and offers outstanding search functionality on websites. You can see the impact after installing this plugin.

It smartly replaces the default search tool and gives much better service. Users can quickly set up their search for various media types like video, audio, PDF files, etc. You can also filter the search by post types, custom fields, taxonomies and much more. This plugin supports extensions to improvise the search results and allow the user to refine the search as per the relevance of keyword placement.

#3. Yolink Search


Yolink Search provides easy and fast installing, shows accurate results on the top, enables search for posts and pages both, highlight search keyword in multi colors and do many more things. It is highly relevant and offers a cloud-based service which eventually enhances the website performance. It does support single as well as multisite search functionality and can display related articles with blog posts. Paid customers can improve index size for their business websites.

Yolink Search is free for those users who have less than 5000 visitors in a month and create the website for their personal use. Though, any advertisement shouldn’t be visible on the site. They have two business plans for business websites that are $60 and $300 per year.

#4. Relevanssi


It is relevant, highly customizable, strong and easy to install WordPress search plugins that offers lots of exciting features and displays search results in a more constructive way. This plugin also sports fuzzy matching and can identify partial words. It also provides ‘Did you mean..’ type suggestions if the complete word doesn’t match. It doesn’t require any registration and allow viewers to search for various comments, categories, tags and custom fields. It doesn’t have cloud-based service.

#5. Swiftype Search


The Swiftype Search plugin is relevant and is VIP-approved by WordPress. It is highly popular due to its accuracy and ability to give detailed information about the search result. It allows the user to drag and drop and experience the instant changes on search results.

This plugin offers cloud-based service and reduces the load on your server. The search engine is highly customizable through the Swiftype dashboard. The dashboard also provides analytics of what user data and you can modify your search engine there. Users are required to sign up for an account to utilize this plugin.

#6. Better Search


Better Search is a powerful search engine that takes the place of the default WordPress search tool with better options and more facilities. It is more relevant and provides search results based on the content of the page or post and date. The integration on template pages expands the search criteria and make your website more accessible. Let us put some light on its incredible features.

  • It automatically sorts search result and allow user to attach pages and attachments within.
  • Users can turn on and off the relevant matching and filter results by date.
  • Gives graphical representation of popular search terms on the blog as heat-map.
  • Supports W3 Total Cache and WP-Super-Cache type  caching plugins.

#7. Search Everything


It’s a free plugin that eliminates default search tool with better options. Its advanced search feature integrates search option on the templates. This plugin is easy to install and configure to find comments, attachments, custom fields, custom taxonomies, excerpt, pages, tags, etc.

You can also exclude posts and categories from search crawler as per your requirement. There are two features to enhance your search ability, first is Research Everything which enables searching within the limits of the website and 2nd is Power Search which allows the user to search on the web (other sites).

#8. Profi Search Form

Profi Search is a highly customizable and powerful WordPress plugin which is very useful for those who run online stores from their website because it is WooCommerce compatible. It can be used anywhere on the site through shortcodes and widgets.

It does support custom taxonomies which are not possible with many plugins. You can filter the search by port types, price range slider, conditional fields, customer fields and maps. This plugin helps your viewers to find the products easily and increases the functionality and productivity of the website.

#9. Dave’s WordPress Live Search


The live search allows the user to see the relevant result before typing the keyword completely which eventually saves time. The plugin is not heavy and utilizes Ajax calling which lets the website loads information faster and gives instant results.

It uses JavaScript, but the search box can work properly even if the JavaScript is not available. This plugin is compatible with the theme and translation plugins such as xLanguage and WPML.

#10. Custom Search

It offers easy functionality and has a simple layout that’s why highly useful for beginners and those who find customization a bit complicated. This plugin lets users add selective custom types. Apart from English, it supports three more languages, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

#11. Ajax Search Pro


Ajax Search Pro plugin provides a live Ajax search option and displays results with images which make search results more catchy. It is highly responsive and works fine with mobile devices. You can filter searches by posts, custom post types, pages, categories, custom taxonomies, etc.

It offers customizable layouts such as vertical, horizontal, isotopic and Polaroid. It offers more than 60 pre-defined colorful themes, so the user has no need to change CSS themselves. It is highly flexible and allows modification of many things like the look and feel of the plugin.

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So these are the WordPress search plugins that would help you people obtain all the stuff you desire in a WordPress search plugin. They have the ability to function as per the user’s need and would help you to run your websites based on WordPress with more efficiency.

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  1. Sara Leonard

    I have tried Swiftype, Google custom search, searchIQ and Algolia for my site. All the plugins are great but i will suggest Google custom search & searchIQ as they can be used for free while Swiftype & Algolia are paid plugins. Both have the functionalities to compete with the premium plugins. The only negative thing i have observed with Google search is the UI. It seems a bit complex to me while in searchIQ, the features can be easily customized and options are well explained with screenshots.

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