10 Best WordPress Project Management Plugins in 2016

WordPress is the most used content management system. It’s a free and open source CMS which allows users to extend features without any hassle. The integration of any useful plugin doesn’t affect the core installation. Instead, it makes the website more compelling with extended features.

If you run a business, then it is always important to stay connected with your teammates and maintaining an organized structure of each project. To handle project requirements, you can use specific WordPress plugins that will help you to manage your projects and get organized. Here we are going to provide you the information about some commonly used and trustworthy WordPress project management plugins that are specially designed for this purpose.

#1. Orbis


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Orbis is a powerful project management plugin build on WordPress and comes with a front-end theme which gives access to project management tools faster and can be customized as it is highly extendable. It helps you to add new projects, clients, staff and more content related to your business effortlessly using free Orbis extensions.

You can save all your passwords in one place and track your work time through timesheets. The Orbis substructure is free to download. However, they also offer some nice subscriptions for enhanced service.

#2. Kanban for WordPress


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This is one of the best WordPress project management plugin that will help you to host an entire project management suite with powerful features right inside your WordPress website. This plugin will help you to customize your team according to specific clients, and you can use it as a CRM too. Kanban for WordPress comes with a powerful dashboard that has a unique feature “Edit in Place” in which you create and edit projects right at the place without opening the whole project page.

The major feature includes customizing the board as per client needs and assigns them to the team, decide estimate time left for a task and track to see the total number of hours took to complete a task. Other than this, you can filter, search, bookmark for tasks. You can give access to board for a particular number of team members to keep privacy intact. Not only this, you can collaborate with your team members in real-time and see the live updates.

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#3. Project Panorama


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Project Panorama is a robust plugin that allows users to complete their project management in lesser time and with more efficiency. You can clone and set up your work using projects templates quickly. It allows clients to request a modification or approve the document directly from the project page. You can send a notification to anyone assigned to the project and track conversations outside the email at one place. It automatically measures, the project completion based on hours and task completion.

#4. TaskFreak!

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TaskFreak is easy to install and stable open source project management application which allows you to maintain your work within the organization or group. It lets you create projects, add tasks and assign them to ream members. You can discuss the status and see the progress on mobile devices as well. It supports multiple languages and integrates smoothly with your WordPress theme. Uses get associated with any project by WP roles.

#5. WP Project Manager Pro


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WP Project Manager is one of the most popular, completely open source WordPress project management plugin which is dedicated to the full-fledged project management for a single website and organizations. It features front-end feature, discussion, file sharing, task list, milestone, private messaging, calendar overview and includes many useful add-ons to enhance functionality such as integrated WooCommerce and Buddy Press, Invoice, Sub Task, Time Tracker, Kanban Board, etc.

#6. WordPress Task Management


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Task Manager is a simple and easy to use WordPress project management plugin which operates from the back-end of your WordPress site and helps user support teams to monitor activities related to the entire organization and also lets to track private tasks of individuals and specify the responsible person. It can be used for form validation, report generation and monitoring the activity status. The plugin integrates comment system for each task too.

#7. SP Project & Document Manager


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It’s an advanced, easy to use WordPress Document Management tool which comes up with a digital filing facility of documents, files, videos, and media. It also allows users to manage accounts and documents of the client, student or supplier, sole command documents and choose particular dispersal of papers in the online process. The plugin packs uncomplicated layout, ingress to templet alteration and easy to use functionality. Clients are allowed to add or change projects as per their convenience.

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#8. WP-Client Pro with PM Extension


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It’s a popular premium plugin for business and enterprises which are compatible with the latest version of WordPress and gets updated in every few weeks to improve the functionality. The combination of shortcodes and a user’s theme provides seamless integration into the website.

It is highly customizable and allows users to activate/deactivate functions, command permissions, make new templates, modify the colors, design or the whole layouts and change email IDs. You can create a new project, add or choose a new client within the plugin and keep your employees and freelancers in the loop by providing unique login credentials for everyone.

#9. Task Manager by Eoxia


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Task Manager plugin is another excellent plugin to manage your team, manage all your tasks within WordPress website. Task Manager is not a complicated plugin, quick and easy to use. It is light-weight, fast and loaded with all the necessary features that a WordPress project management plugins require.

Main features include creating tasks, assigning them to the team members and later track the time. You can find the specific tasks by categorizing them at the date of creating to make it easy accessible for the future use. Team members can add comments with date and time spent with ease.

#10. CWX Project


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Want to encourage collaborative work, you can use CWX project for project management and as a ToDo list application right under your WordPress blogs. CWX Project management plugin is for everyone, be it a single blogger or handing a multi-author blog and a developer.

This plugin has necessary tools and features that help everyone in completing the tasks quite easily and fast. CWX Project also comes with ToDo list application that will help you to remind minor and major tasks to do at the right time.

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Initially, when we launch a website, we believe that we would be able to handle everything ourselves without any problem, but soon when the work extends, we involve more people, and that’s how an organization builds up. Increasing the number of teammates is good because it helps us to complete more task in less time and work are done by specialists improves the quality as well, but it is also essential to manage the whole stuff properly so that nothing gets messed up.

People who are expert in WordPress can extend the application for their project management needs, and those who are new can use ready-made WordPress project management plugins to improve the performance.

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