10 Useful WordPress PopUp Optin Plugins For More Email Subscibers in 2017

Having an popup option plugin is a must for any website. If you don’t have a optin plugin setup in your WordPress site, you are missing some massive opportunities. All the experienced marketers have agreed that email is the best communication channel on the internet. Besides, email lists also work great for creating a returning visitor base.

Creating optins or popup boxes is an excellent way to increase your email list. In today’s post, I will introduce you to the seven best popup optin plugins for WordPress. Let’s start with the free ones first.

WordPress Email Optin Popup Plugins

1. MailChimp WD

Mailchimp WP

Download Link

Backed by Web-Dorado, Mailchimp WD provides an easy integration with Mailchimp and gives you full control over your email lists, subscription forms and submissions directly from your site’s dashboard. It comes with an advanced form editor which allows you to create and customize subscription forms and place them anywhere on your website either by using a shortcode or by using other form display options, such as topbar, scroll box, popup. The plugin allows you to customize form headers by adding custom images, animations, text fonts, background colors, and more.

Mailchimp WD allows you to add some custom fields to the forms which include PayPal payment gateway, file upload option, custom select field, survey tools and many other. Each of the fields has its set of setting that you can adjust to your needs.

Another outstanding functionality of Mailchimp WD plugin is its conditional fields, which you can use to avoid gathering unnecessary information. What it does, is enabling you to show/hide fields on the forms based on the specific conditions you specify. For example, you can set a condition to display “State” field only if the user has chosen the US as its country.

Submissions section of the plugin is pretty straightforward and is searchable as well. You can customize the view of the fields by adding/removing columns to exclude certain field values from the display. Mailchimp WD plugin is fully customizable and also comes with its advanced emailing settings.

2. WordPress PopUp

WordPress PopUp Plugin

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This highly popular popup creator plugin is developed by WPMU Dev. WordPress PopUp allows you to create popup forms that are sufficiently responsive. You can use the plugin to design different kinds of optin popups like exclusive offers, subscription forms or other promotions.

Besides choosing the regular heading, subheading, and description, you can choose a custom featured image for your optin. The CTA button could be fully customized too. There are lots of animations for the popup opening and closing. And you can also choose what happens once the form is submitted.

It is possible to customize further the popup by choosing to display it in certain events. For instance, you can display the popup once the visitor logs in, only on mobile devices, when the visitor comes from a search engine, on specific pages, etc. Last but not the least, you will also find options to provide custom CSS, preview the popup and enable or disable it.

3. MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp WordPress email subscription

Download Link

If you are using MailChimp to manage your email subscribers, MailChimp for WordPress could be the perfect choice for you. By using this plugin, you can easily add new members to your MailChimp lists.

After installing the plugin on your WordPress site, you will be asked to connect it to your MailChimp account, Once you do that, all of your existing lists in MailChimp will be displayed in the MailChimp for WP -> MailChimp page of your WordPress dashboard.

From the ‘Checkboxes’ page, you can customize the opt-in display features. First of all, you can choose which lists should be used for the new subscribers. And then, you can enable double opt-in for them. In the ‘Checkbox settings’ section, you can choose to add the checkbox to the comment and registration form. It is also possible to customize the checkbox label and choose to pre-check the checkbox.

And in the ‘Forms’ page, you can create and customize the opt-in form(s). At the top section, you will find options to choose the theme and list for the form. Then, there’s the markup section for creating the actual opt-in. And below, you will find additional options like redirecting after successful sign-ups, hiding after sign-ups and notifications messages for various events.

4. PopupMaker

Popup Maker WP Plugin

Download Link

Popup Maker is a very powerful popup plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows you to create fully customized optin forms for increasing email subscriber list, login models, Facebook like box, content locker box, etc. It works with all the popular email management services including MailChimp, Aweber, MadMini, GetResponse and Constant Contact.

You will find all the available customization options in the Popup Maker -> Add New page. Besides the usual popup title and description, you can also provide a custom name for the popup, which will not be visible to the regular visitors.

Along with choosing the opt-in size in percentage, you can also define custom values for the minimum and maximum width. While default enables overlay, you can choose to disable it. Then, the animation type and speed could be customized too. In the ‘Positioning’ section, you can select the location of the optin and choose to make it fixed at that location.

Popup Maker allows you to choose when the optin should be displayed. Available options include on the entire site, on the homepage, on posts, on pages, on tags, in categories, etc. Below, you will find options to add tags and categories to this opt-in. It is also possible to apply custom CSS on the opt-in.

5. Scroll Triggered Boxes

Scroll Triggered Boxes

Download Link

As the name suggests, Scroll Triggered Boxes is a particular plugin for displaying opt-ins when the visitor reaches a certain point of a page. This lightweight plugin provides an easy solution for adding fully customized call-to-action boxes on your contents.

Once you install and activate the plugin in your WordPress site, you can create new opt-ins by going to the Scroll Triggered Boxes -> Add New page. On that page, you will find a layout very similar to the new post or page layout. On top, there are the regular title and description areas. And below, you will find some customization options to control the actual opt-in look.

In the ‘Box Appearance’ section, you can choose the text, border and background colors along with the border style and box, border width. Then, there’s a box for providing custom CSS. In the ‘Box Options’ section, you can choose where and how the optin box should be displayed.

You can elect to show the box on specific posts, pages, post type, category, everywhere, etc. Besides choosing the usual options like box position and animation, you can also choose to display the box at a particular width of the page and set a custom cookie expiration period.

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6. Optin Forms

Optin Forms plugin

Download Link

This is a simple but powerful WordPress opt-in plugin. Optin Forms works perfectly with the traditional email subscription services like MailChimp, Aweber, MadMimi, GetResponse, iContact, etc. It also comes with several ready-made form designs to choose from.

You can connect to your preferred email service in the ‘Optin Forms’ page of your website dashboard. In the ‘Form’ tab, you will find all the available customization options for the opt-in form.

You can choose the layout of the ‘Form design’ field. And down below, you will find the options divided into four sections. ‘Style Your Form’ does what it sounds like – it allows you to customize the look of the form. You can choose a custom color, text, font family and font size for various elements of the form.

Then, in the ‘Form Options’ section, you can choose to hide various elements and provide custom CSS. ‘Form Functionality’ enables you to open the form in a new window. And lastly, ‘Form Placement’ allows you to choose where the form should be displayed. You can determine the precise location of posts and pages. By using the shortcode, it is also possible to show the optin form in any other position you want. And these were the free WordPress plugins for creating opt-in forms.

Now, let’s take a look at two premium solutions for creating optins in WordPress.

7. OptinMonster

OptinMonster WordPress subscription

Download Link

Any discussion about the best optin plugins will not be complete without mentioning OptinMonster. Powered by the WP Beginner team, this versatile and very power tool enables you to create fully customizable optins and control everything about them. While most other optin plugins emphasize on building attractively designed subscriptions forms, OptinMonster puts the focus on creating new leads. The plugin comes with exclusive features for converting frequent visitors into regular customers.

Thanks to the useful page-level targeting options, you can quickly provide unique optin forms for various sections of your website. To get more success from your optins, you need to make the timing perfect. And the excellent timing features of OptinMonster will be very useful in that regard. And to further enhance your conversion rate, you can make use of the intuitive A/B testing options of the plugin.

Using a full-screen optin form is a recent trend. And if you want to use this on your WordPress site, OptinMonster has got you covered. Besides, the mobile-specific pop ups will display the optin perfectly on any mobile device. Other useful features include floating bars, scroll boxes, sidebar forms, location-specific forms, unique MonsterEffects, etc.

8. Bloom

Bloom WordPress subscription plugin

Download Link

Developed by Elegant Themes, Bloom is a relatively new opt-in plugin that is gaining rapid popularity. And there are lots of valid reasons behind the popularity. To start with, Bloom comes with unlimited customization opportunities along with 100+ ready-made templates.

The plugin enables you to create six different types of opt-ins forms. It does not matter what your requirements are; you can rest assured that Bloom has got the right design and style for you. The opt-ins could be set to trigger at various events like time delay, at a specific position, after scrolling to a certain amount, after purchasing or commenting, after a certain period of inactivity, etc.

What’s more, you can choose a custom design for the edges and borders of your opt-in too. The feature-rich dashboard allows you to perform split-tests and track the performance of your opt-ins. Bloom supports 16 email marketing solutions, which include all the common providers. As there is no limit for adding the email marketing accounts, you can integrate as many as you want.

You can easily import and export the data collected by Bloom. The Retina-ready opt-in forms will work correctly on any mobile device. Read Full Review –>.

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Final Words

It doesn’t matter how you use it; the email list will always be a powerful tool in your arsenal. All the plugins discussed in this post are perfectly capable of creating fully functioning opt-in forms. Let me know which one looks the most interesting to you. And if you are using any of them on your WordPress site, please share your experience with us.

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  1. Faridu

    Bloom and Optin Monster are the best plugins that you will ever see. I have used both and love them.
    Popup domination is another killer plugin that does the same job.

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