12 Best WordPress Plugins For Social Media Automation

Content marketing is the key to a successful blog. As a publisher, one must ensure that your content gets discovered and shared through social media to increase traffic and engagement.

Social content sharing is necessary for every post or page your publish for your site, so having an automated posting system when these are created is integral to the ultimate goal of getting visibility and social shares.

Thankfully, there are more than enough WordPress plugins that allow you to automatically share your posts to social media after hitting the Publish button. Each of these has similar or varied functions, so it’s up to you to decide which one works best for your site goals. Here are the 11 WordPress plugins for automated social sharing:

WordPress Plugins For Automatic Social Sharing

1. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post plugin

Download Link

Revive old Post is one such plugin in this list that is also used by our team at Formerly Tweet Old Post, this plugin now offers LinkedIn integration in addition to Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr. It supports multiple social accounts and scheduling posts in intervals.

Although you cannot edit which posts it will send to your accounts, this plugin is a great way to keep any of your content visible in Twitter and LinkedIn. Free version of this plugin offers only Twitter automation options, so pro version is definitely worth the money spent.

You can read full review of Revive Old Post Plugin here –>.

2. Jetpack Publicize

Download Link

Jetpack plugin for WordPress is like a suite of advanced WordPress features for your website that provides features like improved statistic tracking, revamped comment system and so on. The feature which we are concerned of here is the “Publicize” features. It offers a comfortable and convenient solution to help share your content on social media platforms.

The plugin can connect with mostly all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Google +. Sharing is also very simple and straightforward. In Fact, the key selling point for Publicize is its simplicity and accessibility. Some features of Jetpack are paid, but you can have the Publicize in the free version which is great news.

3. WP To Twitter

WP To Twitter Plugin

Download Link

Ever since Twitter became the best place for sharing blog post links, this Twitter plugin has been around to make that happen. You can format tweets before publishing so that you can add hashtags to a blog post’s topic. Published posts are automatically sent to your Twitter profile as soon as they are live. integration is also possible by way of authentication.

A Pro version lets you schedule tweets, add images and tweet a post more than once.

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4. OnlyWire

OnlyWire WordPress Plugins For Automated Social Sharing

Download Link

OnlyWire is also one of the pioneering tools in automatic social sharing. It features automatic posting through your site’s RSS feed. A free account lets you share to 4 networks with one RSS feed. To get more, you can upgrade to a Premium account for $4.99/month. OnlyWire can share to up to 50 networks, and 3 RSS feeds upon upgrading.

5. Facebook Feed WD


Download Link

Facebook Feed WD plugin brings profile, public group, and page based feeds to your WordPress website with full control over the content displayed. Moreover, with the available themes you can give custom style and design to the feeds.

There are two options to display the content from the feeds: either showcasing the whole timeline of the feed, or only specific content such as photos, albums, events, and videos. You can specify the feed update interval, choose whose posts will be shared, a number of the posts per page, enable comments, and customize its other settings to fit your needs best.

Depending on the content you want to display the plugin offers Masonry, Thumbnail, Album and Blog style views, which are fully customizable. The plugin also features a powerful lightbox, which supports filmstrip, 15 transition effects and can display plenty of info about the images and video within it.

6. CoSchedule

CoSchedule WordPress Sharing Plugin

Download Link

CoSchedule is mainly an editorial calendar APP (with a plugin available for WordPress) that lets you schedule posts in a calendar view. The added feature is being able to schedule these posts for sharing when they are published and even long after that. This makes the task of scheduling posts along with social sharing easier.

CoSchedule can also be used for a multi-user WordPress site, as there is a Team feature that lets users interact inside each blog post entry in the calendar. It’s free to try for 14 days, after which an upgrade is needed with a Solo plan starting at $19/month or $180/year.

7. WordPress to Buffer

WordPress to Buffer

Download Link

If you have Buffer account, this WordPress plugin for automatic social sharing can help you push your new posts into Buffer without you manually having to add them. Authentication is needed for this plugin to work, and it requires a bit of technical set up before it can function. It connects your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts. A pro version for business also includes posting to Pinterest.

8. Social Media Auto Publish

Social Media Auto Publish

Download Link

This WordPress plugin for social media automation allows posting to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. You can also attach images along with the post. Another handy feature not commonly seen in other plugins is filtering the shares by category or custom post types.

You will, however, be asked to create an application with each profile to connect your account with the plugin. This procedure is not that hard to follow, and you should be done within a few minutes.

9. NextScripts Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP)

NextScripts Social Networks Auto Poster

Download Link

This multi-featured plugin comes with a way to post to over 27 social networks. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+; it also integrates with other blogging platforms like Blogger, Tumblr, and Livejournal. Note that some social networks (like Pinterest and Google+) require an API Library setup, which is only allowed with the Pro version ($49 one time payment).

Some notable features include conversion of tags and categories to hashtags when posting to Twitter, importing Facebook comments as WordPress comments, and customized message formatting for each network.

10. AccessPress Social AutoPost

AccessPress Social AutoPost

Download Link

This premium WordPress plugin for social media automation is available at CodeCanyon for $20. With this amazing WordPress plugin you can post to four social networks: Facebook profiles and pages, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. You can connect unlimited accounts for each network.

Other features include being able to enable or disable auto posting from WordPress post editor, logs of all posts shared, customized post formats and filtering to pages and post categories.

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11. Hype Social

Download Link

HYPESocial Buffer Pro is a powerful and easy to use WordPress plugin which gives you total power over both your site and all your other social media accounts and you can control everything from a single interface. The plugin offers a feature-rich panel with plenty of useful options like custom scheduling and automatic URL shortening.

Though the plugin does come with a price tag, it can totally substitute the necessity of a Social Media Manager. You can choose when you want to share your posts, pages or custom post types and the plugin will automatically handle all your social media share. You can seamlessly have your content updated on all the main social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

The plugin comes with a “personal” license which will be valid for a year and covers one of your sites. There is also the “small business” license and the “agency” license which will cover for two sites and unlimited sites respectively.

12. Social Auto Poster

Social Media Auto Poster Plugin

Download Link

This is another premium plugin ($29) and has the added functionality of scheduling posts after they are published. Supported networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Delicious, FriendFeed and Buffer. It also supports multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts.

11. Microblog Poster

Microblog Poster WordPress Plugins For Automatic Social Sharing

Download Link

Microblog Poster is a plugin for connecting multiple accounts for each social network including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. Other networks include Delicious, Vkontakte, Instapaper, Plurk, and Blogger. In addition to posting newly published content, it also allows you to post old content.

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With all these diverse and rich plugins available, it makes content marketing an easier and quicker process. Note that for a plugin to succeed truly, you must first know your audience and which social networks they are more likely to be on. A little research on this will go a long way.

In the end, the goal is to reach as many potential readers as possible and make it easy for them to read and share your content.


  1. Toon

    How do all these plugins compare to the Publicize option in WordPress’s own Jetpack (with Google+ support without additional costs).

    • WPDean

      Hi Toon,
      Jetpack Publicize is also a good free alternative for social automation. Thanks!

  2. Rod

    I really like OnlyWire, it does a great job with wordpress as a plugin.

  3. Richard

    Wonderful blog post. I will use plugin number one – revive old post. It is such a nice way to keep old posts alive.
    Thank you so much.

  4. Branon

    Great article! Just one more cool plugin missing! I’m using this social media plugin for a while and I can say it’s a dream. 🙂 Check it out:

  5. Michael

    None of these alternatives are really good. A plugin that shares 2 twitter only? How impressive! And they charge u money for it. LOL
    I am suppose to get one plugin for each social media account. Have a website fast as quicksand ?
    No, I dont think so in 2016.

    WP Jetpack sharing function is very buggy. Stops working for no reason
    Atm theer is no perfect solution. Just have to work with the buggy jeypack function which is at least fere and has mroe social media accounts.

    • WPDean

      All features doesn’t come with free versions. (Although we wish they may come someday).
      If you want to use all premium features, pro version of Revive Old Post is a good option. I have been personally using the pro version in few of our sites. So far the results are satisfactory for me.

  6. Adolph Mula

    However, manually sharing every post of your WordPress blog on social media is a laborious job. WordPress has many benefits and for social media, you have plugins that make the social-sharing job a lot easier.

  7. Sanela

    Thanks for this post. I’m using plugin number 11 -Microblog Poster to autoshare on my Linkedin and Twitter, it also allows me to post old content and i am very satisfied since using this powerful plugin.

  8. Sanela

    Thanks for this article. I’m using plugin number 11 -Microblog Poster to autoshare on my Linkedin and Twitter, it also allows me to post old content and i am very satisfy since using this powerful plugin.

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