Pinterest is a platform, a place where you can find something about everything. Here you find ideas, gifts, life hacks, recipes or even quotes. Each ‘Pin‘ is actually such an idea, and they point back to the sites, from which they have come. Each user ha their own personal billboard where they organize their pins, and the pins they like or follow. It connects friends from around the world, just like any other social media, and also helps people to discover new and innovative things around themselves.

In order to integrate Pinterest onto your WordPress website or blogs , so that you may better access its services, there are many Pinterest plugins available on the internet. Though, finding good ones could be really a daunting task. That is why, in this article, we have handpicked some of the most popular and best WordPress Pinterest plugins through which you can integrate Pinterest to your blog or website.

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1. The Pinterest Pin It Button

Pinterest Pin It Button

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This WordPress Pinterest plugin provides a button that sits on the top or bottom of a particular post. It is available in a number of different sizes. When a visitor clicks on the button, a number of different images appear, all from that page. You can also set it to display only one default image as well. Afterwards, the visitor can pin that particular chosen image.

Furthermore, the button can be customized with different button sizes, such as a rectangular or a circular button. It can also be customized to show the total number of pin counts. The Pin It button can also be customized to spear only on single posts, multiple posts, only the home page, and many more.

2. Pinterest Pin It Button for Images

Pinterest Pin It Button

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This is typical button and is also very nice. This plugin provides a Pin It button whenever the visitor hovers the mouse cursor on a particular image. A Pin IT button appears when it does, and fades out when the cursor is removed. Its a subtle way of drawing the attention of the user, just enough to to incite curiosity and inform them that something is up with the image.

This WordPress Pinterest plugin can also be customized on many different levels. As usual, you can choose where the pin will appear on the page. Also, you can choose what type of information will be shown when the pin it button pops up, such as the web address, a little post title, and many more.

3. Add Pinterest Follow Button

Pinterest Follow Button

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The Pinterest follow button falls into the follow badge category. This plugin provides a catchy graphic link, which lead to your page. This plugin is sometimes coupled with the ‘Pin It‘ button, and sometimes it appears on its own. It can be customised to make it appear on a specific position on a page.

There are many flashy and catchy graphic links available, which are pre-installed with the plugin. You can also create and upload your own graphic designs. You can utilize this plugin with the help of a widget, or by writing a shortcode, which may later be inserted into any page, or even a particular post.

4. Pretty Pinterest Pins

Pretty Pinterest Pins

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This WordPress Pinterest plugin falls into the gallery widget category. This allows you to showcase all the images of your Pinterest account. This particular plugin is actually an widget, and allows you to retrieve images from a whole account or a particular board. These images will appear in the side bar. The maximum limit to the number of images you can add is 25.

There is also an additional option to add a “Follow Me” button and even a caption to the particular images on the sidebar. The one and only possible downside to this widget is that you have no control over the size of the images. You cannot adjust them, and they may look a bit too narrow and squashed in your sidebar.

5. Easy Pinterest for WordPress

Easy Pinterest for WordPress

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This Pinterest plugin for WordPress also belongs to the gallery widget category. Unlike the ‘Pretty Pinterest Pins‘ widget, this one only allows you to pull and showcase ALL images related to an account. There is no additional option to select and display a particular board. It allows you to choose how many images to display, and finally to add a title.

Though the options that it offers are limited, the application is very simple to use and also looks very decent on the sidebar. This plugin thrives on the simplicity of its usability.

6. Pinterest Pinboard Widget

Pinterest Pinboard Widget

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This WordPress plugin for Pinterest is complimentary to that of both ‘Pretty Pinterest Pins‘ and ‘Easy Pinterest‘. This widget does a task that neither the above two widget does. The Pinterest pinboard widget showcases all the images of a particular board.

This widget also gives you some sort of control over the images that are being shown. You can control the size of the images, adjust them and fit them accordingly to the sidebar. However, it is rumoured to have some bugs, that were later resolved after a fix.

7. Pinterest RSS Widget

Pinterest RSS Widget

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This widget allows almost the same functionality. It’s a gallery widget, and instead of showing images on the sidebar of a page, you can pull images from either a particular board, or from an account, and showcase them, Within a particular post.

With the help of a short code, you can showcase images within a post, and also attach a Follow ME button, at the bottom of the gallery. Other options include image size adjustment, image count adjustment, and also to add a title to the widget.

8. Alpine Photo Tile for Pinterest

Alpine Photo Tile for Pinterest

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Unlike the previous plugins which showcased YOUR images on other pages, this one helps to show the images of other users into your pages and posts. It’s done with the help of a shortcode generator. The possibilities and the options are endless. There are eight basic styles of galleries to choose from, with the additional benefit to adjust the number of photos per row and column, the size and also the total number photos that can be shown, and many more.

The customisations can be done by pulling down menus and checking out boxes provided in the widget. When your all done, click on the “generate shortcode” button. The code is created and your plugin is ready for use.

9. Pinterest for Galleries

Pinterest for Galleries

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This plugin adds a pin it button to all the images of a particular gallery. Instead of adding the buttons yourself, just download this plugin and be done with it. This plugin, along with all the above mentioned ones, works pretty well with the native WordPress gallery. There aren’t any settings, just download it and activate it, and you’re good to go. However, if you already have a special plugin installed, or if your theme designs your gallery, then this plugin might not operate properly.

10. Pinterest Verify

Pinterest Verify

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This Pinterest plugin helps you to verify the ownership of the website that is linked to Pinterest. The traditional Pinterest verification is quite troublesome and hectic. This plugin makes it a lot easier to go about doing the verification process.

11. Pinterest Block

Pinterest Block

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This plugin helps you to filter out websites that do not want their images pinned on Pinterest. The plugin adds a “nopin” tag to the particular websites, and afterwards, the images of that site will be blocked from being showcased on Pinterest.

12. Pinterest Pro for WordPress

Pinterest Pro for WordPress

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This premium plugin costs 5 dollars. The developers promise a full Pinterest integration with unlimited widgets. All the above mentioned widgets will be included in the pro package.

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So, here are all the best WordPress Pinterest plugins that you can use easily and can be activated with just a single press of a button. Using these plugins, you can make your WordPress website Pinterest-friendly and drive millions of traffic.