Many people use their WordPress websites to sell products and earn money. Most of the WordPress themes are compatible with WooCommerce which is the most famous open-source application to sell anything and turns your website into an online store. However, to get the most of it you always require a powerful WordPress payment gateway plugin so that your customer can use their credit or debit cards for the transaction. These best WordPress payment gateway plugins also help you to accept donations and allow users to subscribe to any content that you provide through your website.

Here in this article, we have listed the most used and trustworthy WordPress payment gateway plugins that enhance your functionality and offer a secure and easy channel to accept online payments.

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#1. Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


Download Link is a popular payment gateway which is being used by thousands of online stores to accept online payments through Visa, Discover, and Master Card, etc. You don’t require SSL Certificates and PCI Compliance to use this plugin, and it is easy to install and set up. Users get the option to configure message for Payment Successfully made or Payment Failure. Your payment will be processed on the servers of, so it is a safe way to accept payments via debit or credit cards. The plugin is compatible with latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

#2. Stripe for WooCommerce


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Typically you store the sensitive information of user’s credit or debit card on a separate server and secure it with different username and password so that no one can hack it and cause a breach. This process is secure yet tough, and an ordinary guy who runs the online store on WordPress themes find it difficult. Stripe is the plugin that allows users to take payment in an easy and secure manner. All you need to do is just install this plugin and embed the SSL certificate, and all hard work will be done by the Stripe. The card information will never hit your server and will go directly from the customer’s computer to the Stripe’s server.

#3. WooCommerce QuickPay


Download Link

WooCommerce QuickPay is a popular gateway plugin which has been used by many people. The plugin lets users embed their QuickPay Gateway to their WooCommerce install. It is easy to install/set up and gets updated on a regular basis. It includes many useful features such as a wide range of the API features that allow secure capturing of the payment from the WooCommerce order overview, and you can also refund money or cancel the order from the same place directly. It is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

#4. WP Full Stripe Free


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The free edition of full Stripe lets users accept payment for their WordPress websites with ease. Your customers have no need to go to any third party web page, and you can take payment directly from any page or post on your website.

The free edition includes many useful features such as Drop payment forms with simple shortcode for any page or post, Ajax style forms without page re-credits to accept payment, etc. Users can choose between donation style payment forms or set price. Users can customize the forms by adding or changing email ID and billing address; they can view a list of received payment and do much more.

#5. WooCommerce PayPal Pro Payment Gateway


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You can allow customers to checkout using their credit cards on your website by adding this PayPal Pro payment gateway to your WooCommerce plugin. The on-site credit card checkout functionality doesn’t  let your customer leave the site to do the transaction. The add-on is easy to configure and provides smooth credit card checkout experience. It gets updated on a regular basis and is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

#6. Quick Paypal Payments


Download Link

Quick Paypal Payments is one of the best payment gateway available for WordPress websites. It allows users to take payment in all currencies that are approved by PayPal using one shortcode. It also provides Instant Payment Notifications, In-context Checkout, supports multiple languages, includes an option for fixed and variable payment, etc.

The plugin is fully editable, and users can choose from various style options and a wide range of shortcodes options. You can add custom forms on any page or post on your website. Users can download payment records and edit auto-responder as per their preference.

#7. DC – Easy WordPress Paypal Payment/ Donations Plugin

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It is a powerful and highly customizable PayPal WordPress plugin that lets users accept online payment for their websites effortlessly. It is up to you whether you want to display the PayPal logo in the text or not. You can select a default currency for payment.

You can also decide where the timed payments or subscription need to enabled and you can also set the frequency of the timed payment for example monthly, weekly, etc. as per your choice. You get the choice of text, for example, Buy Now or Donate on the submit button. The plugin also provides return URL when payment is complete and provides cancel address when the payment is canceled.

#8. WooCommerce PayU India


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WooCommerce is an open-source application and one of the best eCommerce tool that helps users to sell everything and generate revenue from their online stores. PayU biz offers easy and secure payment collection from enterprises and PayU money provides the payment collection facility with no setup cost.

The PayU India provides support for both of them. This plugin powered by these powerful gateways and tools allows users to take payment in a fast, smooth and safe manner. The plugin has gained so much popularity in the past couple of months and is being used by thousands of people as of now.

#9. PayPal for Digital Goods


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The PayPal for Digital Goods lets users accept payment for digital accessories using PayPal. The plugin offers a shortcode to create a customizable PayPal payment button so that users can pay instantly for a popped up digital item using the PayPal for digital goods API/Gateway. The customer doesn’t leave your website, and a window pops up for the full checkout.

The plugin is highly recommended for the selling of downloadable files such as Audio files, Video files, Image files, PDF or Excel documents via PayPal. The plugin allows users to download the file automatically when the payment is accepted, and the transaction is complete. You can view all the transactions via the admin panel of your WordPress site.

#10. Stripe Checkout for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)


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Stripe Checkout is a payment gateway that offers basic functionality on purpose and let users accept payment directly on their websites using the built-in Stripe Checkout Button via their account. It ensures a successful payment transaction and your customer never leaves your site while entering the credit card details during the checkout process.

The plugin is easy to set up and provides necessary Stripe checkout functionality with any requirement of an extra plugin. However, it doesn’t work with EDD taxes turned on. The plugin can work with over 130 currencies and API requires CURL to be installed on your server to function.

Over to You

These WordPress payment plugins are easy to use and enhance your functionality. They allow your customers to stay on your website while payment the payment and offer secure methodology. Hopefully, the list of best payment plugins for WordPress we have provided will help you to make your mind and choose the one that suits your needs best. Please share your experience with the above-mentioned payment gateways and do not hesitate to give your valuable feedback.