Voting system could be an attractive feature for any website. This feature allows your visitors to like or dislike any content and express their opinion with a single click. It is very effective to find out the most popular contents on your website and put more efforts on creating those type of content.

There are several plugins to add a voting system to your WordPress site. Among these, LikeBtn plugin provides a very comprehensive solution for adding a fully featured voting system to your website. In today’s post, I am going to explore LikeBtn and find out which options it offers.

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Getting Started with LikeBtn

Once you install and activate the LikeBtn plugin, you will find a new menu item titled “Like Buttons” in your WordPress dashboard. At this point, you will be taken to the Like Buttons -> Settings page. This is the page where you will find your account details.

To use the voting feature, you have to register yourself at After registering, add your website to your account. You will get an API key and a site ID for the website you just added. Copy these values, paste into their respective fields at the Like Buttons -> Settings page, and click “Save All Change“. Now you are ready to use the plugin.

Setting Up the Buttons

You have to visit the Like Buttons -> Buttons page to configure the button styles. You can choose individual settings for various content types like posts, pages, post list, page list, attachment, project, comment, etc. You can select the desired type at the top of the page.

First of all, you can enable the like button by checking the “Enable Like Button” box. Next, there is a drop-down list to copy settings from other areas. If you want to use the same style on more than one area, this option will be very useful for you.

Then, there is the preview section. As you make changes to your like button, you can check out the live preview in this section. It is possible to make this section sticky so that the preview remains visible when you scroll down.

LikeBtn comes with several ready-made themes. You can choose any of these from the “Theme” section. Alternatively, you can choose to create a custom theme of your own. In that case, you can select the button, font, and icon sizes, the like and dislike icons. It is also possible to choose the font and color for the labels and icons.

In the “Language” field, you can choose the language for your buttons. The next three options allow you to show or hide the buttons, labels, and icons for the like and dislike options. The plugin also supports various formats to display the counter. You can choose your preferred option in the “Counter type” field.

Some people might want to customize the text displayed on the like and dislike buttons. There are separate options to customize these text.

Once a visitor likes a post, the LikeBtn plugin displays a small sharing option with a branding. If you are a premium customer, you can remove this by checking the “Remove branding” option. There are also options for choosing the horizontal and vertical alignments of the buttons.

LikeBtn comes with complete support for Google Rich Snippets. To use this feature, check the “Google Rich Snippets” box. This feature will show additional information including the star rating, the number of votes, etc. This is especially useful for review sites and to increase the CTR of your search results.

LikeBtn Configuration Options

You will find the button configuration options at the end of the Like Buttons -> Buttons page. The section is divided into several sections. Let’s discuss the sections one by one.

# General

The first option of this section allows you to choose which post types should have the buttons. You can choose all kinds or specific types like standard, audio, video, gallery, link, etc. The next section is for disabling the buttons on specific places like the home, archive, search, category, etc.

The plugin allows you to track the voters by using two methods – by username or by using IP and cookies. It is also possible to define which type of visitors can vote. The available options include all visitors, only logged in users, only guests, showing a login message with or without the buttons, etc.

The “Like Box” section allows you to show a list of the visitors who liked the content. You can disable this feature or display the box before or after the button.

If you want to add custom HTML code before or after the buttons, you are in luck. There are separate options for providing custom HTML codes at both locations.

# Popup

As you can guess, this section allows you to customize the popup. If you don’t want to show the popup, you can hide the popup by checking the “Disable pop-up” box. When you enable the popup, it is shown once a visitor likes the post. If you want to show the popup after disliking, there is an option for that too.

Show popup on button load” is another interesting feature of the LikeBtn popup. Enabling this will show the popup when the page is loaded for the first time.

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The next two options are for the popup position and style. You can choose to show the popup on the top, bottom, left, or right side of the buttons. There are two styles – light and dark. The plugin also allows you to define the popup width and hide the popup when clicked on the outside.

LikeBtn comes with a fully functional donation feature. You can use this feature to accept donations from your visitors. To do that, you have to create a button from the “Donate buttons” field. The plugin supports all popular payment methods including PayPal, Google Wallet, Bitcoin, Yandex, Webmoney, Zaypay, etc.

Other available options include adding custom HTML code to the popup and reordering the positioning of the popup button content.

# Voting

This section contains the voting controlling options. The first few options allow you to enable or disable voting, canceling a vote, liking and disliking at the same time.

In the “How often visitor can vote” box, you can choose between various options like once, unlimited, every minute, hourly, weekly, monthly, etc. If you want to prevent voting in the old posts, that is possible too. You can allow voting till a specific date or a specific number of days after a post is published. Choose your desired option from the “Voting period” field.

# Counter

The first option here allows you to show or hide the votes counter. The “Counter format” option allows you to choose the format for showing the number. You can choose space, comma, period, apostrophe, or “K” for the thousands separator.

The plugin also allows you to add a custom prefix to the counter. For instance, you can add “000” in front of the numbers. It is also possible to show the counter as zero when there are no votes.

# Sharing

This is the section where you can customize the share options, which are shown once a visitor liked a post. First of all, you can choose to show or hide the share buttons. Next, you can choose which icons you want to show. You can choose up to 8 buttons. It is possible to define the button sizes too.

# Tooltips

This section contains two options. You can use these options to always show the tooltips on the like and dislike buttons.

# Misc

If you are concerned about the plugin decreasing your website’s loading time, you can enable lazy load from this section. This will load the buttons only when the visitor has scrolled to that section.

It is also possible to show a loader image until the buttons are fully loaded. While the plugin comes with a default loader image, you can use a custom loader image too.

# Texts

If you want to use the plugin in any RTL language like Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hebrew, etc., you can enable RTL in this section.

Next, there are several options to customize the text for the like and dislike button tooltips (before clicking and after clicking), the like and dislike button texts after these buttons are clicked, share buttons text, popup text, donate text, etc.

# BuddyPress

The plugin also works perfectly with BuddyPress. If you want to show notifications about the user activities of your BuddyPress site, you can enable that feature in this section.

# LikeBtn Widgets

LikeBtn plugin comes with two custom widgets – “Liked by User” and “Most Liked Content“. You will find the widgets in the Appearance -> Widgets page.

The Liked by User widget display the posts liked by the current visitor. You can choose the title, the number of items, and which item types should be displayed in the widget. It is possible to include or exclude specific categories for this widget.

Other available options include choosing the order by type, time range, maximum title length, showing the like and dislike count, show the featured image, excerpt, date, author name, etc.

All of these options are also available for the Most Liked Content widget.
When using the widgets, you can show these in the widgetized areas of your page. What if you want to show the widgets in other places on your website?

The LikeBtn developers have thought about that issue and provided an easy solution. At the bottom of both of these widgets, there is a link titled “Get Shortcode“. Click on that link to open the shortcode. Copy the shortcode and paste it where you want to display the widget. It is that simple.

Statistics and Reports

LikeBtn plugin also provides several ways to keep track of your like buttons. You can check out the statistics, reports, and votes sections to find out these details. Let’s take a close look into each of these sections.

# Statistics

You will find detailed statistics about the user votes by going to Like Buttons -> Statistics. This page will include all the contents which received at least one vote. You can choose various items like the post, page, comment, etc. to check out their statistics.

For each item, you can check out the title, featured image, the number of likes, dislikes, and likes minus dislikes.

# Reports

The vote reports are available at the Like Buttons -> Reports page. You will find the total number of votes, likes, and dislikes at the top of the page.

Next, there is a graph for the last two weeks’ votes. You can download an image of this report. There is also an embedded map to show where the votes came from. The last section of the page is for showing votes of the last year. You can download a picture of this report too.

# Votes

If you want to get detailed information about the individual votes, go to Like Buttons -> Votes. You can choose different item types like the post, page, attachment, comment, etc.It is also possible to search for votes by a particular user or IP address.

There will be a table at the bottom of the page. The table will provide detailed information like the username, IP address, date and time, type of vote, item title, etc. for each vote.

Other Features

LikeBtn also comes with lots of other features. Among them, UltimateMember integration is an interesting one. This feature is very helpful to integrate the like and dislike buttons with your existing membership site.

As you have seen in the setting sections, the LikeBtn plugin supports several languages. What’s more, the plugin is already translated into 37 common languages.

Thanks to the mobile-friendly coding, the like and dislike buttons work correctly on mobile devices. They are also designed to look perfect on any screen resolution.

There are several custom shortcodes to display the voting features on various locations of the website. You can generate the shortcodes from the widgets or the official website.

LikeBtn Pricing

There are four pricing plans available –

  1. Priced at $6.99 per year for each website, the PLUS package allows you to add ten buttons per page and unlimited buttons for the website.
  2. Priced at $11.99 per year for each website, the PRO package allows you to add 25 buttons per page and all features of the PLUS package.
  3. Priced at $20.99 per year for each website, the VIP package allows unlimited buttons, disabling popup, remove branding, add donate buttons, etc.
  4. Priced at $30.99 per year for each website, the ULTRA package offers all features of the VIP plan. It also comes with vote graph, changes the number types, views duplicate IP statistics, etc.
  5. There is a free plan too. This plan allows you to add one button per page, and 300 buttons for a website. Other features include live reports, Rich Snippets support, and custom CSS.

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Final Words

Using a voting system could significantly improve your website’s user experience. And LikeBtn could is the best choice for adding a voting system to your WordPress site.

Now that you have read the review, let me know what you think about LikeBtn. Which features did you like the most, and which features looks the most interesting to you? Let me know by leaving a comment below.