Lightbox is a very attractive effect for displaying images, videos, and various other types of content. You can find lots of WordPress plugins that allow you to add the lightbox effect to your WordPress site. But which one should you use? How to know which plugin meets your requirements?

If you are wondering about any of these, this article will clear all of your confusions. Today, I am going to introduce you to the 10 best WordPress lightbox plugins that work great. Let’s get started with the best free lightbox plugins for WordPress.

1. ARI Fancy Lightbox

ARI Fancy Lightbox Plugin

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ARI Lightbox allows you to display images and videos in a stylish and interesting way. There are different options to choose button size, background color, alignment, button text, overlay style, header style, and so on. There are several premium add-ons available for getting professional image and lightbox display features.

The plugin is mobile friendly and works fine on any devices. It supports integration with popular social networks and Facebook comment plugin. ARI Lightbox plugins can show any content into the lightbox: photos, videos, Google Maps links, WooCommerce product images, PDF files in cross-browser viewer, inline content, web pages. It can easily be integrated with Jetpack, NextGen, JustifiedImageGrid and WordPress native galleries. And even attach the lightbox automatically to existing links.

It also supports keyboard and swipe navigation, use file names or EXIF data as titles for images. Not to mention, the plugin is fully translatable with .pot file.

2. Responsive Lightbox by dFactory

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Responsive Lightbox by dFactory is by far the most popular lightbox plugin for WordPress. The plugin automatically adds lightbox support to the existing image links, galleries, and video links on your website.

It supports seven lightbox styles including PrettyPhoto, SwipeBox, FancyBox, and Nivo Lightbox. You can choose the style by going to Settings -> Responsive Lightbox page. The ‘Lightbox Settings‘ section allows you to configure the style and performance options for your preferred lightbox type. As you can guess from the name, all the lightbox features work perfectly on mobile and tablet devices.

Responsive Lightbox also works perfectly with WooCommerce. The plugin will automatically add lightbox support to the product images. As the plugin supports multi-site, you can enjoy the lightbox feature on all the sites of your network. It also comes with the .pot file so that you can translate and use the plugin on websites built with other languages.

3. WP Lightbox 2

 WP Lightbox 2

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WP Lightbox 2 is another widely used lightbox plugin for WordPress. You can use this plugin to apply lightbox effects on the images, gallery, and even the comments on your posts. The plugin configuration options are located in the “WP Lightbox 2” menu of your website dashboard.

There are separate checkboxes to enable lightbox for the images, comments, and showing image information on top. You can define the level of opacity, minimum top-margin, and the animation duration. It is also possible to show download links so that your visitors can save images on their computer. Another handy feature will reduce larger images to fit the visitor’s screen size.

There are dedicated shortcodes and rel tags for applying lightbox to existing galleries and images. You can show captions by using the title tag. It is also possible to group related images by assigning the same group name to these. And there is a special rel tag for disabling lightbox effect on the particular image(s).

4. Simple Lightbox

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Simple Lightbox is an aptly named plugin that offers a simple solution for adding lightbox feature to your WordPress site. You only have to install and activate the plugin, and the effects will be automatically added to the images and galleries.

However, you can control the plugin settings from the Appearance -> Lightbox page. There are separate check boxes for enabling lightbox on the homepage, single posts, pages, archive, widget, and menus. The plugin comes with two themes – light and dark. You can choose the theme in the “UI” section.

The “UI” section also includes several other options to enable animation, automatic image resizing to fit the window, start the slideshow automatically, and loop through images. It is also possible to choose the slide duration and the opacity level.

Simple Lightbox comes with full keyboard navigation support, which means the visitors can navigate between the images by using their keyboard.

5. WP jQuery Lightbox

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If you want enhanced mobile support for the lightbox effects, this is the plugin for you. WP jQuery Lightbox comes with swipe gestures, allowing the users to flick through images on touchscreen devices. The plugin also features improved scaling to utilize the available screen space perfectly.

You can configure the plugin options from the Settings -> jQuery Lightbox page. The page includes various options to enable auto-lightbox for images, show title, caption, image position in the slideshow, and enable lightbox on comments. It is also possible to show a download link and the image information. The last two options allow you to choose the speed and animation duration for slideshows.

WP jQuery Lightbox allows you to use several attributes for displaying caption, adding lightbox to existing images and galleries, disable lightbox for specific items, provide individual download links, etc.

6. FooBox Image Lightbox

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FooBox Image Lightbox was one of the few WordPress plugins that introduced responsiveness to the lightbox effect. Along with resizing images to fit the screen size, the plugin also rearranges button positions to ensure they work great on any device.

The Foobox plugin comes with several configuration options. For instance, you can enable lightbox for galleries, attachments, and images with captions. Other options allow you to show image counter, show captions on hover, hide scrollbars, etc. You can become a Foobox affiliate and show a powered by link too.

There is a pro version of the plugin that supports all content types, galleries created by other plugins, and comes with social sharing options, advanced styling options, etc.

7. WP Video Lightbox

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So far, we have discussed WordPress plugins which add lightbox effects to your images. But what if you publish a lot of videos as well? You will need a separate plugin for applying lightbox effect on the videos. WP Video Lightbox is the best plugin for that purpose.

You can use this plugin to display videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and iFrame content in the lightbox. There are dedicated shortcodes for embedding videos from different sources. The shortcodes allow you to define the width, height, and anchor text. It is also possible to use an image with an alt text as the anchor.

Settings options are located at Settings -> Video Lightbox. You will find various options to choose the animation speed, set opacity, show title, allow resizing, set default width and height, horizontal padding, and so on.

Premium Lightbox Plugins for WordPress

Up to this point, we have limited our discussion to free lightbox plugins only. These plugins do the job, but that’s it. You have to go premium for getting the advanced control and styling options. Let’s take a look at the best premium lightbox plugins for WordPress.

8. Lightbox Evolution for WordPress

Lightbox Evolution

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Lightbox Evolution is a fully featured premium plugin for showing images, videos, maps, and other types of HTML content by using various lightbox styles. For the images, you can show both single images and image galleries. You can choose to resize big images according to the screen size. It is also possible to show images at full resolution.

When displaying videos, you can choose to use the default player from or use JW player. The plugin allows you to open videos in fixed width and height. You can use Lightbox Evolution to show maps from either Google or Bing.

The plugin also allows you create custom buttons with different effects. All of these lightbox effects work perfectly on iPad and other mobile devices.

9. PopupPress – Popups with Slider & Lightbox for WordPress


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PopupPress is a popular popup plugin with complete support for lightboxes. You can use this plugin to show different types of content like single images, slideshows, galleries, videos, audio clips, pdf files, alert messages, notifications, description, banners, forms, and other types of contents.

The lightbox and popup messages could be triggered by various events including on click, on page load, on hover, exit-intent, etc. The plugin also supports shortcodes, which means you can display supported elements anywhere you want.

The available configuration options allow you to choose the button type, button image, width, height, padding on all sides, border styling, slider animation styling, and so on. The handy preview feature allows you to check out the outcome before applying lightbox effects.

10. iLightBox – Revolutionary Lightbox for WordPress


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iLightBox is another premium solution for adding lightbox effects to your WordPress website. The fully responsive plugin offers six beautiful skins that work great on all screen sizes and resolutions. Unlike most other lightbox plugins, this one automatically detects the image and video links.

Along with regular WordPres galleries, iLightBox also supports NextGEN and Jetpack galleries. You can display videos from all popular sources including YouTube and Vimeo. The cross-browser supported plugin works perfectly on all modern web browsers.

Since the plugin offers complete multisite support, you can enjoy lightbox effects on all your networked websites. The extended documentation will help you get started with various plugin features.

11. Modal Popup Box For Visual Composer

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Do you use Visual Composer? If you do, this is the most appropriate plugin to add lightbox to your website. Powered by latest technologies like CSS3 and jQuery, the plugin allows you to show single images, slideshow, gallery, video, contact form, Google Map, custom HTML text, social widgets, etc. by using the lightbox effect. You can choose a custom icon and title for the modal box, which will trigger lightbox.

Final Words

Now that you have a complete list of the 10 best WordPress lightbox plugins, why not choose one and get started? Let me know which lightbox plugin you have chosen. And if you use any other lightbox plugin, let me know that by leaving a comment below.