Top 10 WordPress Lazy Load Plugins to Make Your Site Faster

With decreasing small attention spans, it is high time for any blog to embrace images and use it more. But this can easily lead to tons of images and can easily slow down the website loading speed.

No one wants to go through this, and it is also not a good idea to decrease the number of images or no images at all. Readers love images because how our brain intercept information, it becomes easier for us to digest the information in visual manner.

What is Lazy Load and Why You Should Use It?

So, what it lazy load and how does it really works? Before, we proceed further, we will try to find the answers. Lazy Load is a technique used by websites to delay the loading of actual images for the complete loading of the website. If the website tries to load all images at one time, it will lead to a long waiting time before the whole website is loaded and ready for use.

On the contrary, loading website with all images can lead to a frustrating experience for the users and also Google is not kind to any website that takes time to load.

WordPress Lazy Load Plugins

To make a big website load faster, Lazy loading is used, which in simple terms means that the images are fetched when the user wants to see them. The technique is extremely popular and there is no reason you should not use it(even if you have a website with less number of website).

To help you gain better loading time, we have collected some of the best WordPress lazy load plugins to make your site faster.

Best WordPress Lazy Load Plugins

1. BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load Plugin For WordPress

If you tell me to choose one plugin that works out of the box, then BJ Lazy Load plugin is for you. The idea is to load images and other related resources when the user is closer to the viewport during scrolling.

BJ Lazy load plugin actually does a pretty great job at this. It offers support for images, thumbnails, iframes, Gravatar images and much more. It also supports videos embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, and others because of the support of the iframe.

According to the author, the plugin uses no external JavaScript library and if you are using any non-js media, the performance hit won’t be significant.

2. Image Lazy Load(Unveil.js)

Image Lazy Load Plugin

Image Lazy Load is one of the most popular Lazy load plugin for WordPress. The plugin offers great features as it uses the unveil.js jQuery plugin to lazy load the assets. Also, because of the use of the jQuery plugin, performance is improved substantially.

The plugin is developed by WPCube and if you are looking for support, you need to get hold of the premium plugin.

3. Rocket Lazy Load

Rocket Lazy Load offers great features for your website. If you are looking to lazy load content including images, videos and other aspects, Rocket Lazy Load is for you.

Rocket Lazy Load is very small in size, only 2 KB and this offers more benefits to the website itself as it doesn’t add to the size of the website. It also doesn’t rely on any external libraries making it super fast. The Rocket lazy load plugin is an integral part of the more popular WP Rocket plugin that offers advanced caching options for the website. The Rocket Lazy Load also works out of the box.

4. Ajax Load More

Ajax Load More

Ajax Load More is, in essence, a plugin specifically designed for infinite scrolling. However, with all its features, it can easily be used for lazy loading posts, pages and comments with the help of Ajax powered queries.

One of the key features of the plugin includes the Ajax Load More shortcode builder. It can be helpful for building complex custom WordPress queries in the form of shortcodes and adding them to the web page. One more feature to boast about is the plugin’s compatibility with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. This means the plugin can be used to help improve the loading speeds of e-commerce websites as well.

5. WP YouTube Lyte

If your website is heavy on YouTube videos, you might want to get hold of the best WordPress lazy load plugin for videos, the WP YouTube Lyte. The WP YouTube Lyte is one of the must have WordPress plugins when it comes to videos.

The plugin works with Lite YouTube Embeds, which means that all your videos get through the responsive embed which in turn loads the videos much faster. The plugin is really helpful if you are planning to embed multiple YouTube videos on a single page.

The plugin offers shortcode support and you can use the shortcode anywhere within the website.

6. Images LazyLoad and Slideshow

Images LazyLoad and Slideshow

Images LazyLoad and Slideshow is yet another lazy load plugin for WordPress that you may want to try. The plugin offers great features and currently comes with image lazy load, lightbox effect, and also a gallery slideshows effect to your selected images.

The effects are a great addition to the plugin as it enables you to add effects without affecting the loading speed. Furthermore, you can also add custom HTML, custom CSS and tracking codes.

7. Comments Avatar Lazyload

Comments Avatar Lazyload is one of the best WordPress lazy load plugins. Gravatar is used to handle the images and there are many comment plugins(including the default one) that utilize the Gravatar image.

With the help of this plugin, the Gravatar images are lazy loaded, which in turn improves the loading speed of the website.

8. Advanced Lazy Load

Advanced Lazy Load Plugin

With advanced lazy load plugin, you can lazy load all the assets and improve the loading time of the website. The only way to improve the website loading time is to load the images when needed.

You only need to install the plugin and everything is set up out of the box. The first option will give you the ability to set the distance between the image and the bottom of the browser, whereas the second option will enable you to set the image fade duration.

9. WordPress Advanced Image Lazy Load Plugin

WordPress Advanced Image Lazy Load Plugin

WordPress Advanced Image Lazy Load Plugin is a premium plugin. Lazy loading is a simple concept, but it should be used in a systematic manner. WP Advanced Image Lazy Load plugin does just that. It enables your website to load super fast and works with images of all kinds. It doesn’t matter if you are using it for portfolio purposes or just simple blog post, the plugin takes care of everything.

The plugin doesn’t use any external JavaScript library as it can slow it down. One of the main features of the plugin is the SEO friendliness. You also don’t have to configure anything; just install and the plugin will start working.

10. Lazy Load XT

Lazy load XT is the new WordPress Lazy load plugin and is getting good reviews and response from the users. The lazy load XT comes with the support of different types of media such as YouTube videos, images or iframes. It also supports Vimeo videos and there is no other WordPress plugin you need to check if you are using the Lazy Load XT.

According to the plugin WordPress page, the Lazy Load XT is light, fast and offers great customization for the users. The usage of the plugin is simple. It just replaces the source attributes of images to data-src, which in turn enables the images to load on demand. Pretty handy indeed!

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When it comes to speed optimization, the major culprit for slowing down are mostly images. Images do add value to any blog post and that’s why it is not a good idea to bring down the necessary images or think about a blog post with images.

Images are the critical part of any blog post and send visual messages, easier for the reader to understand. They are important media and the only way to improve the state of the website is to install a WordPress lazy loading plugin. Other media such as videos also impact the loading speed of the website. The website heavy on YouTube can use lazy load to its advantage.

And, this leads to the end of the article. If you found the article useful, don’t forget to use the comment below. Also, share the article with your peers.

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