Best WordPress Guide For Beginners – Learn WordPress Quickly

WordPress started slowly but captured the web at a rate faster than any other CMS out there. If you ever thought of learning WordPress but had no idea on how to get started, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will go through a comprehensive WordPress guide for beginners for learning WordPress quickly. This WordPress guide will be more inclined towards complete beginners as they find it hard to get started with WordPress.

WordPress-Guide-For-BeginnersSetting up a new website using WordPress can be a challenging act, and that’s why we have listed all the resources and guides that you will ever need to get started with WordPress.

The guide aims to serve the following:

  1. Install WordPress using different methods.
  2. Get into WordPress using advanced Installation tutorials.
  3. Understanding the very basics of WordPress – the Dashboard.
  4. Learn how to configure necessary plugins in WordPress. We will also share links to useful themes and plugins to make your website complete in every aspect.
  5. Reach the worldwide audience using promotional techniques. Make subscribers and how to get tons of visitors from organic search.
  6. Know about the best hosting providers for WordPress.
  7. Creating website is all about making money. And we have listed some of the best resources and guides to earn money using WordPress.
  8. Last, but not the least, we go through some of the unrelated topics regarding WordPress. And, in fact, they are very helpful for both beginners and advanced users.

The list of articles covered in this WordPress guide is regularly updated from our staff. We add new guides, tutorials, themes, and plugins. If you didn’t find anything that you are looking for, you could reach out to us using the Contact Us page and ask for a particular article coverage.

So, without much delay, let’s get started with the Ultimate WordPress Guide for beginners.

Best WordPress Guide For Beginners

#1. WordPress Installation Series

The WordPress installation guide introduces multiple ways to install WordPress. Below are four tutorials that aim to ease out the tension of handling WordPress for the first time users. We have discussed both theme and plugin installation in detail so that you don’t get confused in the beginning.

#2. Advanced Installation Tutorials

The advanced installation tutorials are targeted at WordPress users who have resemblance with the WordPress installation basics and want to move to the next level. The section contains four tutorials  listed below.

#3. Understanding WordPress Dashboard

WordPress dashboard is the place where the administrator spends tons of time. We got it all covered with two guides. Check them out below.

#4. Checking Important Plugins and Themes

WordPress is huge, and that mean you can do tons of stuff with it. With WordPress, you can do a lot more. We covered some great guides for you.

#5 Other Important Settings to Consider

  • W3 Total Cache Settings — W3 Total Cache is very accessible and offers a caching mechanism. In this guide, we explain the best possible settings for W3 Total Cache.
  • Google Analytics For WordPress — Google Analytics for WordPress is a simple tool that let you know the real visitors behind your blog.
  • iThemes Security Settings — Secure your website with the help of iThemes Security plugin. We cover all the basic settings that you need to set up for optimal performance.

#6. Promoting Your WordPress Blog

With everything setup, it is now time to reach an audience and make the most out of the online world. Check out the four guide listed below to make the most out of your blog.

#7. Securing Your WordPress Blog

Security should be the top priority for any blogger out there. Without security, your website is prone to hackers and information theft. Make sure to ensure that your website is secure from any hackers, brute force attacks and other exploits.

#8. Taking WordPress Backups

Securing your website is one side of the coin. Taking backups can complete your process of securing your whole work. No system in the world is 100% secure, and that’s where the role of backing up your website becomes important.

#9. Improving Speed and SEO

Website loading speed and search engine optimization are important to any internet site. Without the two elements, the site will have limited growth and can fail in a long run. To ensure proper growth, the administrator should take special care on improving speed and doing proper SEO.

#10. Generating Money With WordPress

Enough about SEO, speed, customization, etc. Let’s talk about making money. We all know how important it is for the blogger to earn from their websites.

#11. Recommended WordPress Hosting

How important is hosting? Critical! An excellent host ensures that your blog reaches the right audience with inappropriate loading time and uptime. We go through the top hosting providers for WordPress.

#12. Other Useful WordPress Guides

There is no end to learning WordPress. It just keeps going on and on. Below is a list of articles that are important for any beginner or advanced user.

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