15 Best Google Maps Plugins For WordPress in 2016

The advent of the internet has provided us with a boom in knowledge as well as in helping us to locate various places of the world or knowing about them, sitting right at home. This has primarily made Google Maps vital. It helps us to find a place with utmost ease and also helps in knowing about the nearby places and the routes to those places from the locations you are in.

Online business or travel blogging has also become quite famous wherein comes the role of the WordPress Google Maps plugins which help in embedding the locations of the stores that your online site features or the place you are describing in your traveling blog.

These plugins also allow you to add markers, which help the viewers to locate the specified areas with further ease and conveniently allows you to lay out the locations and the path to the final destination. You can choose the plugins according to your needs and desires and can be plain in nature or responsive if required. These plugins are also convenient to be used in some devices and allow the users to view them in full screen or disable them.

WordPress Google Map Plugins

Google Maps WD


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If you want to go for a Google Maps plugin without scrolling down the list further, go with Google Maps WD. This plugin comes with advanced markers and overlays for your website. The best thing about this plugin is that it is completely responsive and works well with any mobile friendly WordPress theme. You can use the Maps on unlimited number of pages or posts using a simple drag and drop markers. Other features include traffic, satellite or road layout, zoom, fullscreen and street view controls.

Integro Maps Pro


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It is a fully customizable plugin which helps you to create, manage and insert a Google Map into your website effortlessly. The plugin is easy to use, reliable and consists full range of options for visual integration and personalization of your site. Users can import lots of markers in the map and implement customer layers. The plugin also helps to draw direction from one point to another and highlight things into the map using circles, rectangles, polygons, and markers.

Basic Google Maps Placemarks


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Basic Google Maps Placemarks utilizes a shortcode to embed the map on your website. This WordPress Google Maps Plugin allows the user to mark places with the help of individually customized markers. Featured Image Meta Box is available with this plugin that allows you to create unique boxed markers with icons of your choice that will show up on the map. When the boxes beside the map are clicked, they show descriptions and significance linked to the box. You can customize the markers and add description according to your choice to the positions.

Google Maps Widget


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With the help of Free Google Maps Widget, you can add the map of your choice to your website. This Google Maps plugin for WordPress allows super fast loading as it is lightweight in nature. It also allows you to expand or contract the map you are viewing with the help of the pan and zoom feature that it supports. This makes the Google Maps fully customizable so as to adjust the appearance and size of the map by the site. You can also design your location map with complete ease and in a jiffy.

CP Google Maps


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There are times when it is needed to add geo-locations to the site that has to feature some stores or to specify the positions of various monuments. Free CP Google Maps Plugin for WordPress poses to be a great help in such situations. The plugin is completely customizable and allows you to mark the locations relevant to your post and also keeps track of the positions that have been previously marked. You can also go to the settings to add multiple markers to the map, and each of them will get elaborately displayed when the mouse hovers over it.

5sec Google Maps


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Need a WordPress Google Maps Plugin that will allow you to embed a map in your site without the hassle of applying cods and API? 5sec Google Maps Plugin allows you to do just that. All you need to do is add “[gmap]my address[/gmap]” to your site and your job is done. You can add this cool plugin as sidebars, pages, posts and custom post in your website and also provides you with the liberty of customizing the map with icons and markers to mark locations and also allows full-screen mode if needed.

Responsive Styled Google Maps


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With the advancement of the technology, responsive websites are the new “it”. So why not make your Google Maps responsive too? Responsive Styled Google Maps is one such WP plugin that allows the users to make their Google Maps responsive in nature when they embed it to their website. With this plugin, you can add more than one map to your page, and each of the maps may contain multiple markers showing multiple positions. The map that is embedded is pretty easy to use, and the various shortcodes that might be applied are very easy to generate.

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WiLD Google Maps

Download Link

WiLD WordPress Google Maps Plugin allows unlimited customization options to make the map as you want it to be. The best thing about this map is the fact that you can also control the type of map that you wish to display on your site. Another huge advantage of this plugin is the fact that it allows you to enable or disable maps according to your choice. This plugin is rich in features and allows you to add multiple maps on a single page along with various markers.

WP Google Maps


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WP Google Maps allows all users to customize their Google Maps with the help of several markers that can be applied on the maps to specify various locations on them. You can also embed the map according to your convenience on any page content and display it to your viewers. The WP Google Maps plugin allow straightforward applications of zoom features that allow setting specified zoom scales. It offers a lite version that allows the maps to be loaded fast. You can also resize the maps to fit the website criteria for being viewed with ease.

Ultimate Google Maps


Download Link

Ultimate Google Maps is brought to you by Inceptive Design Lab, which helps in easy designing of your Google Maps so that it is entirely suitable for the website on which you are about to embed your map. Ultimate Google Maps WP plugin allow easy application of various kinds of directions to the embedded maps. You can also add pointers to specify the locations that you want to emphasize or help your viewers to locate the specified destinations. This plugin allows advanced customization options by the allowing you to specify the type of map you want to display.


Download Link

Do you want to create your very own Google Maps which you can place on your website so that your viewers can easily locate the destinations you are trying to specify? Well, you can now do it with the help of Cartogram Map Plugin. This awesome Maps plugin provides you with complete control of the map you are assigned to your website. You can also add or delete unlimited locations on your map for the ease of your viewers. This plugin also allows you to add an address and geographical coordinates to the map manually along with various markers.

Maps Builder – Google Maps Plugin


Download Link

This is a perfect plugin for all who want to customize their Google Maps for the convenience of their users and that too in a straightforward manner. With this WP plugin adding locations, choosing map size, controls and map types are just some of the things that you can easily achieve. This plugin also allows you to choose various themes for your map so as to match it with the website where you are inserting it. It also allows easy addition of markers as well as nearby places and adding the map to a post is a child’s play.

MapPress Easy Google Maps

Download Link

Last but not the last comes MapPress Easy Google Maps. MapPress Easy Google Maps is by far one of the most beloved and easy to use Google Maps plugin that allows the users to add maps to any posts on their website with utmost ease. All you need to do is type your address and the map showing your location will be automatically embedded in your page or site or post. It provides you with a shortcode that allows you to position the map before a post or after it and even within it.


These are some of the best Google Maps WordPress plugin which you can implement in your pinned post so that your viewers can easily locate your store or business concerns or for the ease of making them understand the location you are trying to describe in your post. With the awesome customization features provided by the various plugins, you can customize the Google Maps according to your convenience so that it can be perfectly compatible with your website and with the post with which you are associating it.


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