11 Best Google Chrome Extensions For WordPress Users

25.79% people use Google Chrome and more than 25% websites run on WordPress. What does this statistic tell us?

Free Google Chrome Extensions For WordPress Users

For starters, it is clear that they are the dominant players in their respective fields. Along with capturing one-fourth of the market share, these two are also the leaders in their fields. We use them for distinct purposes. We use Chrome for browsing the internet. And WordPress is used for creating and managing websites. Did you ever wish for some systems that will allow you to use them in the complement of each other?

Well, there are quite a few Google Chrome extensions that let you perform some admin tasks for your WordPress site. In today’s post, I will introduce you to the top Chrome extensions for WordPress users.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For WordPress Users Extension

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As you can guess from the name, this is the official Chrome extension by the company itself. Once you install the extension, it will create a new icon with a question mark on it. Click on the icon and click tap the ‘Sign In‘ button. And if you don’t have a account, you will also find a button to create a new account.

Once you sign in with your account, the question mark will be gone. Now you will be able to see the notifications from your account right into the browser. It is also possible to follow other blogs and post new content on your site.

WordPress Admin Bar Control

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If you have been using WordPress for a few months now, you might have noticed a somewhat annoying issue. When you are logged into your website, the admin bar is always displayed in the front-end. While the admin bar provides access to some essential features, sometimes that small screen space could provide some more viewable portion of your website.

It is possible to hide the admin bar altogether by going to Users -> Your Profile and unchecking the ‘Show Toolbar when viewing site‘ box. But what if you want to toggle the visibility of the admin bar in the front-end? Well, this handy extension lets you do that. Clicking the icon once will remove the admin bar and clicking again will bring it back.

WordPress Site Manager

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For people who have to manage multiple WordPress sites on a regular basis, the WordPress Site Manager extension could be very useful. Once you install the extension, it will add a new icon. Click the icon and then tap the pencil to add a new website. You can provide the site URL, title, and username. Providing the password is optional, and I don’t think you should do that.

After providing the necessary details, click ‘Add‘. You can add as many sites as you want. To access the sites, click on the icon. You will have four options for each site – Home, Stylesheet, Dashboard, and Pages.

WordPress Style Editor

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If you are a WordPress developer, you will find this extension fascinating. Being a professional developer, I am sure you spend a lot of the time with the browser’s developer tools. You make lots of CSS changes and test that options work the best. But unfortunately, all the changes you make in the developer tools console are lost as soon as you refresh the page.

Using this WordPress Chrome extension is an excellent way to save these changes. After installing, the extension icon will only be visible when you fire up the developer console. After making the changes, you can save them by clicking on the icon and tapping the ‘Save style.css changes‘ button.


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If you have installed the previous extension, you might have noticed that it also displays the name of the currently active WordPress theme. However, if you want a stand-alone solution for detecting the WordPress theme of a website, you can give WPSNIFFER a try. As usual, installing the extension will create a new icon.

To use the extension, go to a WordPress-powered website and click the icon. It will tell you the currently active theme for the site. What’s more, clicking on the theme name will take you to the theme’s page at WPsniffer. If the theme is not found in the WPsniffer database, a Google search for the theme will be automatically triggered.

WP Write

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This is another handy Google chrome extension for frequent WordPress users. If you need to publish regular posts on your WordPress site, logging into the admin panel and going through all the process could become boring after a few days. In that situation, the WP Write extension will be very useful. Once installed, this plugin will ask for the name, XML-RPC endpoint, and username of your blog. Once these details are saved, clicking the extension icon will take you to a post editor.

Along with the traditional WordPress post editor options; you will also have access to some additional formatting options. And below the post editor, you will find separate buttons for publishing the post, saving draft, restoring draft, saving as HTML, etc. By clicking the ‘Post Settings‘ button, you can customize the slug and add tags, category, and an excerpt.

Related Content by Zemanta

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Related content is an incredibly useful Google Chrome extension for any WordPress blogger. The plugin allows you to improve SEO, increase user engagement and drive more traffic to your blog posts. Once you install the extension, it will automatically be activated. Now if you go to the post editor, you will some new widgets in that page.

In the ‘Content Recommendations‘ section, Zemanta will automatically find relevant images and articles for you. To use the images, you have to register a free account. In the ‘Tags’ section, the extension will automatically suggest some tags for you. And right below the post editor, you will find some related links suggested by the extension.


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This extension is not only useful extension for WordPress, but it could also come in handy for anyone who writes anything on the internet. And for the bloggers, this is a must have, unless you are confident about your spelling and grammar usage.

Once you install the extension, it will start working automatically. It will check any writing including new posts, pages, emails, Facebook comments and so on. The mistakes will be underlined in different colors, according to the mistake types. Red underlines indicate a misspelling. And the green underline indicates a mistake in grammar. Hovering over the mistaken word will display a list of the appropriate choices.

Open SEO Stats

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Open SEO Stats is the perfect Google Chrome extension for getting the necessary SEO information about a web page at one place. What’s more, you can view the results right from the page, without opening another tab or using other services. Just install the extension and open the page of which you want to view the details.

By default, the icon will display the Google Page Rank of the page on top of the icon. Click on the icon to open the SEO panel. The resulting pop-up will display the rank, backlinks, and other necessary details. By clicking on the other tabs like Traffic Stats, Site Info, Page Info, Links Stats, Page Speed, etc., you can view the relevant information.

SimilarWeb – Site Traffic Sources

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This is another very popular SEO extension for WP users with a different approach. While Open SEO Stats displays the core SEO things, this extension focuses more on things like visitor engagement, site ranking, traffic sources, etc. After installing the extension, you will notice a new icon right after the address bar.

To use the extension, go to a new web age and click that icon. This will display the Engagement, ranking and a graph of monthly visitor. By clicking on the tabs titled Sources, Geo, Referrals, Search, Social, Ads, Audience, etc., you can view the relevant information. You can also see the similar sites and relevant mobile apps by clicking on the last two tabs. For most information, the free account displays the first few results only. You have to go for premium account to view full results.

Lightshot (screenshot tool)

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While this extension will be useful for all types of users, I believe it will come handy for regular WordPress bloggers who need to take screenshots and upload them to the website regularly. Once you have installed the extension, go to the page where you want to take the screenshot. Clicking on the extension icon will open the page in a new tab. Select the area by creating a rectangle with your mouse.

You can quickly change the rectangle size by using the arrow marks. As you select the area, the screenshot dimension will be displayed. You can annotate the screenshot by using the pen, line, arrow, rest, marker, text, color tools. Besides saving the screenshot on your computer, it is also possible to upload it to, share in social media networks, search in Google for similar images, etc.

Over To You

And these were my picks for the best Chrome extensions for WordPress users. If you are a regular WordPress user, these extensions will make your job a lot easier.

Do you use any of them? How many of them are new to you? Let me know in the comments. And if you think I have missed an obvious Google Chrome extension in this list, let me know that too. I will be glad to take a look.

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    I am not a big fan of Google Chrome because of its inability to block ads. If I ever start using Google Chrome, I will use site manager for sure.

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