Building a website is easy in this day and age with all these tools at your disposal. You can create amazing sites without touching any code at all. However, building a forum website using bbPress on WordPress forum themes is where you require patience and finesse.

While various frameworks and platforms help you build a community on your websites; you might just prefer WordPress for various reasons, including the familiarity with it. Of course, WordPress being an extremely versatile platform allows for such flexibility. And so you can create a fully functional forum on top of WordPress using ready-made WordPress forum themes using bbPress.

These 23 WordPress forum themes showcase the best potential of WordPress and bbPress plugin. These forum WordPress themes will help you set up the most customizable and feature-rich forum website you could have.

bbPress Forum WordPress Themes


Forum Engine WordPress Theme

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ForumEngine is an extremely customizable WordPress forum theme that lets your users post content and replies to said content with its custom comments system and elegantly designed interface. Everything in the theme is customizable. You can change the colors, the position of your ads and so on.

It also comes with extensive WPML support so you can translate the theme into any language you like. The template also comes with a rewarding user badge system that allows you to reward your community members for their active contribution. It also offers feature-rich notification system that updates your users for anything that needs their attention.


QA Engine

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QAEngine is a very well designed WordPress questions answers theme that attempts to maintain a certain level of data density while not being too complicated to grasp. While it is technically designed for a Q&A website, where people can post questions and others can answer said questions.

The theme works well regarding building a community around it. The theme provides you with various stats you can use to judge how the community is functioning and comes with some nice community features such as custom user badges and intuitive user interactions. It is also fully responsive and is highly customizable regarding looks and features.



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Answers is a Q&A theme that packs some great features while keeping its basic and straightforward look. Answers come with some exciting features such as the ability to automatically charge for every submission.

It also comes with a custom-made user registration form that can be fully customized and multiple custom-built widgets that fit the theme’s look and complement its features.


Woffice bbpress support forum

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Woffice is a highly well-designed WordPress forum theme – not only regarding the looks but also how it’s built. It follows all of the latest guidelines and features provided with HTML5 standards and is fully responsive. It is also highly customizable and versatile. You can use it to not only host community, but also a blog or a website for your institution.

There are over 300 options to tinker with making it easier to customize the theme as you want without ever touching a single line of code. It comes with multiple custom-built extensions to enhance your user’s experience. The theme offers full support for WooCommerce and bbPress. It also comes with some unique features like an AJAX-based fully featured chat your visitors can use to contact you.

Ask Me

Ask-Me wordpress question answer theme

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Ask Me is a fully responsive theme designed to host a Q&A website. It borrows its looks from various modern design guidelines and comes with three different homepage layouts for you to quickly switch between. The theme also features custom-built user pages so your users can build a profile of their own and comes with various community-building features such as reward badges and points.

The theme also comes with built-in support for PayPal, allowing you to charge your users for posting – something that won’t help you build your community but might help you monetize an existing one. Over 15 unique widgets, custom-built just for the theme are also included!



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KnowledgePress is an extremely feature rich theme built while keeping in mind, ease of use and an interface that is easy to navigate. The theme comes with Visual Composer allowing you to customize every single page by just dragging and dropping elements without ever touching any code.

It also has some advanced features like a custom-built Live Search that will search through your website instantly and provide you with Analytics about what your users are searching for the most. It also comes with some exciting community features such as votes and custom-made social plugins. The theme is well documented so you can customize it with ease as well.

Curated – bbPress WordPress Theme


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Curated is a bbPress WordPress theme featuring fancy animations and modern design that pleasant to your eyes and fully responsive to all of your devices. It has full integration and support for bbPress, WooCommerce, and WPML allowing you to host community, monetize it and translate it in any language.

The theme comes with full documentation helping you customize every nook and corner of it with ease. It also comes bundled with an easy to use drag and drop page builder and the Moz Slider exclusive to this theme.



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Route is one of the most elegant WordPress forum themes around with smooth animations and beautiful design decisions. It comes with Visual Composer allowing you to customize every page by just dragging and dropping elements. It is even bundled with Revolution Slider and LayerSlider as well.

Route also comes with full support for BuddyPress, bbPress and WooCommerce – allowing you to build a great community on top of your website. The theme also features some fancy effects such as parallax backgrounds.


Wild Community Theme

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WildCommunity is a community WordPress theme that comes with full support for BuddyPress and bbPress. Both these are incredible plugins that allow you to build a social network and a community of people at the same time. It also has a full-featured custom-built AJAX based chat and is fully responsive to every display size you could want.

It features over 40 custom-built pages for your community and comes with support for any of the over 600 fonts available on Google Fonts. It also comes with some custom-built shortcodes including one that lets you hide text for members only. The theme offers full support for WPML allowing you to translate your site to any language you want.


OneCommunity Theme

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OneCommunity is an incredible forum theme that borrows some of its design inspirations from the modern look that Windows offers. It comes bundled with plugins like:

  • OneByOne slider – that let you build amazing slide shows and
  • Ajax Search Pro plugin – that upgrades your website’s search to something fitting to the modern standards and expectations.

The theme is fully responsive and is somewhat customizable with over 9 different color palettes to choose from and four different homepage layouts pick from. It also comes with full integration and support for BuddyPress, bbPress and WooCommerce – some incredible plugins allowing you to build an extensive community with ease.



Demo & Download

Sentric is designed to be a knowledge base, a place where you can post articles about your product to help people diagnose or figure out your software. While that is a great idea for a theme, you will also need a community around this so that people can help others with the same issues and so the theme comes with full integration and support for bbPress.

This knowledge base WordPress theme features some advanced features. It comes with filters your users can sort through very quickly, a custom-built search that lets your users go through all of the topics with ease.

It also offers a voting system to allow your users to vote the best solutions and articles to top and some detailed customization options to make your website unique as well. The theme is fully responsive and comes with over a dozen custom-built widgets that enhance the features of the theme.



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SmartMag is a fully responsive forum WordPress theme with the high-resolution icons built for use in blogs and other news websites. While it might not offer any complicated design features, it does come with extensive customizability. The theme comes with multiple pre-made themes that let you customize the looks without putting much effort into it.

SmartMag is fully responsive and comes with an easy to use drag and drop page builder allowing you to edit the layout of your page with ease. The theme also comes with Revolution Slider and fully integration with bbPress and WooCommerce as well.



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Unlike some of the themes in this list, Engage is specifically designed to host your community with full support for BuddyPress and bbPress. It features custom-built pages for your user profiles and packs a ton of great community-focused features such as one-to-one messaging and groups.

This WordPress forum theme comes with extensive documentation to help you customize it and figure out how its various features work. It is fully responsive for every device your users could use it on. It also comes with some really beautiful custom-built shortcodes and a threaded comments system as well.



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Buddy features full integration with BuddyPress and bbPress giving you the freedom to build a community as you desire. This WordPress forum theme comes with high-resolution icons and is fully responsive for every display size you could think of.

It also comes with specialized icon fonts – allowing you to use fonts for icons, reducing the size of your pages and enhancing the load times. All of the good is fully commented and everything is well-documented in case you ever need to change anything.


Blackfyre WordPress Forum Themes

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Blackfyre is a bbPress WP template that focuses on dark colors. While Blackfyre focuses on community building, it specifically attempts to concentrate on building a gaming community. With features like custom pages for clans and users, it is one of the few themes that are designed keeping in mind the needs of a gaming community.

Blackfyre also comes bundled with Visual Composer allowing you to customize every nook of it without ever touching a line of code. The theme features some unique effects as well, such as Parallax effects for individual elements and the ability to embed video within the theme. The theme comes with full support for bbPress and is fully responsive as well.



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3Clicks is a very attractive bbPress theme for WordPress that borrows its design from various traditional design guidelines. It is extremely flexible both regarding features and looks and is fully responsive as well. The theme comes with nine different layouts you can choose from – each is completely different giving you the option to make something unique.

The Menus are custom-built and are fully customizable beside being very powerful. The theme also comes with full support for WooCommerce and bbPress. The theme comes bundled with a dozen different sliders giving you a great amount of options for your customization and lets you be creative in letting you build exactly what you want.



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Newspaper is a theme designed to host a news website, but it can host forum as well because it comes with full support for bbPress and BuddyPress. Newspaper comes with multiple unique and beautiful post styles, allowing you to give your posts a different look.

Most of the interface is grid-based but is easily customizable by simply dragging and dropping elements in the page builder. This forum WordPress theme comes with a lot of custom-built features that you won’t find familiar in other templates such as custom loading animations and custom light boxes, but it all works well and compliments each other.



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Sahifa is a highly optimized theme built to load fast while still looking as elegant as possible doing it. The theme comes with high-resolution icons and is fully responsive, and comes with full translation support.

WPML allows you to build your website and community in the language you desire. It does come with full support for bbPress and BuddyPress giving you the best options for building a community and comes bundled with TiePage Builder as well, letting you customize every page by just dragging and dropping elements as you desire.


Rexus multipurpose forum wordpress theme

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Rexus takes its design inspirations from some of the biggest news sites around. The best thing about is the dedicated bbPress support letting you use the framework actually intended to host a community, while using WordPress to host your website as a blog.

It also comes with various other unique features like customizable menu locations and five different widget areas. It also comes with nine fully custom widgets built just for the theme. The theme is also fully responsive and extremely customizable with the easy to use theme settings page.



Demo & Download

Kleo is an incredibly flexible multipurpose forum theme that packs some insane customization options, allowing you to customize the theme to use it with whatever you want. Kleo comes with full support for bbPress, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce. It gives you an option of installing any of the more than dozen demos in a single click.

Kleo also comes with Visual Composer giving you the ability to customize every page by just dragging and dropping elements quickly.

WordPress Support Themes

Flatbase Knowledge Base Theme


Demo & Download

Flatbase is a knowledge base WP template that you can use to host the help articles for your products. Flatbase comes with full support for bbPress. This WordPress forum theme also comes with a custom-built AJAX-based live search. It is entirely customizable while also being 100% responsive. Flatbase also supports any of the 600 fonts available at Google Fonts and is fully translation ready with Poedit.



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HelpGuru is a theme designed to host primarily a support website where people can go and search for a solution to their problems. It features a custom-built AJAX based live search box that allows your users to search your website in an instant.

This support forum theme is fully responsive and highly customizable with its drag and drop editor allowing you to move any element with ease. The theme also comes with full support for bbPress and WPML that lets you host community in any language you could want.

Support Desk


Demo & Download

Support Desk as the name suggests is a support theme designed to host support website. It is fully responsive and features a clean and familiar design that is easy enough to understand for new users. It comes with full support for bbPress allowing you to build a community around your website.

It also comes with full WPML support letting you translate your website into a language you would prefer. It also comes with some pre-built shortcodes that could help you enhance the experience for your visitors, and it also comes with three custom-built widgets just for this theme to add some nice features to it.

Any Other Support Forum Theme?

These were some of the best WordPress Forum themes around to build and host community for your products, interests or just for any general topic at all. The incredible flexibility that WordPress offers is astonishing, and all of it comes for free – except the themes. Do let us know which theme you work with and your experience with the same.