A lot of website owners want to serve the users with answers to questions they might have after going through the content posted on the website. Having a FAQ section isn’t compulsory for all websites, but it is good to have a FAQ section on some websites.

In this article, we’ll be bringing you the list of 10 best WordPress FAQ plugins which you can consider installing on your WordPress site to give answers to the “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Best FAQ WordPress Plugins

This article not only contain premium plugins, but it also has some free ones. These plugins will help you to implement the FAQ section on your WordPress website. So without wasting a minute, let’s begin with the list.

Superior FAQ

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Superior FAQ is a premium WordPress plugin for adding FAQ and their answers to your website. It is highly customizable and supports deep-linking & permalinks. The FAQs are generally created as a custom post and can be embedded anywhere, be it post, page or widgets area, with the help of shortcodes.

This plugin has a search box too. Thus a user can type the question he has in his mind or some keyword for which he is looking an answer, and it’ll drop down the FAQs based on the searched query. This plugin also allows users to vote for a single FAQ. You can also add effects like accordion or tooltip if you feel like.

WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager

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WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager is a great plugin for eCommerce sites looking to implement a FAQ section. Generally, customers might have some basic questions in their mind about the product before buying it. Knowing answers to such questions increases the chances of a visitor to get converted into a customer.

This plugin is highly customizable, one can change the color of the FAQ section via the Plugin’s options panel and give it a color matching their website’s color. To add a FAQ, one can simply go to the WooCommerce product page, and at the bottom of the page, you shall find an option to add FAQ. It has animations and options which can be tweaked to change the visibility. Isn’t this something you would want to implement on your eCommerce site?

Arconix FAQ

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Arconix FAQ is a free WordPress plugin which allows you to create multiple FAQs on your WordPress website. While most of the good FAQ plugins provides you with a lot of features, this plugin focuses on the basic function (Showing FAQs). You can display the frequently asked questions with the help of shortcodes and that too anywhere on the site.

Although, there aren’t many features, but it is strong with basics. This plugin allows you to select the option “Return to the top“, so one can navigate back to the top of the page after reading the answer. This plugin also has some level of customization which allows you to keep the answer open or closed while the page is being loaded.


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FAQPlus is a WordPress FAQ plugin which comes with a lot of customization and visualization options. Although it costs 19 USD, but if you are someone who cares more about how a particular thing looks, then this is worth it. The plugin also supports Visual composer. This is an added advantage as lots of themes come bundled with Visual Composer. FAQPlus plugin also has a powerful backend editor which allows you to change the colors and add multiple options.

The plugin can be used in a number of ways like Basic Question and Answer, FAQ with Images and Videos, FAQ with Different Animations, FAQ with Hover Effect, and Non-Collapsible FAQ. It is completely responsive and compatible with multiple browsers (which would provide great user experience).

WP Clever FAQ Builder

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WP Clever FAQ builder is not just a FAQ builder, but it is a smart tool with an intuitive conditional system which allows you to link to different steps depending on the conditions. For an instance, say you create a support system where, if the first option is selected then a different set of questions should be displayed and if another option is selected then another group of questions should be displayed.

This is clever and reduces the users’ load, by directing them to related or supporting questions so that they don’t have to go through all the questions. There is a contact form too, which allows the users to ask or send questions to the admin if they don’t find a solution to their problem. It is completely responsive, has multiple colors and can be implemented anywhere via shortcodes.

BWL Advanced FAQ Manager

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BWL Advanced FAQ Manager is a WordPress plugin which allows you to display FAQs anywhere on your WordPress website. This plugin is similar to the above-mentioned plugins. However, it has something other plugins we discussed above don’t have – pagination in the answer area of the FAQ. Say, you don’t want to display the entire answer in one single place, then you can create pagination for that answer so that the user can navigate to the paginated page for the solution.

The Plugin also has a Unique Live Search feature which allows people to search for a question or keyword so that they don’t have to go through the entire list of questions. This plugin also supports embedding YouTube videos in the answer, which will make it easier to solve some questions. Also, there is no limit on creating FAQs.

Sugar FAQs

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Sugar FAQs is a simple WordPress FAQ Management plugin. This plugin comes with 9 different color schemes which look attractive. The answers can also include images which can sometimes be helpful to the visitors. The plugin is completely responsive and also allows you to set the width of the “FAQ” area.

If you are looking for accordion styling, this plugin provides that style with options to turn on and off. The plugin comes with a great support and in case you encounter any bugs or issues, you can contact the plugin developer. Although this plugin has limited features, this has been built with the aim to serve the main purpose i.e. Showing FAQs & Answers and it does its job perfectly. It also allows the visitors to add their own question, which if approved would show up.

WP Responsive FAQ with Category Plugin

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WP Responsive FAQ with category plugin comes in two versions, one is the free version and the other one is the paid version. The free plugin solves the basic problem of showing frequently asked questions and answers on your site. It also allows you to categorize the questions under different categories, so it becomes easy for the user to follow.

The paid version, on the other hand, comes with a lot of customizable options. It also supports the Visual composer, WooCommerce and comes with multiple colors. It also brings in a new visibility mode i.e. the Grid, where the traditional FAQs are replaced by the grid-based look. In case you are looking for customizations and better support, you can go for the paid version, else the free version would satisfy your needs.

Ultimate FAQ

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Ultimate FAQ is another free FAQ plugin which allows you to create and publish the FAQs & Answers. It also has a premium version and comes with a free 7-days trial. This plugin supports WooCommerce, which means you can add a FAQ tab under your WooCommerce product.

This plugin also allows you to create unlimited FAQs, unlimited categories and you can link the FAQ with the category. So if someone is interested in reading FAQs about a particular category, then they can navigate to the FAQ category and read the questions. It also has an AJAX search form which allows the users to search for a particular keyword or a query in the FAQs. The best thing about this plugin is the EXPORT feature – you can export the FAQs you’ve made into a PDF Manual. Isn’t that great?

Fancy FAQ

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Fancy FAQ is a WordPress FAQ plugin and is one of the simplest FAQ plugins you might have come across. The FAQs are displayed in a different way in this plugin, rather than using signs to show the question and answer, it uses a Q and A, where Q stands for Question and A stands for Answer.

You can also add categories to the FAQ you create so that the user can read more FAQs by navigating to the category link. It is completely responsive and allows the owner to display the FAQ anywhere on the site by using the shortcodes concept. This plugin also has the accordion option, which can be implemented by the admin based on his requirements.

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There are a lot of FAQ WordPress plugins available on the web. Selecting one which solves our basic requirements is tough. Hence we have done some research and found out the best one’s available in the market.

Do let us know more about your views on the above plugins in the comment section.