Traditional popups and opt-ins forms are now becoming thing of the past. You have to adopt more sophisticated techniques to convert the modern visitors into paying customers. Among these, Exit-Intent Popup Technology work best for most websites.

There are several WordPress Exit Intent Popup Plugins that help you create, show, and manage exit-intent popups on your site. But which of these plugins are the best? Our today’s post will answer that question for you. In this post, I am going to introduce you to the seven best exit-intent popup plugins for WordPress.

Exit-Intent Popup Plugins

#1. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

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Thrive products have brought fresh perspectives into the traditional online marketing strategies. The same thing also applies to Thrive Lead’s exit-intent. They have brought two new techniques here – SmartExit and SmartExit+.

Among these, SmartExit offers you to enable exit-intent popup for the desktop visitors and a timed popup for the mobile visitors. On the other hand, SmartExit+ allows you to set a time limit after which the popup will be displayed automatically.

However, the popup will also be displayed if the visitor intends to exit the page before that duration. Thrive Leads comes with an intuitive drag and drop builder and lots of readymade templates. You can choose any of the existing templates or create a unique design from scratch. The precise targeting options help you show the most appropriate opt-in forms depending on the tags, categories, posts, pages, etc.

The plugin also features the necessary options for performing A/B tests on different form types, elements, triggers, contents, etc. The in-depth reports will help you track important metrics like the conversion rate, list growth rate, and so on. Thrive offers multiple membership plans including one-time and recurring plans.

#2. Optinmonster


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OptinMonster is the original plugin that popularized the concept of exit-intent. It offers three levels of exit-intent sensitivity to help you convert the abandoning visitors into email subscribers. You can use the exit-intent technology with popups or full-screen messages. If you want to draw the attention of your visitors, you have to use exit-intention combination with Monster Effects. This is a unique feature that allows you to choose any of the 26 highly attractive CSS3 animations or use your custom CSS effect to catch the visitor’s eye.

The plugin comes with a drag & drop builder that makes it a lot easier to create beautiful opt-in forms. The mobile-responsive form builder will make sure that your opt-in forms work perfectly on all screen size and resolutions. Page-level targeting is another notable feature of OptinMonster. You can use this feature to show unique forms, campaigns, or offers to depend on the visitor’s location or their interactions with your website.

Simple A/B testing and detailed analytics will help you track the performance of your opt-ins. Thanks to the built-in integrations with the popular email marketing platforms, you won’t have to write any HTML code for the integration. OptinMonster has different pricing plans starting from $19 per month. The basic plan allows you to use the plugin in one website, create unlimited forms, split tests, list segmentation, and so on. You can get a 25% discount by paying yearly.

#3. WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro

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WP Subscribe Pro is another excellent plugin for creating and displaying exit-intent popups on your WordPress site. It allows you to show a popup when the visitors attempt to leave your website. The fully responsive popups work perfectly on all screen resolutions.

Thanks to the clean and professional coding, the plugin is very lightweight and doesn’t have any impact on the loading speed. The seamless integration process makes it a lot simpler to integrate the plugin with your favorite email marketing platforms including AWeber, MailChimp, FeedBurner, GetResponse, and so on.

WP Subscribe Pro comes with several ready-made designs with multiple color variations. You can get started with any of these templates or create your design. You will find the admin options at the Settings -> WP Subscribe Pro page. You can choose to show the subscription form, related posts, custom HTML, shortcode, etc. in the popup.

The plugin comes with lots of attractive animation effects. You can choose the animation for both entry and exit of the popup. For the popup content, you can define the title, text, button text, success and error messages, and choose the different colors. It is possible to check out a preview before applying the changes.

#4. Ninja Popups for WordPress

Ninja Popups for WordPress

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Ninja Popups for WordPress is a highly popular exit-intent popup creator plugin for WordPress. The plugin comes with 65+ professionally designed popup themes to help you get started within a short period. There is a drag and drop editor that lets you create your design for the popups. Catch the attention of your visitors by choosing any of the 74 animations.

Along with exit-intent, the plugin also allows you to show popups for other occasions like scrolling to a specific portion of the page, after a specific amount of inactivity, after a specific amount of time, on page load, etc. Ninja Popups supports both opt-in locker and social locker, which can be a great way to convert your visitors.

The plugin also comes with page-level targeting, which enables you to show or hide the popups on specific posts, pages, or both. The built-in A/B testing will help you test different variations of the popups and find out the best performing designs. Ninja Popups feature complete integration with Google Analytics, making it a lot easier to track the performance of your popups. The translation-ready plugin works correctly with all the popular e-mail marketing platforms.

#5. WP Exit PopUp

WP Exit PopUp

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WP Exit PopUp is a specialized plugin for displaying exit-intent popups on your WordPress site. When using the plugin, you can show a popup right before the visitor leaves your website. This is an excellent way to enhance the user experience as well.

This WordPress Exit Intent Popup Plugin comes with all the necessary options for customizing your popups. You can provide custom URL, coupon code, and use your images and videos in the popups. What’s more, WP Exit PopUp works correctly with popular email marketing services including MailChimp and AWeber.

That means you don’t have to deal with the integration issues. You have to be a WP Eka member to get the WP Exit PopUp plugin. Membership pricing starts from $17 per month. This price includes access to all WP Eka themes and plugins, unlimited websites, support, and updates.

#6. Yeloni Exit Popup

Yeloni Exit Popup

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Yeloni Exit Popup is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create and display exit-intent popups. The plugin comes with lots of attractive templates for various purposes like getting email subscribers, promoting offers, increasing sales, getting more social shares, etc.

You can choose the appropriate template based on your requirements. The next step is to customize the popup style. Depending on your chosen template, you can customize the text, buttons, background, heading, sub-heading, name, email fields, and so on.

For each style, you will find a dedicated option to provide custom CSS. There will be another field for tracking the popup’s conversion rate by using Google Analytics. The plugin allows you to send a welcome email to your new subscribers. You can define the sender email address, subject, and email body.

The dashboard offers an overview of all the popups. There are checkboxes to enable or disable the popups. You can configure various settings like how often the popup will be displayed, triggering event for the popup, the closing action, etc. It is also possible to re-deign and delete the popups from the dashboard.

#7. Hustle – Pop-ups, Slide-ins, and Email Opt-Ins

Hustle – Pop-ups, Slide-ins, and Email Opt-ins

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Hustle is a multi-purpose plugin from WPMU Dev that enables you to create popups, slide-ins, and opt-ins. The best part is you can use exit-intent on all of these forms. When creating the popup or opt-in form, you can provide a title, sub-title, and upload a custom image. You can choose to hide the image on mobile devices. For the actual content, you will get the regular WordPress text editor. Which means you have all the formatting options along with the text mode. It is also possible to add a CTA button with custom label and URL.

There are plenty of customization options for the message box. The plugin comes with three default styles for you to choose from. You can customize the colors, and define the border and drop-shadow for the message box. There is a separate section to provide custom CSS and apply your designs. The handy preview button enables you to check the real-time preview before you confirm the changes.

The “Display Setting” section houses all the options to define the display options. You can choose to show the form after content, as a popup, or slide-in. There are plenty of conditions available to help you control exactly where the form should be displayed. You will also find options to set the trigger, animation, and form submission action.

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Over to You

It seems all the popular websites are already using exit-intent popups. Now that you know about the best exit-intent popup plugins for WordPress, you can utilize this technique too.

So, which of these exit-intent plugins are you going to use on your WordPress site? Let me know in the comments below.