10 Best Dropbox Plugins For WordPress in 2017

The internet pretty much runs on the cloud today and if you know anything about the term Cloud, you know I am not talking about the ones in the sky. Anyway, jokes aside, cloud computing has changed the way we use the internet for good. Services like YouTube, Twitter and others are dependent on the cloud to serve as the content. Not only that but many apps we run on our smartphones are backed by cloud servers that process requests made by the app and reproduce a result.

These cloud-based services are also used to store data that users upload on their accounts. One example of this service is Dropbox. Dropbox is a publicly available cloud storage service that can be used by users to store their documents, pictures, videos or other types of files online. These files will later be made available to devices and locations and the person who wants to access their files on Dropbox just needs to have an internet connection, and that is all.

Dropbox makes it easy for users to save their files as a backup and these files can be accessed from anywhere if you have access to the internet which is great. So why not take Dropbox and use it to build a plugin that helps us do useful things on WordPress with Dropbox?

WordPress is a platform on which one can quickly develop a plugin or a theme that can be used in different ways and hence it totally makes sense to create a plugin that helps you do things like hosting your files on Dropbox, taking backups on Dropbox and more. Let us take a look at each of these WordPress Dropbox plugins one by one and see what they have to offer.

Dropbox Plugins For WordPress

WordPress Backup & Clone Master

WordPress Backup & Clone Master

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WordPress Backup & Clone Master is considered as CodeCanyon’s best selling backup plugin. It is advertised to do one job in specific, and it handles the task with unparalleled expertise. Now if this seems too good to be true, then one should also consider that the plugin comes with a premium price tag of $33.

Regarding functionality, the plugin can help users to create a backup of their WordPress website and help them to save it on their PC, website’s server, send via email and of course, save to external Dropbox servers. There are also some useful migrating features bundled in which can be very useful for people looking forward to moving their website to a new domain or host.



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BackWPup is a solid WordPress dropbox backup plugin available for free at the WordPress repository. However, there is also a pro version of the plugin which comes with a $75 price tag offering 12 months of support.

Now with the free alternative, the plugin can help create database backups and provide options to save them through Dropbox, FTP, Amazon s3, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace Cloud and SugarSync. On top of these, in the pro version, there is also support for Google Drive as well as Amazon Glacier. The plugin also finds use as an optimization and repair tool which is an added benefit.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

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Just like Dropbox Backup & Restore, this plugin also uses your Dropbox account to backup your WordPress website. This plugin can back up all the WordPress, media and other files that are used on your site along with the SQL database on your site.

You can choose when to backup while files and folders to backup and also if you want to upload it to your Dropbox account or just your web server. This comes handy in case you are low on storage in your Dropbox account and wish to take a backup of important things like media, plugins, and database.

Dropbox Backup & Restore


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When it comes to backing up your WordPress website, you should make sure you take backup of everything along with your media files as well as the SQL database which stores all the posts, settings, etc. Sometimes, these backups can be massive in size depending on the number of images, etc. present in the WordPress installation. Not everyone in this world has a high-speed data connection that provides a huge data cap, right?

So, it is a good idea to use a plugin like Dropbox Backup & Restore which allows you to create a backup of your whole site and directly uploads it to your Dropbox account instead of you downloading the backup and then uploading to Dropbox separately. This not only saves a lot of time but also makes the backup procedure easier.

Post via Dropbox


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WordPress itself has a great dashboard and a text editor that provides you with an elegant way of being able to update your WordPress website. But what if you want to keep a backup of all the posts in text format on your Dropbox account?

You can just use this plugin by installing it on your WordPress and then connecting your Dropbox account. You can create new posts on your WordPress website just by creating a text file in your Dropbox account, and the post will be edited as you edit the text file. This is good for having the backup of all your posts in text format, and it will be liked by people who like doing things in a geeky way.

Dropbox Photo Sideloader


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This is a really interesting plugin that allows you to pull images from your folder in your Dropbox account to display them on WordPress. This is a very useful plugin if you want to import images from your Dropbox account and show them in your media library.

Doing the same manually will take a lot of time as one will have to download the images and then upload it to your server. This consumes a lot of time and data. This plugin is one of the best plugins that use Dropbox for something productive on WordPress.

Dropbox Folder Share


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If you just want to share a single folder on your Dropbox account along with all the content, then this folder will do it for you without any bells and whistles of connecting your Dropbox account, etc. All you need to do is install this plugin on your WordPress website and set the proper settings by going to Settings -> Dropbox Folder Share and you are done.

You can start using this plugin directly in your post or page by providing the link to the Dropbox folder you want to share. You can also use shortcodes to share the folders with this plugin.

Simply Attached


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This plugin allows you to attach files from your Dropbox account to your posts or pages on your WordPress websites. Users will be able to download the attached files in the posts or pages directly from Dropbox servers which means the downloads will be fast and readily available and hence the load on your server will be low.

You can list the downloads anywhere with the help of shortcodes which gives you the freedom of using this plugin as per your wish and requirements. You can choose to display media/files from media library on your WordPress website or from Dropbox, which gives you more power. There is also an option to choose from five different styles of the list, and you can choose the one which looks good on your theme.

WooCommerce Dropbox


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Are you running a digital downloads website powered by WooCommerce and you are looking for a way that helps you in providing downloads to people using your site? This is the plugin you are looking for then. You can efficiently serve digital downloads for video files, images, audio files, PDFs or any other type of file for that matter. This plugin will ultimately help you save a lot of bandwidth along with CPU usage on your server which is good.

Super Backup & Clone


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The Dropbox Backup & Restore plugin does its job without any problems and is also free. But if you want a plugin that does a bit more than just keeping backups, then you should go for this plugin. This is a premium plugin that comes at a price of $34 and has all the features that Dropbox Backup & Restore has to offer.

But the extra features like helping in the migration of the website to a different server, being compatible with various cloud services and the compatibility with Multisite is what seals the deal for the plugin at the price.

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Over To You

Dropbox itself is an excellent service that can be used as a robust cloud storage solution for both end users as well as businesses. These plugins take the power of WordPress and combine it with Dropbox to provide some of the best applications that one can create with WordPress and Dropbox.

Personally, I like the Super Backup & Clone and also the Dropbox Backup & Restore for the straightforward yet amazing ways for backing up a WordPress website. The Post via Dropbox is also a great way to keep a backup for all the posts while simultaneously having them on your WordPress website.

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    Be careful as some of these plugins will require or perform better when you register to their service, even if that is free. Nonetheless, Dropbox is a fantastic cloud backup service!

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