10 Free and Best WordPress Custom Avatar Plugins

WordPress, by default, uses Gravatar to pull user avatar with the help of the email IDs of users to display the avatar in the comments section, post pages and other relevant sections. This system works great and is widely used in all kinds of WordPress websites over the internet.

As a user, all you need to do is have an account at and upload your display picture which will then be displayed on all the websites where you will use the profile email you signed up from. But as we all know, WordPress is a pretty customizable content management system and it allows you to use a custom avatar for your users in case you don’t want to pull their avatars from Gravatar.

This can be done with the help of a suitable plugin that you will have to install on your WordPress website and this is exactly what the post is about. In this post I will list some of the best WordPress custom Avatar plugins that you can install on your WordPress blog to show a custom avatar for your users instead of showing their Gravatar display pictures.

WordPress Custom Avatar Plugins

1. WP User Avatar


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This plugin does exactly what the name suggests it does. You can choose to let users upload their own avatar on your WordPress website if you wish to or you can choose to have a default avatar for everyone who is a user of your website. You can also set certain parameters like avatar image size, width, height and more. These types of settings, add an extra layer of customizability in which the users can choose to have their own preferred avatar on your website.

2. WP First Letter Avatar


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Just incase you are choosing to go for an image-less pages on your WordPress website, then this plugin will work the best for you. Instead of showing images as avatar for your users, you can choose to show the alphabets from their name as their avatar. This plugin will let you show the first letter of the user’s name as their avatar on your WordPress website. It could be useful in many cases, especially if you are trying to bring down the page load times of your WordPress website and less images means faster load times, right?

3. Avatar Manager


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As the name suggests, this plugin was specially developed to help webmasters to manage the avatars options on their WordPress website. Not only does it allow you to set a custom default avatar for your users on your WordPress website, but it can also allow them to upload their own avatar if you have turned that setting on.

You can also choose avatars for your users yourself or you can let them choose an avatar and upload it themselves. This plugin also allows you to control the default size of the avatar that is shown and along with that, you will also be able to choose the avatar rating, which is good in case you don’t want the avatars to show up to a certain group of people.

4. Add Local Avatars


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This is one of the most used custom avatar plugins for WordPress and it allows you to or your users to upload a custom avatar to show on your WordPress website. As an alternative, your website users can choose to import the avatars from their Twitter profiles, which is an amazing feature that not many other avatar plugins do not offer. The avatars can also be included in a post which gives an extra level of functionality to your users with this plugin.

5. Author or User Image

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This is also a free plugin for WordPress that allows your website users to set a custom image as their display picture on your WordPress website. This image will not only show up on the author’s bio, but also in the comments which is great. You can set a default image for all users, which the users will be able to change by uploading a new image.

6. Simple Local Avatars


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This plugin simply adds a new field in the user’s Edit Profile page on WordPress dashboard and allows them to upload a custom image as an avatar to be used on that particular website. You can also turn off Gravatar support which means that users will be forced to use a custom image as an avatar, but if you want to keep the options open, you can do that as well and hence users can choose from either using Gravatar or a custom avatar.

7. WP Social Avatar


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As the name suggests, this is a plugin that allows the users of your website to show their social media profile display pictures as their avatar on your WordPress website. This is a great plugin as this allows users to change the display pictures easily just by changing their display image on their social media profiles. You can choose to show avatars from either Facebook or Google+ whichever you use frequently.

8. Easy Author Image


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This is another great plugin that allows the users of a WordPress website to upload their custom avatars to show them instead of a Gravatar image on the WordPress website. You can either upload an image or you can import it from a URL that you may have. You also have the option to choose an image from the WordPress media library to be set as your custom avatar on the WordPress website.

Premium Options to Consider

9. Uni Avatar – WP Avatar Manager


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This is a premium plugin that is available for $13 which can be used to provide your website users with a set of fancy avatars that they can choose from. Apart from being able to choose from a set of predefined fancy avatars, your website, users will also be able to upload their own custom avatars using this plugin.

This plugin also works flawlessly on BuddyPress based websites which is a good thing if you have a private social network on your WordPress website so that you will be able to use this plugin to its full potential on the website.

10. SVG Avatars Generator


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This plugin allows you to provide your website users with an option to create their own custom avatars. This plugin uses SVG or Scalable Vector Generator technology, which is a popular and supported technology by all sorts of browsers on computers as well as mobile devices.

After creating their own custom avatar, your website, users will be able to grab an SVG or a PNG file which they will be able to use as their avatars on your websites. This plugin truly provides a great value for money at a price of just $25 as it allows your users to use their imagination to create their own unique avatars.

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These were ten of the best WordPress custom avatar plugins that you will find to use. This list contains both free as well as premium plugins for setting a custom avatar on a WordPress website. But to be honest, these premium plugins don’t really provide a great functionality except for the SVG Avatars Generator which allows users to create their own avatar using their imagination which is great!

But when it comes to free plugins, I would rather go to WP User Avatars and WP Social Avatar which allow me to do almost everything that all the other plugins do. But the choice is yours, hence, try each of these and use the one which suits your needs the best!

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  1. Andy Mercer

    Just tried all of these and a few others, and none are actually perfect. It’s a pretty simple concept, but none of them change the “Profile Picture” section of the user page. They just add their own boxes (many of which are ugly or broken) underneath.

    I did a bit of user testing, and out of six people, four saw the first profile image that wasn’t clickable and then stopped trying, assuming it couldn’t change. Two kept scrolling and discovered the second box.

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