WordPress is an open-source platform to create and run websites, and many people use such websites to sell products as well. If you also run an online store and have a plan to launch a new product shortly, then this article is for you. All website owners use various plugins to enhance the functionality of their websites and engage more people. Here in this article, we have listed the best WordPress countdown timer plugins that can be used to boost the sale of your products by creating excitement among users.

These WordPress countdown plugins showcase any product with a timer to let viewers know that how much time is left for the discounted price or how much stock is left so that they purchase the items within that time limit. These WordPress countdown plugins can also be used to make announcements, or if you sell any product by subscription, then they can show the time elapsed to the viewers. You can add those good looking timers on any post or page and even customize them as per the looks of your website.

So, without wasting any further time, please have a look at some of the best WordPress countdown plugins to add to your website.

WordPress Countdown Timer Plugins

#1. The Countdown Pro


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The Countdown Pro is easy to use and highly customizable plugin for WordPress based websites. You can quickly add the countdown functionality to your content or sidebar to let viewers know the counts. The plugin provides full control to the counter through the options panel and offers up and down counting facility. It includes a shortcode generator and sidebar with multiple options.

The plugin comes with an advance Expiration tracking system to track the visitor counter. It also allows users to set the Expiration mode by the total visit, fixed date or time elapse. You can utilize the Live counter with actual server time and customize the font, background or color of the counter as per your requirement.

#2. WooCommerce Sales Countdown Plugin


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WooCommerce Sales Countdown is a feature-rich plugin that helps you to promote your sales campaign on your online store so effectively. The counter appears with the product available for sale and tells the viewers that how much time is left to buy the product at the discounted price. It is a well-coded plugin that offers advanced functionality to boost your sale and do marketing of your products.

You can add sales countdown on category page or sidebar as well. The plugin is compatible with every WooCommerce WordPress theme and includes detailed options in the WooCommerce settings area. The plugin is WPML ready and provides multilingual support as well.

#3. jCountdown Mega Package For WordPress


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jCountdown Mega Package is a creative plugin for WordPress which allows users to create or load shortcodes in the admin panel so that users can add a countdown on any page, post or sidebar of the WordPress website using those shortcodes. The plugin is highly customizable and includes multiple useful settings.

The plugin allows users to display seconds, minutes, hour or day as per their choice in the countdowns. You can choose from black or white colors and Flip, Slide, Crystal or Metal styles. There are multiple settings such as reflection Opacity and reflection Blur that work with almost all web and mobile browsers.

#4. Red Countdown – Circular Countdown


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Red Countdown is a responsive countdown plugin for WordPress which lets users create attractive circular countdowns. The plugin is highly customizable and packs 12 presets that can be easily modified. The circular countdowns are generated on HTML5 canvas and look spotless.

The plugin comes with a shortcode generator that works with almost every browser and allows users to integrate countdowns on their WordPress website quickly and effortlessly. The plugin gets updated on a regular basis and is compatible with WordPress version 3.0 to version 4.1.

#5. Product Countdown WordPress Plugin


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Product Countdown is a robust WordPress plugin which has been designed specifically for WooCommerce online stores. The plugin can be used to create a desperation to purchase the product by displaying available items in the stock or time left after which the price will be increased etc. These paucity based countdown timers can be created in a very short span of time for a WooCommerce product with few clicks.

You can either add a popup window at the top or bottom of the page or integrate a shortcode directly on any post, page or custom post type as per your convenience. The plugin is customizable and allows users to choose from background, colors, custom CSS or global CSS for each countdown.

#6. Subscription Countdown WordPress Plugin


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Subscription Countdown is a creative WordPress plugin which is suitable to create Metro-style opt-in forms to collect data such as a user’s name and emails. Each form packs countdown which eventually encourages users to submit their details on time.

The plugin has a responsive design and looks great on mobile screens as well as PCs. All saved data can automatically be exported as CSV-file to iContact, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and GetResponse. You can redirect subscribers to the desired URL after submission of details. The plugin is shortcode driven, easy to install/set up and is translation ready.

#7. WooCommerce Coupon Countdown


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This is an extension for WooCommerce that provides attractive coupons with real-time countdowns. The coupon countdown displays the validity of coupon with the coupon code and encourages viewers to buy them and get the benefits before they get expired. There are multiple options that inform the viewers about the validity of coupons for days, weeks, months and years after the registration.

New options also allow you to limit the usage of a coupon as per the users. You can set the duration and expiry date of a coupon by last purchase of the user and even limit them to those users who have bought few products. You can display coupons in various colors using shortcodes.

#8. WordPress Countdown Plugin


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WordPress Countdown is a powerful plugin which lets users create and publish beautiful and fully functional countdowns without investing much time. These countdowns can be integrated on any page, post or widget as per your preference.

There is no need to have coding knowledge to create unlimited countdowns and add them to your WordPress website, and every user can do it without any hassle. The plugin is easy to install and use and works fine with all WordPress versions. It also provides you the facility to type any text in the countdown day, hour, minute or second field.

#9. WP Custom Countdown Plugin


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WP Custom Countdown is an attractive and straightforward WordPress plugin which packs a tiny MCE button on WordPress post and page panel. The plugin lets users create and publish clean countdown timer for their WordPress website in less time and effort. The plugin is highly customizable and includes 12 unique themes to choose from. It also features timer end time, countdown timer, background color and countdown timer padding. The plugin is easy to use and is compatible up to WordPress version 4.6.1.

#10. YITH Topbar Countdown Plugin


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If you are seeking for a countdown plugin that can showcase an exciting offer or can be used to promote any product, then YITH Topbar Countdown Plugin is recommended for you. This plugin lets users display a banner at the top of the screen with a countdown informing about the date of launching to encourage viewers to purchase the product. After the installation, you need to activate the plugin to make it functional. Users get full control over the countdown from the admin page. It is easy to use and is compatible with WordPress version 3.5.1 up to 4.4.5.

#11. Easy Timer WordPress Plugin


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Easy Timer is a simple and easy to use plugin that allows users to showcase a countdown timer, current date or time on their WordPress website. You can embed an unlimited count up/down timers on any page, post or widget as per your choice and even schedule an automatic content modification.

Every countdown displays the time left until you choose the date and you can also unveil the content when the time is over. The count up timers shows the time elapsed from the day you purchased any product or time spent by any viewer on your web page.

#12. Countdown Clock WordPress Plugin


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Countdown Clock lets you display an animated clock on the sidebar, and you can choose from vertical or horizontal clock layout, various sizes, colors for text or background, pictures and animations. The countdowns are HTML5 responsive and have the ability to detect the device and serve flash. You can set time zone and date as per your preference. You can also use the list of pre-set events such as Christmas, World Cup, etc. for the countdown. The plugin has not been updated for quite a long time yet is compatible up to WordPress version 4.2.10.

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Over to You

Hopefully, the list we have provided will help you to choose the best WordPress countdown plugins as per your requirements. Please share your experience about the above-mentioned timers with us and feel free to give your valuable feedback.