7 Best Contact Form Plugins For WordPress Compared

As a WordPress website webmaster, you need to provide your visitors a way to contact you when they need to. But keep in mind that all this functionality isn’t available out of the box inside WordPress. This is made possible thanks to all sorts of developers who spend their time, energy and money to develop themes, plugins, etc. for WordPress. These themes and plugins are used to customize the WordPress CMS further to perform different tasks.

Coming back to the point, coding a whole new Contact Form for WordPress isn’t practical since it can easily be implemented with the use of a plugin. Hence, in this post, I am going to list some of the best WordPress contact form plugins that one can download and use to have a contact form on their WordPress website.

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WordPress Contact Form Plugins

1. Contact Form 7


This is probably the most used contact form plugin for WordPress. With over 1 million active installs currently, it is one of the best plugins one can have for contact forms. It allows you to create a contact form with elements as per your requirement just by using shortcodes & drop downs.

You can have extra fields in your contact form and implementing a CAPTCHA in your contact form with Contact Form 7 is easy and just requires a CAPTCHA plugin installed. Overall, this has all the required and significant features that a contact form plugin should have, and it should be the go to the plugin if you are looking for a plugin to implement a contact form on your WordPress website.

2. Contact Bank – Contact Forms Builder


If following and setting different shortcodes to create a contact form seems too much for you, then this plugin will make your job of establishing some basic contact forms easy. This is a nice plugin that comes with an excellent and intuitive backend UI, which allows the user to create contact form just in a matter of a few clicks.

Even though the plugin is good, it is limited by some restrictions that can be unlocked by purchasing a license for the premium version of Contact Bank.

3. Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms is one of the best premium plugins for WordPress, and it can be used to create contact forms without any hassle just by drag and drop method. This form plugins is not limited to creating contact forms only, and you can use it to make other types of forms as well.

You can use it on different WordPress frameworks as well as themes, and it will work seamlessly. Integration with web applications like PayPal, MailChimp, Freshbooks, etc. is easy with this plugin and this plugin takes the contact form a bit further to make it more functional. Gravity Forms start at a price of $39 per year and goes up to $199 per year depending on which plan you choose.

4. Ninja Kick


This is a really interesting contact form plugin for WordPress and comes at a price of $19. This plugin will basically add an exquisite looking contact form on the same page that the user is browsing, and all the user or viewer of your website has to do click a button or a link or even an image and the plugin will show the contact form on the same page without redirecting the user to any other page.

The contact form will be responsive, so your mobile and tablet users will be able to use this feature/contact form on your website as well.

5. Form Generator – WP Form Builder


When it comes to form builders, we cannot miss Form Generator as it is one of the best form creations or building plugins available for WordPress which can be used to create contact forms for WordPress quickly.

This is a drag and drop form builder plugin, and hence, it is very easy to use. You can customize it with any theme, color or layout as per your wish or imagination. It also comes with a feature that supports implementing it with Autoresponders. With so many features, this is an excellent alternative to Gravity Forms at just $29.

6. Simple Contact Slider


This is a simple, and unobtrusive contact form for WordPress that hides behind a tab on whatever page is loaded on the website and the user can quickly access the contact form hidden behind the tab with a click.

Since the user is not being redirected to another page, this plugin will also provide ease of usage and will reduce the bounce rate of your website to a large extent. This slider is also responsive and hence it works flawlessly on mobiles and tablets.

7. Contact Form Generator


This is a free contact form plugin for WordPress that comes with a builder as well. You can easily create contact forms with this plugin, or you can just go ahead and use the ready-made forms that come by default.

It is loaded with features like template creation with live preview, Google Maps, Google Fonts, CAPTCHA, etc. Showing a contact form on the page you want it to appear is also very easy and all you need to do is use a shortcode. The integrated spam protection provided by the plugin is adequate, and you can eliminate spam from contact forms to a large extent on your website.

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When it comes to Contact Forms on your WordPress site, you need to make sure that you have set up everything correctly not to miss any important mails from your visitors or even advertisers!

In my opinion, I like the Contact Form 7 is the best plugin that is also available for free and easy to set up. For people who want something extra, they can choose Gravity Forms but it comes at a higher price. You can select the Form Generator plugin as an alternative to Gravity Forms.


  1. Abdul

    Contact form 7 is truly the best in the game as it is used and recommended by several WordPress themes. It is simple, elegant and easy-to-use.

  2. Michael

    Thanks for sharing. It’s interesting feature that you can actually style Contact Form 7 with Ninja Kick Contact Form 🙂

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