Whatever profession you are in, if you are looking for some online booking calendar for yourself, then these WordPress plugins will come in very handy. Be it classrooms or consultation bookings, transports or seminars; a single WordPress plugin on your online site will sort everything, without having to manage appointment systems and arrange them manually every time. It will save you a lot of trouble and some precious time.

WordPress Appointment booking plugins will allow you to take bookings and keep your daily appointments arranged in order so that you can keep a track of them every moment and not miss them at all. The best attractive features of these individual plugins are that the customer can select a time slot himself from the given set of time slots.

The number of available bookings on any particular day can be mentioned as per the needs of the user. Moreover, you can pay online conveniently for booking your slot. After that, the customer would receive a confirmation email directly which will confirm the payment as well as the slot booked. Here are some best Appointments booking Plugins on WordPress:

Best WordPress Booking Plugins

WP Simple Booking Calendar


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This is one of the popular WordPress appointment booking plugins when it comes to events or seminars or places to stay or transport facilities that have just one single time slot. This Booking plugin as the name suggests is a plugin that is very plain and straightforward.

As a user all you need to do is upload the calendar on your website; you can make use of a shortcode for the same that will be provided to you. Once you have uploaded that the customers and viewers can avail it easily and make easy bookings for your events or services within minutes.

Webba Booking Lite

Webba WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

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This is another paramount advancement in WordPress booking plugins. It helps the users to arrange and organize your services, in the case of service providers. Here the customers will be able to make a step by step booking for any of your services.

On the other hand, you can keep your services scheduled on each day basis so that the users can avail it as per their requirement. In this way, you will not get confused when you have to take into consideration the service requirement and the person who has booked for the same. Overall, this is a very popular appointment booking plugin; it is known for its user-friendly and comprehensive nature and responsive fonts.

WordPress Booking Calendar

WordPress WordPress Appointment Booking

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This is again one of the leading WordPress booking calendars plugin that have been used pretty often by big business for scheduling appointments for their customers. The responsiveness of the font is pretty high, and you can book slots for yourself pretty quickly without taking much time.

You can customize your calendar and make it suitable for your purpose by using the different kinds of settings this plugin has to provide you with. You can create unlimited schedules and make it according to your specifications. The best thing about this plugin is that it is very easy to install.



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This is one of the leading Plugins available today for WordPress appointment booking calendar. With this plugin, the customers can easily make appointments and book schedules for services from the concerned companies by the slots that are available from the company.

Another very noticeable thing about this plugin is that you can sync the data with some your devices as well and view the information from different devices as and when you want. Payment for appointment bookings can also be made using this plugin in conveniently with the help of Credit Card, PayPal or other modes as well.

Gravity Forms


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Gravity Forms has been specially designed to redesign the Booking forms and make it very convenient for the users. This WordPress appointment plugin makes it possible for the user to create their personalized booking forms as well. The Plugin stores all the data for your form and thus when any customer fills in the form, that data is stored in the memory as well.

This assures that each of those appointments is stored in the memory of the WordPress site by the user and has prepared an appointment calendar in itself. The emailed notifications that are sent to the owners ID makes sure that no meeting goes unnoticed.

Juna Event Calendar

Juna Event Reservation Plugin

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This calendar plugin for WordPress makes sure that if you are an event management organization, you have your events arranged way beforehand so that there is so the scope of overlapping events. This free Appointment calendar Plugin allows the owner to have a clear look of their appointment calendar and this they can do by personalizing each event on the calendar to make it even more memorable for future reference. They can attach images, videos, descriptions and the like, with the event and save it on the site so that they can be viewed later if needed.

Spiffy Calendar


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If you want a simple yet a complete appointment booking plugin for WordPress , then Spiffy should be the plugin of your choice. It maintains a standard calendar grid and in it, you can save your events with proper descriptions and images. You can also set your calendar on the default style.

For your benefit, this plugin allows you to have an overview of your events, the ones that you have today and the upcoming ones as well so that you are prepared well in advance. A mini calendar shows your events in a compact form as well for your best interest.

Event Calendar WD


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This is a highly responsive Appointment booking plugin, vastly in use in the present day. Some companies and organizations are dependent on this plugin for the management of their events and schedules. In this SEO friendly plugin, you can have an unlimited number of calendars, and you can tag and share events as well so that others are aware of it as well.

Sagenda – Free Booking System


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The best thing about this Appointment booking plugin for WordPress is that it comes completely free of cost for the customers. You can use it in situations where the customers can pay on the spot and not online.

Organizing events have become way more feasible with this Event booking plugin. You can arrange for an ample number of bookings and not have to pay a penny in return. This plugin is not just suitable for the user, but also for the owner.

Appointment Booking Calendar


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In the case of this plugin, you can quickly take into consideration the time and the date together. You can approach the customers with different time slots on a single day, and they can opt for their most suitable one. This plugin can be connected to PayPal and become very convenient for the ease of the customers. Appointment booking calendar can be used in case of consultations and classroom programs, for instance, and make the whole booking process less troublesome for the authorities.

Booking Calendar


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To be precise, this is one of the oldest WordPress appointments booking plugin that has been in use for over decades now. The popularity of this plugin is pretty high among the users. It has a versatile use. From beginners to professionals, everyone can use this plugin with maximum usefulness.

Booking has become a very easy thing with this plugin itself. The best feature about this plugin is that it has a page where both the visitor as well as the owner can view the calendar and see the bookings and the empty slots.

WordPress Event Calendar


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This is another WordPress plugin for online appointments that makes use of the underlying format for storing events and occasions on a logbook. You can keep it for later reference at ease and even use it to keep a track of the upcoming events.

This makes it possible to make the most out of such plugins, and no wonder this plugin has become so popular in the current scenario. This is a very responsive, user-friendly plugin that is not only easy to use but also easy to install.


Over to You

There are much more such plugins available in the online market these days to meet the needs of the different companies and cater to their individual requirements. These plugins take online booking and appointment fixing to a whole new level. All you have to do is, choose the one that is best for your purpose, or at least, the one that you think will suit you best and sit back and relax.

So now with these plugins there is absolutely no need to worry, just select one, install and update it on your site and experience a whole new level of handling appointment bookings at ease.