13 Free WordPress Anti Spam Plugins to Prevent Comment Spam

WordPress is a fantastic platform for webmasters to work on top of, one of the problems that webmasters have to deal with is the problem of spam – it is quite a challenge indeed, distinguishing original input from the nonsense can get quite tricky a lot of the times.

No worries, though! That’s the beauty of WordPress Plugins – that lets you do any amount of extensible things you want with your website. Including spam protection, and so today we are going to check out these 13 top anti spam WordPress plugins for your website.

Best WordPress Anti Spam Plugins

1. Akismet


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This is the default anti spam WordPress plugin that you get when you install WordPress on your server. It was one of the first anti-spam plugins developed for WordPress and that too by the very same company that develops WordPress i.e. Automattic.

Akismet checks each and every submitted comment for spam links and later you can check to make sure it has flagged no legitimate comment. But this plugin is efficient enough to check and flag spam comments.

2. Antispam Bee


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Antispam Bee is another plugin for WordPress that was appreciated by Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Europe 2014. This plugin checks for some special factors for deciding if the comment is spam or not. You can set the preferences of this plugin to trust approved commenters on your WordPress blog.

This plugin also checks for IP addresses, Gravatar, etc. to make sure that no spam comment reaches you. It can keep a counter of the spam comments and display the stats related to spam which is a nice feature.

3. Anti-spam


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This WordPress spam blocker comes in two versions – one free and one that costs 15$. The free version is more of a fire and forgets a thing, as you don’t have to do any setup – you simply install the plugin, and it will do everything for you. The paid WordPress spam filter, however, has some more options for you, such as letting you add words for the spam filter and putting a max word limit on the comment length.

At a price of $15 the pro version makes sense, but that does not mean that the free version of the plugin is not functional at all. In fact, it is one of the most effective anti-spam plugins for WordPress.

4. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam


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This is an all-in-one spam tackling solution for WordPress that fights not only comment spam but also keeps trackback spam, contact form spam, and even registration spam at bay. This plugin uses no CAPTCHA at all, and this is why it does not interfere with the user experience of users on your website.

This WP anti spam plugin works with some powerful plugins like Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, JetPack Contact Forms & Comments, BuddyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce and can eliminate spam quickly.

5. Advanced Invisible Anti-spam


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This is one more very nice and functional anti spam plugin for WordPress that can tackle spam without the use of any CAPTCHA. This plugin boasts of being a lightweight plugin that even works with advanced caching solutions like what WP Engine has to offer to their users. The spam blocker WordPress plugin provides filters and actions and hence is very developer friendly, so if you want to make some changes, you have all the tools to do so.

6. Anti Spam Protection without CAPTCHA


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As the name suggests, this WP spam protection plugin works totally without the use of any CAPTCHA and is very efficient at eliminating any spam that you might be facing on your WordPress website. After installing the plugin, you will notice that all sorts of spam will disappear.

Be it comment spam, contact form spam, registration spam or anything else. This plugin works to tackle everything. The installation of this plugin is easy too. All you need to do is install the plugin on your blog and then register it with Keypic, and it will start working!

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7. WP Anti Spam

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This spam filter for WordPress uses fields like comment, IP, name, email and website to make sure that no spam crosses the borders this plugin has set for your blog. You have options to set a minimum number of words in a comment to eliminate spam. There is another option to set protected nicknames and emails to allow people to comment and reduce spam. You can also set some words that this plugin will check those words, hence preventing them from entering your comments queue.

8. BotPlug


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This is a premium spam protection plugin that costs $17. This plugin not only eliminates spam, but it can also stop malicious bots and even brute force attacks. With this plugin, you can limit the number of requests made per minute to a standard amount. If some bot tries to surpass this limit, then they will either be redirected somewhere else, or they will be shown a CAPTCHA to prove they are a human. You can also block IP addresses to stop the bots from spamming your WordPress website.

9. Spam Protection


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This is one of those plugins that one can use to eliminate spam issues over the site. This WordPress anti spam plugin works in a different manner when you compare it to the other plugins listed here.

This plugin checks the user/bot that is leaving the comment and checks if they have been on the page for a specific amount of time or not. If the time is not matching to what you have set, then this plugin will prevent the user/bot from leaving the comment. It also shows the number of comments this plugin has blocked.

10. AlphaOmega Captcha & Anti-Spam Filter


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This is a spam blocker plugin that is aimed at countering spam by providing users with a CAPTCHA to complete or fill in. Not every webmaster is okay with a spam protection system that does not have CAPTCHA involved because they might show some false positives right? It provides set of interesting CAPTCHA for applying on a WordPress website.

The Spam Counter feature provides a lot of characteristics that will help you out in eliminating spam on your WordPress site easily. The Anti-Spam Filter will make sure that no spam comments and emails reach you in any form.

11. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk


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This anti spam WP plugin does not use any CAPTCHA or manual action to detect and counter spam. These types of plugins are quickly coming to light as people are coming to know that CAPTCHA is just an additional annoyance to the user experience.

This plugin successfully counters spam in the comment form, in the contact form or as website registration form. It is even compatible to WooCommerce which means if you have a WordPress e-commerce website, this plugin will function on that as well.

12. ZWS WordPress Anti Spam & URL Filter


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This WordPress anti-spam plugin works in two specific ways. One is by removing the website field on your site which will totally end the purpose of spammers spamming your blog. The second way is by the webmaster blacklisting a bunch of words which this plugin will later check for words in comment thereby filtering them as spam. This prevents the webmasters of the WordPress websites to waste time by going over spam comments.

13. WPBruiser {no-Captcha anti-Spam}


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Last but not the least, this plugin adopts a non-CAPTCHA way of spam countering technique to provide a better spam protection for your WordPress website. The spam protection by this plugin works with comments, login page, register page, etc.

It can also automatically block IP addresses to prevent spam on your blog. Not only that, but you also get brute force protection with this plugin which will prevent security issues on your blog.

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Over To You

When it comes to WordPress spam protection, it is important that you use the best possible solution as spam has become a major annoyance for webmasters nowadays. In my personal experience, the WPBruiser plugin works well, but if you want a premium plugin, then you can choose from Anti-spam PRO or the BotPlug plugin as they are both worth the money you pay for them.

So, this was a post about some of the best WordPress anti-spam plugins. Which one are you going to use?

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