Top 10 Free WordPress Affiliate Link Cloaker Plugins

WordPress is a great platform to start your business and if you are into online earning, affiliate marketing is one of the best choices you can have. With affiliate marketing, you can easily grab some cash and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Many people are already doing full-time affiliate marketing. Let’s now move to the big question, how to hide ugly long affiliate marketing URL. It is not a surprise, but there are many ways one can achieve this. Doing it manually is one way, but not the efficient one. With WordPress, the whole game changes. You can use WordPress affiliate link clock plugins that do the hard work for you.

So, how does it work?

It makes the following original affiliate marketing URL:

There are many benefits of using a WordPress affiliate link cloak plugin and one of the biggest benefits is beautification. Before, we move on to the list of WordPress affiliate link cloak plugin/link management plugin, let’s go through the benefits of using them.

Benefits of Link Cloak Plugins

#1 Beautification of URL

The first biggest benefit of the WordPress link cloaking plugin is the way the URL is presented to the audience. There is no doubt that people love simple URL. Simplifying and beautifying the URL ensures that there the visitor can quickly memorize them to their benefit.

#2 SEO Benefit

Linking to the external source can have a both upside and downside to your website. It is being said that if your external links are more than the internal, then there is no way a website can rank. To make sure that the external links are no followed, these plugins takes special care in this aspect. For more SEO plugins, click here.

#3 Easy Link Tracking

With the help of the WordPress link cloaker plugins, you can easily track all the links. The statistics generated from the links can help you gain insight. You can easily use the information to make better changes to the website.

#4 Link Updating is Easy

There is no guarantee that affiliate marketing links will stay the same. If they change, it possesses a good amount of threat to your site integrity, and you might want to change each link on your own.

Looks a painful process? Not anymore as you can use the link cloaking plugins to make the whole process seamlessly simple. The idea of correcting links and updating theme should always be there in WordPress, but the plugins are for the sole purposes of extending functionality.

Best Affiliate Link Cloak Plugins

Simple URLs

Simple URLs

Demo & Download

Simple URLs is a great URL management plugin which can be used for the purpose of cloaking URLs and links. It can be used to create, manage and track outbound links from the site. The plugin essentially uses a custom post type and 301 redirect functionality to make all this possible. Furthermore, it can also be used to add new custom post types to the admin menu to help create, edit, delete and manage URLs and links. Another handy feature of the plugin would be the fact that it can be used to store click counts. This too is stored in the form of a custom field on a custom post type.

Pretty Link Lite

Pretty Affiliate Link Cloaker Plugin

Demo & Download

Pretty Link Lite is a free to use affiliate link cloak plugin for WordPress. The basic plugin offers an excellent way to shorten your URL and make them look beautiful. The name of the plugin tells you the story, and you can easily use the shortened links with the domain name, utilizing it to help your readers.

Tracking of the links is intuitive and can be done effectively using the plugin. If you are looking for more features, you can easily get the Pro version. The pro version offers much more compared to the lite version. The Pro version even helps in automation of the tasks and help you to gain great visibility on your business. It also enables you to optimize the site with various testing methods.


Thirsty Affiliates

Demo & Download

Thirsty Affiliates is one of the favorite affiliate marketing plugins for management purposes. The plugin is feature rich and provides an excellent way to handle all your affiliate links. Cloaking and URL shortening is easy with the help of the inbuilt affiliate link shortener. You can also control “dofollow” and “nofollow“.

One more important feature of the thirsty affiliates is the easy import and export of the links. This can easily come handy in future for big blogs who want to transfer affiliate links to other blogs or vice-versa. As you might have guessed until now, it also comes in the PRO version. The pro version of the Thirsty Affiliates offers better functionality including an auto linker, stats,  Google Click Tracking, CSV importer, Geolocation and scheduled links.

Hidden Affiliate Links

Demo & Download

Hidden Affiliate Links is a simple cloaker plugin that aims to make your affiliate links go away in the clouds. Yes, it hides it pretty well. The size of the plugin is small, and you can get it working in a matter of minutes. Even though the plugin is tested on an old WordPress version, you will not have many problems running it on the latest WordPress version. The plugin can also be used automatically to replace keywords with links.

WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links

Demo & Download

WordPress WooCommerce is a popular plugin. With the help of WooCommerce, anyone can get started with an e-Commerce website, and you can achieve a lot of traction in no time. And, if you want to mask all the external links in the e-commerce store, WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links plugins will help you do so. Another feature of this affiliate link cloak plugin is the ability to block the search engine bots not to follow the external links.

Easy Affiliate Links

WordPress Easy Affiliate Links

Demo & Download

Easy Affiliate is one of the latest entry in the affiliate marketing plugin list. It is growing fast, and the sole reason for its initial increase in growth is it feature list. You can get started with this WordPress affiliate link cloak plugin quickly as it offers easy installation. The auto link conversion, as discussed earlier by me, will surely help you gain a good amount of affiliate links in no time.

The user dashboard is also neatly done and provides an excellent vantage point for analysis purposes. Other key features are links tracking. More link analytics is promised as the feature in the future by the developers.

Link Trackr

WordPress Link Trackr Plugin

Demo & Download

Next on our list is Link Trackr. Link Trackr is a cloud-based solution that is aimed at larger websites so that they can easily track each of their links. This is obviously not a plugin, but we wanted to provide a similar tool to cloaking affiliate links. The affiliate links are best used when they are tracked as well, and Link Trackr stands well in the equation. The service also offers link cloaking services.

Simple Link Cloaker

Demo & Download

Simple Link Cloaker is one of the finest examples of the affiliate link cloak plugin for WordPress. It does it job elegantly and is in no way complex to anyone. It supports multiple link structure. This helps in choosing the appropriate work for your affiliate link. You can choose any of the keywords and make it work on your website. This cloaking plugin is free and is extremely useful to convert all your ugly links to beautiful ones.

WP Wizard Cloak

Demo & Download

WP Wizard Cloak is the simple plugin that helps you to shorten your URLs to simple ones and is a perfect fit for the affiliate marketers to cloak their links. Creating a new link and accessing them is super easy and intuitive. All of the actions can be done through the WP Wizard Cloak section of the WordPress admin panel.

Link tracking feature is also built-in within the plugin. The link tracking feature offers a detailed summary of each of the links clicked. You can know the browser type, IP address, referral URL and country code of the visitor using the plugin. The plugin supports One-click report generation, and you can also export the data using the CSV format.

Over to You

With these link cloaking plugins and services listed, it is now high time to understand the importance of affiliate marketing management plugin importance. Many businesses don’t care about the ugly affiliate link or the SEO impact that can have on their website.

It is always a good idea to keep up with cloaking and URL shortening as it yields better result when the website reaches millions of users. Which plugin are you are planning to use? Comment below and let us know.


  1. Sai

    Pretty link lite is the best of them all. I have been using it since day one and will keep using it as long as I am into affiliate marketing.

  2. Gary Campbell

    These plugins are really compulsory for all who are doing affiliate marketing. It decreases the 100 characters affiliate link in few characters. I heard about these plugins a few months ago, now, I came to know a lot about these plugins. If in future, I chose doing Affiliate Marketing, I’ll be surely using these.

  3. ali raza

    There is also another plugin which can show direct product links instead of cloaking them?

  4. Annette Gallant

    I will use “Pretty Link Lite” for cloaking affiliate links because we don’t need to worry about visitors who removes our affiliate id and later on directly visit product page. “Pretty Link Lite” worked fine until few waks ago when I have noticed some of bugs and ugly links in addres barr when you checking tag page. I Could try WP Link Shield to fix this.

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