Everyone who uses internet and surf websites have definitely seen the 404 error ever in his/her life. This error appears when the page you are looking for doesn’t seem to be exiting. Dead pages that are either removed or do not carry any content are labelled as 404. This error can actually affect your business and create unnecessary confusion which may lead to irritation and viewer can leave your website apart from that large number of such pages can lower down your ranking in search results.

Most of the time people think that they might have typed an incorrect address and try again. There should be a proper plugin integration to avoid unwanted redirection from non-existent pages to anywhere and for navigating the customer to the right content or at least the homepage of the website.

Many WordPress plugins are available that can seamlessly work with your theme or website and help your viewers to find the correct webpage. Here, we are going to give you the information about some trustworthy WordPress 404 page plugins that are being used by many people and have proved to be stable, let’s have a look.

WordPress 404 Page Plugins

#1. 404 page


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With 404 page you can replace your default error page with a custom page. It is compatible with themes build with HTML5 and CSS3 and also provides support for Multisite as well as BuddyPress. The basic version is free but the developer has a premium Pro version too, which apart from common redirect features include email marketing tools like Aweber, Madmimi, MailChimp and Infusionsoft.

It captures emails and turns your 404 error page into a lead generation tool. The pro version offers multilingual support and has a responsive layout along with many useful features such as support for Shortcode, Custom CSS, Multisite, includes social network sharing buttons etc.

#2. All 404 Redirect to Homepage

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It is a nice solution to solve the problem of 404 error links as it allows users to permanently redirect them with HTTP 301 status code to homepage and transfers the authority. The developer decided to make this plugin after using Google webmaster tool which used to show him many 404 error links and used to count them for the websites which eventually affect the ranking of the website.

Now it takes the search engine to another page and doesn’t let it count the dead page. The plugin has become highly popular and is easy to use. It is also compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

#3. 404 to 301


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It is another useful WordPress 404 page plugin which redirects 404 error pages to any existing page using different rules for each path. It also keeps a track of every redirect and notifies the user regularly. You can use this plugin to reduce the number of dead pages in Google webmaster and save your SEO from getting affected.

The plugin is ultra light weighted, Well coded and free to use along with lifetime automatic updates. You can choose from, all redirect method like 301, 302 or 307 and set email notification for those errors as well.

#4. Custom 404 Pro


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This free and powerful plugin allows users to redirect each 404 page with the custom page or URL from their WordPress Admin Panel. It not just keeps the records of your 404 error pages, but also tracks the visitor keyword that led him/her to the dead page. The plugin is well coded and gets updated on a regular basis. It is compatible with latest versions of WordPress and offers excellent support for the users.

#5. 404 Error Logger

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Let us inform the viewers that this plugin doesn’t work with the caching/performance plugin which is used to save 404 responses. Infect, there is no need to use such things because this tool is highly suitable for tracking down the information about 404 error links and has the ability to trace IP addresses, referrers URLs and  browsers too.

The plugin is compatible with WordPress 4.0 or higher versions and gets updated on a regular basis. The plugin actually doesn’t help you out to redirect a 404 page to another webpage but keeps the records.

#6. Redirection


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Redirection is a robust plugin which is highly popular among users due to its multi-tasking capabilities. It boasts all those qualities that other plugins include individually. The basic feature of this plugin is the ability to permanently redirect 404 error pages automatically with HTTP 301 status code.

It also monitors, keeps logs and notifies about the 404 errors on your website. You can use this plugin to redirect all URLs so it is not used for ‘not found‘ pages only. You can also choose from redirect methods like 301 or 302 for a page. The plugin is well coded and provides multi language support.

#7. Genesis 404 Page


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Well! This WordPress 404 error plugin helps the users to move one step ahead as it allows them to customize the content of dead page. Editing the 404.php template file is not an easy task, but Genesis framework conceptualizes the default content of the page which can be detached and replaced with another title or content. The plugin is compatible up to WordPress version 4.3.5 and works with Genesis Framework themes only.

#8. Google 404


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We all know that a WordPress 404 error page appears when we type incorrect URL, click on a broken link or try to find a webpage that doesn’t exist. These 404 error pages normally do not carry much information and ultimately the viewer goes away from the website that why Google recommends a customized 404 page which can give more information to the viewer about the website and its content.

This Google 404 plugin helps the website developer to insert the same thing in an appropriate way along with a search box. It also includes Google Widget to provide more options to the viewer and allows multi language to support using  google_404_language filter.

#9. Safe Redirect Manager


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It’s a redirect manager for WordPress which is compatible up to version 4.5.3. It has a simple user interface which lets users redirect the location of their 404 error pages to another URLs with permanent or temporary HTTP status code. It automatically redirects links to white-listed hosts using “wp_safe_redirect” function which is much more secure. The plugin provides support for multisite as well.

#10. Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin


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It is another great solution to redirect your 404 error pages or even other pages/posts to another pages and external URLs using any redirection method such as 301, 302, 307 or meta. The plugin provides two types of redirect functionalities quick and individual.

The quick redirect is pretty simple and requires users to submit a Request URL and the Destination URL only which makes it highly useful for 404 error pages. The individual redirect option is for those pages that already exist and provides a meta box on the edit screen so that the user can determine the type of redirect and location.

#11. Simple 301 Redirects

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It is another highly popular WordPress plugin for 404 error pages which is being used by thousands of users. The plugin is compatible with WP version 4.4.4 and gets updated on a regular basis. It automatically redirects non-existent pages to any custom URL or existing pages using the 301 HTTP status code. The plugin is free, easy to use and well coded.



We hope that the above mentioned WordPress 404 plugins will help you to save the cost of your website in terms of SEO and redirect your viewers to relevant content and existing pages of your website which will eventually help your business. Most of theses WordPress 404 plugins are free of charge and have been used by many users. They work smoothly with WordPress themes and if you already have any plugin for 404 error and planning to get one of these then we advise you to use one at a time to avoid unnecessary bugs.