The internet is an excellent place to give your business a global exposure. But entertaining an international audience does demand you to break the language barrier. People who you consider as potential clients may not be comfortable in English alone.

If you own a multilingual website, then you can cater to a wide variety of people. These new demographic that you have just touched will appreciate you for acknowledging their native tongue and can lead to a loyal customer base.

So now that the benefits of a multilingual website are understood let’s focus on how you can make one. Well, it is relatively straightforward if you are a WordPress user.The CMS offers a plethora of amazing plugins, and here we will be concerned about Weglot translate plugin.

WEGLOT Translate Plugin: An Overview

This is one of the most efficient and user-friendly translation solutions you can have for your WordPress website. The plugin detects and translates all your content in any language with the option to purchase professional translation to ensure that you have the best quality. It allows user to manually edit/fine-tune translations via their Weglot dashboard. The dashboard is also very intuitive and easy to navigate.

Weglot Dashboard

The plugin also follows Google’s best practice regarding multilingual websites to ensure positive SEO impacts. In fact, all the translated versions of your web page will get indexed by Google so can be sure that you will get uncompromised SEO rankings.

The plugin is extremely popular and highly rated amongst its users. Blogs, corporate websites, e-commerce sites, SaaS. Marketplaces and different types of sites all take advantage of the plugin to cater content to their diverse user base.

Installing the Plugin

Installing the plugin is as easy and straightforward as all other WordPress plugins. All you have to do is head on over to your WordPress Dashboard and then click on Plugins -> Add New. Once there, just type Weglot in the search options and install the plugin.

Weglot Installation

Once installed, the set-up only takes five minutes (adding your API key and selecting original and destination languages).

WEGLOT Translate: Top Features

So we now know that the plugin is very popular. But why? What does the plugin have to offer? Well for starters:

#Support for over sixty major languages:

Yes, you heard that right. You can actually cater your content to every part of the world. With such a big base of language support, you have an incredibly diverse website that can build an international presence.

# SEO and Translation:

Some people have SEO issues after translating their websites. This mostly happens because your translated pages don’t get indexed properly. This will not be a problem as the plugin automatically creates a dedicated URL for every language your pages are translated in; allowing search engines (like Google) to index them and ensuring you get the ranking you deserve.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that the SEO tags are also translatable and you can edit them yourself through your Weglot Translate account.

# Translate Videos and images

It is a very common marketing strategy to complement the content with an indigenous image to make it more appealing to the readers. Now since you are trying to reach a broad range of people, you also should consider adding different images.

Also, there are instances when your images come accompanied by text, and you need the texts inside the images to be translated. The plugin efficiently handles both these issues.

# Exclusions and Exceptions:

There can be some cases when you do not desire some of your content to get translated. In this case, you can only add “Translation Exclusion” from the Weglot setting page. You are also given the freedom to add your translation rules from the “Translations” options in the Weglot dashboard.

# Compatibility

The plugin is compatible with every theme or plugin available in the market. Irrespective of what you are using, you will have no issue with the translation process, and it will solely take charge to translate each and every string on your website.

# User Friendly

The plugin comes along with a unique dashboard from where you can easily manage all your translation and languages. There are 2 tools to easily edit/modify translations, with the Visual editor notably (it lets you edit translations while being on your web page).

Weglot Translation

It also comes with an auto-detect features which will automatically detect visitor language (based on its browser preferences) and display its language. All the translations are displayed in real time, and the language switch button is also customizable.

License & Subscription Price


Weglot Pricing

Weglot Translate is a freemium plugin which is to say, it is available for free, but if you want access to all its features, you have to pay some cash. Now if you have a relatively small website and you need translation for no more than 2000 words, then you can get that done with the free version.

Now if you have an extensive website with a larger word count then you get the option to choose from a variety of plans offered to you.

For starters, there is the Starter plan which will cost you about 9.90 euro a month all the way up to the Pro plan which comes at a cost of 49 euro a month.

Yearly plans are also available.

Plugin Support

You can rest assured that you will get the best in class customer support. At any moment, if you face any issue, you can just send them an email, and they will get in touch with you in a jiffy. The people behind the plugin also provides live chat support as well. So if you ever run into any issue, the team has got your back.


Download Weglot Plugin

Overall, Weglot is a very powerful translation plugin with all the bells and whistles you will come to need. It will actually translate all the content of your site be it simple text or text with images.

It is also very user-friendly and offers professional support whenever you will face any hiccups. To have a multilingual website is one of the best ways to cater to a global audience and Weglot offers one of the best solutions for that.