Viral content sharing sites are one of the hottest trends these days. Popular viral sites like Buzzfeed, 9gag, Upworthy, Viral Nova, etc. are enjoying an incredible growth and unbelievable amount of traffic. If you want a piece of the pie, you need a viral site of your own.

While it used to be a lot harder to create such websites, WordPress has made things a lot easier. There are several viral WordPress themes which include all the necessary features for creating such a viral site. In today’s post, I am going to reveal the ten best viral WordPress themes. Each of these themes is uniquely capable of helping you create the next viral site. Without further ado, let’s find out which these themes are.

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Top Viral WordPress Themes



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If you feel inspired by sites like Boredpanda, Buzzfeed, 9gag, Mashable, etc., and want to create such a website of your own, BoomBox could be an excellent choice for you. This premium viral WordPress theme comes with several post ranking systems to focus on your top contents. It is also possible to choose custom criteria like most viewed, most shared, most commented, etc.

BoomBox comes with a built-in voting system. By using this feature, your visitors can easily express their opinion in a fun and interesting way. You can customize the reaction type and emoticons. Thanks to the integrated ViralPress plugin, the theme also enjoys fully functional frontend submission. That means you can quickly post various types of content without going to the website dashboard.

Since the theme is fully integrated with AdSense, it is possible to earn some extra income from your website. The cross-browser compatible theme supports 600+ Google Fonts, infinite scroll, and a robust social sharing system. The theme package also includes several custom widgets.


Viral WordPress Themes

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If you are looking for a viral WordPress theme with a magazine layout, you should consider Bimber as one of your top choices. Having all the necessary features, this fantastic theme can help you prepare a viral social website within a short period.

Thanks to the built-in viral content optimization features, you can quickly come up with interesting listicles containing image, video, gif or another type of content embeds. It is possible to separate the trending, popular and hot lists with eye-catching badges.

Visibility threshold is another unique feature of Bimber. By using this feature, you can set the minimum limit to display the share, view, and comment counts. And if you want to maximize the on-page time of your visitors, you can easily view relevant contents by utilizing various sections.

The theme uses MashShare plugin to provide you the best social sharing options. The big buttons with clear CTA’s will encourage the visitors to share your content. It is possible to choose the social media networks, their positioning, and the share bar location. Since the SEO-optimized theme comes with full RTL support, you can use this theme to create websites in other languages as well.



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Click Mag Viral WordPress themes comes with all the required utilities to increase your site’s traffic as well as total clicks. The theme is publicized as a Viral News and Magazine Theme for WordPress.

It packs all the necessary social sharing options, layouts to increase exposure to your trending posts as well as to maximizes ad space. The theme will also handle SEO optimization and top all this off with an attractive design language which will boost user activity on your site to proportions you never thought a theme could do.

Some of its other features include WooCommerce and bbPress compatibility along with Thela Post Slider, Reviewer Plugin, Thela Sticky Sidebars and a custom post gallery. Overall, the theme is great if you want an extra push to increase the traffic and click rate on your site.


Viral WordPress theme

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SociallyViral is a carefully developed Viral WordPress theme with a special focus on creating viral websites. The cleverly designed layout will make sure that your contents are getting more shares from the visitors. The strategically positioned social media icons will be useful in grabbing more followers. It is also possible to feature the trending posts and make them even more attractive.

As the theme comes with multiple loading effects, you can easily choose the variation which works best for your audience. The built-in subscription box will be useful for increasing the size of your email list. Thanks to the well-optimized coding, the theme also offers a blazing fast loading speed for your website.

What’s more, SociallyViral is fully optimized to work perfectly with Google Adsense. That means you can easily increase your CTR and enjoy higher CPC from the ads. As the theme package comes with detailed documentation and narrated video tutorials, you can quickly get started with the template. Other notable features include mega menu support, integration, parallax scrolling and custom shortcodes.



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With a large number of supported post formats, Banzai is another potential WordPress viral theme for creating buzzing, viral websites. This premium theme could be an excellent choice to create popular social websites and reach thousands of people.

The main features of the theme rely on the proprietary plugin named Banzai viral core. This plugin allows you to post various types of content including polls, conversations, personality tests, trivia, quizzes, lists, memes, etc. The theme also allows you to collect email addresses before displaying the poll or quiz results.

The theme features several animation effects to display your content. And for the listicles, there are 7 attractive list styles. Built-in custom widgets like submit content, leaderboard, trending, etc. will help you to enhance the engagement of your visitors.

MashShare powers the integrated social sharing options. Therefore, you can easily customize the icon style, placement, and social bar location. The theme also supports ConvertPlug, which can be useful in collecting email addresses.

Viral kaboom


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Viral Kaboom WordPress theme inspires you to be on the top of the world with its beautiful and functional viral layout. Everything about this theme is inspirational and aspires you to work further to achieve your goals. There are also several styling options for the theme. Ad management system will be useful for controlling the ads. One-click demo install feature makes sure that you can get the website started within a few minutes. Last but

The sophisticated virality system is an exciting addition to the this theme. This feature allows you to highlight the most popular contents and help them go viral. As the theme also features complete social media integration, you are entitled to get the maximum amount of social share from your visitors.



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Doberman is another excellent Viral WordPress buzz theme which can be used to create viral websites in the news, magazine or relevant fields. The theme comes with everything you need for creating well-known websites like Buzzfeed or 9gag.

The built-in color control option of Doberman allows you to choose custom colors for various sections of your site. That means you can easily decorate your site to represent your brand in the most obvious way. Thanks to the integrated typography options, it is also possible to choose custom fonts and define the font size and style.

Like any other viral theme, Doberman also features user engagement tools. Your guests can use these tools to express their reaction to your contents. The fully translatable theme could be used to create websites in other supported languages too.



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Featuring a unique open list system, Bunchy is another useful WordPress theme for creating viral websites. Powered by a proprietary plugin titled Snax, this handy feature allows the visitors to create lists and submits their items to the lists. They can provide image, video or embed content from various social media networks. Other visitors can like or dislike the lists and items. It is also possible to share these in social media.

Featuring complete integration with BuddyPress, Bunchy also allows the registered users to get notifications about new posts, list items, votes, etc. They will also have a separate profile section with several customization options.

The website admin(s) can create popular, trending lists and include selected posts into the lists. It is possible to decorate the lists by using fancy icons. As the theme also supports the MashShare plugin, your website will also enjoy a nice boost in the social shares. You can customize various display options from the theme customizer section. And if you don’t have the time to create content manually, you can get started with 1-click demo installation.



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topHot is a brand new Viral WordPress theme with incredible potential for creating huge viral news, magazine websites or blogs. The fully responsive theme comes with a built-in page builder. This could be useful in creating custom layouts for your posts and pages.

The random post button will help visitors discover new posts. Thanks to the built-in sharing buttons, they can easily share the interesting posts. What’s more, the theme developers have provided focus on optimizing the theme performance. That means you can enjoy a fast-loading website by using topHot. As the theme follows all the SEO best practices, it can help you get better ranking in the search engine results.

There is also the one-click demo install feature. You can keep your visitors updated by displaying the current time and weather. The theme works perfectly with Google AdSense. The WPML-supported theme could be easily translated into other supported languages.



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Furious is a trendy Viral WordPress theme for creating viral and social websites. The theme allows the registered users to upload their contents. It is possible to add the various type of content including video, image, gif or provide links.

The quick links section on the sidebar will come in handy for accessing the trending, most popular, favorite contents. Visitors can like or dislike posts by clicking separate buttons. Thanks to the built-in social sharing buttons, it is very easy to share any content on various social media networks.

If you are in a hurry, you can use the one-click demo install feature to get your website started within a few minutes. The mobile-friendly theme will make sure that your site looks great on mobile, tablet, and other devices. As the theme package comes with a readymade contact form, you won’t have to use third-party plugins for this purpose.

The integrated banner system is a unique feature of Furious. This allows you to create custom banners by adding text, image, video, HTML code and various effects. The banners could be displayed on the header, single posts, sidebar, archive, etc.



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Inspired by Viral Nova, this trendy responsive WordPress Viral theme could be another ideal choice for creating a viral news site. With all the relevant features, Novapress makes it easy to set up and share compelling content with your audience.

The theme customizer section will be useful in personalizing the theme colors, controlling Facebook comments, adding a logo, etc. If you want to collect email address from your visitors, you are in luck. Novapress allows you to place the signup form in two prominent places – above the footer and just below the header.

And if you are planning to earn some extra income from your next viral site, the theme has got you covered too. There are several pre-defined ad spots which are bound to catch the attention of your visitors. You can use AdSense, Buy Sell or any other ad platform to display ads on those locations.

As Novapress works perfectly with the Popular Posts plugin, you can easily display the trending news or blog posts in the sidebar or other preferred location. Being developed on the Bootstrap framework, the theme works perfectly on any screen resolution.

Any Other WordPress Viral Themes?

Creating a viral website is a relatively easy way of establishing your brand on the internet. Now that you have got the list of the best viral WordPress themes, what are you waiting for? Find out which theme suits your requirements best and get started with your website. And don’t forget to let me know which theme you have chosen.