When you want to create a website with unique layouts and stunning design, you will need a powerful WordPress theme with lots of customization options. Corporate from Themify fits the description as a perfect match. When it comes to the design, you can’t complain to any of Themify’s works. And that is not an exception in the case of Corporate theme as well.

The beautifully designed theme makes use of bright colors and smooth animation effects to draw the attention of visitors. It comes with an incredible amount of customization options along with lots of useful and interesting features. In today’s post, lets take an in-depth look into this wonderful theme.

Corporate Theme Design


Download Corporate Theme

The home page starts with the usual header section with logo, social icons, navigation menu and full-screen video.

The portfolio section offers a grid-based layout. The available categories could easily filter the portfolio items.

The various types of background options are particularly notable. Other than the regular image backgrounds, the theme allows you to set video backgrounds to separate modules. What’s more, you can set animated background colors too. It is possible to choose the colors for the background.

If you are creating an agency, company or business website, you will find the portfolio, testimonial, and team custom post types very useful. They will come in handy to inform more about your business to the prospective clients.

Installing Corporate Theme

All WordPress themes are installed in usual way. Once you install and activate Themify Corporate theme, you will be asked to install the demo data.


When you want to get started with your website within the shortest possible time, Corporate’s handy demo import feature could be a lifesaver for you. By using this feature, you can create a full-fledged website with the click of a button.

Corporate also needs the Themify Portfolio Posts plugin. As the plugin comes bundled with the theme package, you just have to install and activate it (although not compulsory).

Corporate Theme Features

Corporate comes with lots of attractive and useful options.

To change any theme option, you can go to Themify Corporate -> Themify Settings.

Various settings options are carefully divided into separate tabs and sections.

The ‘General‘ section allows you to upload a custom favicon, add custom code to the header and footer, choose a custom 404 page and set up the RSS feed.

Below is a quick screenshot of how the ‘General‘ section in the theme panel look like:


Default Layouts‘ enables you to choose default options like the sidebar position, post title, meta and featured image options, etc. for the archive page along with regular posts and pages.


The next section ‘Portfolio Layout‘ allows you to do the same for the portfolio and team custom post types.

In the ‘Theme Settings‘ section, you will find several useful options like enabling pinch zooming for mobile devices, navigation styling, testimonial slider options, setting up the animated background colors, footer widget layout, and footer texts.

The ‘Social Links‘ section allows you to display your social media profiles by using a widget. While Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest links are already created, it is also possible to create custom links.


For each link, you can provide a title, the URL, choose an icon, icon color, and background color.


There are more than 320 font icons included in the theme package. You can use these icons anywhere you like either in the posts, pages or with menu items.

Other Tabs

The ‘Skins‘ tab provides access to the ready-made skins included in the theme package. While no skin is chosen by default, you can test any of the skins to see how it goes with your theme design.


Transfer‘ tab allows you to import or export the theme data to and from other WordPress sites which are also using Themify panel.

The ‘Demo Import‘ tab allows you to import the demo or erase it.

After making the changes, don’t forget to click the ‘SAVE‘ button at the bottom. The ‘RESET‘ button will undo all of your settings changes.

Themify Customization Options

Like most other premium themes, Themify has all the customization options in the Appearance -> Customize page for all its themes.

You can also access the page by going to Themify Corporate -> Customize.

Depending on your level of expertise, you can use the basic mode or the advanced mode.

The basic mode provides access to all the necessary features while advanced mode includes all the available options.

The customization options are carefully divided into different sections.


1. In the ‘Body‘ section, you will find options to choose a custom background image, body font style, link, and link hover styles along with padding, margin, and borders.


2. And the ‘Header‘ section includes options to choose a background, margin, padding, and border for the header along with customizing the header font, link and link hover styling options.

3. In ‘Site Logo & Tagline‘, you can choose a custom logo, provide the custom title, tagline and choose the font, line height, color, and other styles for them.


4. ‘Main Navigation‘ enables you to choose the width, height of the menu along with uploading custom background image, margin, padding, and borders. You will also find options to customize the look of the menu items, dropdown container, and dropdown links.


5. ‘Post‘ includes all the necessary options for customizing the post container, post title, post title hover, post meta data, post date, and post nav links. In ‘Page Title‘, you will find separate options for choosing the color line height, background image and other styling options for the page titles.

6. The ‘Sidebar‘ section includes options to customize the sidebar font, links, link hovers, widget container, widget titles and widget list appearance.

7. As you can guess, the ‘Footer‘ section hosts options for customizing the footer wrap, inner section, font, link, link hovers, menu links, menu link hovers, widget container, and widget titles for the footer.

8. ‘Footer Logo‘ includes the options to display your logo in the footer. You can choose the URL, site title and how they appear in the footer.

9. The last section, ‘Custom CSS‘, allows you to apply custom CSS to make additional changes in your website.

Creating a New Post

Creating a new post is done in the same way as we create a new post in WordPress on regular basis. However, Corporate theme do provides a lot of options within the post-editor.

Adding shortcodes: At the top of post editor, you will notice a new icon for inserting any of the available shortcodes. Clicking on any shortcode will open the settings pop-up with an ‘Insert’ button.

When you scroll below, you will find the real useful options located as ‘Themify Custom Panel‘ section. The options are divided into two sections – Post Options and Themify Builder.


Post Options allows you to choose the general options like sidebar position, content width, choose featured image, hide the post title, metadata, and featured image, unlike the post title and featured image, or link the title and featured image to external URL’s, etc.

Using Themify Builder

Clicking on ‘Themify Builder’ will bring you down to the builder section. Here, you can drag and drop the available modules into the page sections. You can choose from the available column-based layouts and apply custom styling. It is also possible to duplicate or delete the layouts.


The Themify Builder could be used from the front-end too. You just have to hover over the ‘Themify Builder‘ menu on the front-end and click ‘Turn On Builder‘. It is also possible to duplicate the page and choose a different layout. You can also choose to export or import the contents.


As said earlier, you can simply drag and drop the desired element to the row quickly:

As soon as you drop the element, a pop-up box opens automatically (or when you click edit). The pop-up box provides WYSIWYG editor to edit live changes along with other awesome styling and animation options as show in the below screenshot:

The result:

We just finished testing this theme and seriously – Wow! Themify is awesome.

In case you face any issues while using the Themify builder, you can quickly refer to the documentation section or read more about Themify Builder here.

Support For WooCommerce

Corporate comes with full support for WooCommerce. That means you can create fully functional online stores by using this theme. Alternatively, you can integrate an online shop in your existing site.


The closest competition I can think about Corporate theme is Divi Theme. Similarly to Corporate theme, Divi also comes with drag and drop Divi Builder.

But one thing that sets Themify builder apart is the option of front-end editing options. Divi Builder doesn’t provide any front-end editing option so I guess Themify surely has a plus point here. We will try to create a separate post comparing both Themify builder and Divi builder soon.

Themify Corporate Pricing & Support


Corporate theme comes with several pricing plans along with one year support. The Standard license is priced at $49. And the Developer license is priced at $69, which comes with the PSD files too. Both of these plans include unlimited domains, 30 days money back guarantee and support and updates for one year.

Download Themify

Themify Corporate Review Conclusion

Corporate theme is really a game-changing theme from Themify. But there is 1 thing which is missing in this theme – a predefined “Contact Form”. I stumbled a lot of options here and there to search it but couldn’t find it anywhere. To use a contact form with Themify, you probably need to use a contact form plugin.

Apart from it, abundance of customization options and solid build quality are more than enough to set the theme apart from the competition.
This theme could easily be used for any business, corporate or startup sites. So, what do you think about this theme? Does it look attractive enough to try in your next project? Let us know in the comments.