Temok Web Hosting: User Review & Complaints

Temok Hosting is a new hosting company that was started in 2014 and is now a well known brand for the shared hosting at very affordable price with 99.9% uptime. With this also, they provide amazing customer support before and after sales. Since its inception, it has grown to be among the best company providing hosting services for Windows & Linux based servers.

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  1. Hani Mourra

    Temok hosting recently become very famous in blogosphere and in web developer communities after which I took the decision to move to its linux VPS. So far I can say that results are extraordinary. My site now loads fast and there is no downtime I have ever seen in last 1 year.

  2. Michael Omaka

    Does Temok offers cPanel?

    • Bharatwaj Rao

      Temok hosting cPanel is also smooth and seems like the same that many other hosting companies provides like Hostgator and many other hosting companies. So if you have already used other hosting services, then you are good to go without any further research. cPanel is free with all the accounts.

  3. James Crawford

    Does Temok offers any money back guarantee?

    • Victor

      Not sure about Temok but many companies provides for 30-45 days.

    • Wagner Brenner

      Even though Temok provides hosting at very cheap rate with lots of features but if still you are not satisfied with their service due to any reason, you can get your money back in 15 days. So Temok provides 15 days money back with no questions asked.

  4. Md. Khalil Uddin

    24×7 support is the most excellent features that Temok hosting provides. You will get both pre sales and post sales including billing and technical support in the minimum waiting time possible through different means of communications.

  5. Cheenu

    I recently moved my site to Temok hosting.
    To the surprise, my site loads twice faster and under 1 sec now.
    Although I was disappointed to witness a little slow customer support

  6. Deepak

    I have heard this name for the first time. In which region is their data-centres located?

    • Oleg

      Temok has established various data center all across North America and Europe to provide their customers 100% uptime and best speed possible. Also, Temok hosting ensure the maximum uptime you can get. They claim for 99.9% uptime. They also backup your data daily so if you are missing any data or deleting then you can get that easily.

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