Create a Digital MarketPlace on WordPress With Social MarketPlace Theme

As the internet is becoming an essential part of our everyday lives, so are the e-commerce sites. These days, we are performing most of our shopping activities from various online marketplaces. As a result, lots of new online marketplaces are being developed on a continuous basis.

If you have always wanted to create an online marketplace of your own, you have come to the right place. In today’s post, I will introduce you to Social Marketplace – a powerful, feature-rich WordPress theme. The theme allows you to build a fully functional marketplace site within a short period.

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Let’s see what the theme has to offer. We will begin with the design section first.

Social Marketplace Theme Review

Theme Design

Social Marketplace BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss has done an excellent job in designing the Social marketplace theme. They have created the perfect balance between usability and attractiveness in this theme. There are multiple navigation menus in the header section of the home page, accompanied by the user section too.

Right below the header, there is a fully customizable header. The actual products are displayed after the slideshow. Products are shown in various ways including handpicked collections, newest items, featured seller, product feed, featured sellers, etc. Obviously, you can change or re-arrange the orders from the settings section.

The fully widgetized footer section supports up to four widgets. Besides the default WordPress widgets, you can also put any of the custom widgets in these sections.

There are dedicated designs for the product and seller pages. The product page has all the usual options like product images, description, pricing information, categories, reviews, shipping information, etc. What’s more, the theme automatically displays some related products at the bottom of the page, which is a nice touch.

The seller page includes a headshot of the seller along with the links to various social media profiles. The available products from this seller are displayed in a nicely designed grid layout. From the top section, you can check out the activity, profile, friends, groups or forums of the seller.

Theme Features

As the theme enables you to build the marketplace by using WooCommerce, you will have access to all the incredible options of the plugin. You can add and manage products from the ‘Products‘ menu item of your admin dashboard. Various settings for your store like orders, commission, reports, etc. from the ‘WooCommerce‘ menu.

However, there are two new submenus there – Vendor Ratings and WC Vendors. Social marketplace allows the customers to leave feedback after making a purchase. They can leave a comment and rate the vendor. These ratings will be displayed on the WooCommerce -> Vendor Rating page.

WC Vendors Dashboard

And the WC Vendors page includes further customization options for your online marketplace. The available options are divided into various sections like general, products, pages, payments, affiliate commissions, product form, sign-up form, etc. Make the necessary changes and click on the ‘Save Changes‘ button at the bottom to apply the change(s).

Vendor Management Options

If you have allowed member registration, the members can set up their shop in your marketplace. They will be able to customize various aspects of their shop as the store logo, cover photo, shop description and provide links to social media accounts.

However, if you don’t want all the members to become vendors, you can require them to apply for becoming a vendor. You can customize the sign-up form by going to the WooCommerce -> WC Vendors page and clicking on the ‘Signup Form‘ tab.

Once a vendor is approved, they can start adding products to their store. The product form could be customized at the ‘Product Form‘ tab of the WooCommerce -> WC Vendors page. You can allow the products to be listed into a multiple or single category, add media files for the product, define the number of images per product along with other options like sale price, customs tax, product weight, dimensions, up-sells, grouped products. And for digital products, the download limit, download type and expiry date could be set as well.

WC Vendors Dashboard

WC Vendors Pro Dashboard

The vendors of your marketplace will have access to a feature-rich dashboard. The panel provides access to all necessary information like the paid and due commissions, total orders, total products, recent orders, recent products, etc. All these information could be sorted for a specific time frame also.

Vendors can track the ordered items right from their dashboard. They can perform various actions like exporting the orders to Excel, print shipping labels, etc. These features will make the whole store management process a lot easier.

And to promote their stores, vendors can offer coupons too. The coupons could be set from the vendor dashboard. When adding new coupons, it is possible to set a coupon code with the custom description, coupon amount, type, expiry date, choose a minimum or maximum spend for having access to the coupon, and to limit usage per person or coupon.

Payment and Purchases

Being a dynamic theme, Social marketplace theme also takes care of the commission aspect automatically. Provided the vendors have set up their payment information correctly, they will be sent their commissions immediately after each sale is made. The commission could be set at a fixed amount or a percentage. You can use all the popular payment processing systems in your marketplace site.

It is also possible to allow the customers to track their orders and view the purchase history. This will significantly reduce the amount of support tickets you receive.

Customization Options

All the customization options of the theme are located at the BuddyBoss -> OneSocial Theme page. The options are wisely divided into various sections. Let’s take a look at some of the most relevant sections.

One Social Theme Dashboard

The ‘Logo‘ section enables you to choose a custom logo for the desktop site, a mobile site along with the favicon. The ‘Header‘ section could be used to pick the header style, enable sticky header, and choose to display various header buttons. ‘Layout‘ section hosts options to allow the WordPress admin bar, infinite scrolling, default layout for the desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, etc.

Sidebars‘ section includes the options for enabling the sidebar in various places like the page/post, home page, member profile page, single group, search result, activity and single groups.

If you want to add an attractive slideshow on your homepage, you will find the options in the ‘Homepage Slides‘ section. You can add the default slider or use a third-party slider. There is a dedicated field for providing shortcodes for adding slideshows created by third-party plugins.

The ‘Typography’ section includes all the options related to fonts. You can choose the typography including font family, font weight and size for various places like the site title, body font, H2-H5 fonts, title, excerpts, slide title and MarketPlace pages texts.

OneSocial Theme Settigns

All the color-related options are set into the ‘Styling‘ section. If you are not in the mood for selecting individual colors for various sections, you can choose any of the two built-in color presets. Alternatively, you can choose separate colors for different sections in the options provided below.

In the ‘Footer‘ section, you can choose any of the two footer styles. Then, there are options to enable the copyright text and social links sections.

The ‘Custom Codes‘ section will be useful for adding custom coding into your website. There are separate fields for adding tracking code, CSS, and JavaScript codes. In the ‘Optimizations‘ section, you can choose to minify the CSS and JavaScript files.

Import / Export,’ the last section enables you to import or export data from another website or copy your website data to another site.

Other Notable Features

Having a powerful search feature is essential for any online marketplace. And Social marketplace comes with a simple but useful search feature built-in. Visitors can use the various filters to find out their desired products in a simple and straightforward way. They can add products and vendor stores to their favorite lists. They can always refer to their favorite listing at later times.

OneSocial Features

In most instances, the customers have some questions for the vendor before they make a purchase. While creating the Social marketplace theme, the developers took note of this issue and added an ‘Ask a question‘ button. What’s more, they integrated the button with BuddyPress to make full use of the powerful messaging system. Therefore, the vendors and customers can have direct communication about the products.

As the theme is fully compatible with Visual Composer, you can easily create custom layouts for your pages. What’s more, the theme package includes several ready-made templates to make the process easier for you.

Full social login integration is another important feature of the Social marketplace theme. With the help of the popular ‘WordPress Social Login‘ plugin, the theme allows your visitors to log in to your marketplace by using any of the popular social networking sites.

The theme package is also provided with the necessary translation files. Therefore, if you are catering to any non-English speaking audience, it is possible to translate the theme into other supported languages.

The retina-ready theme also features robust and secure coding, which is fully optimized for enhancing your SEO efforts. The AJAX-powered live notifications system of the theme will provide instant notification to your users about various events like new order, payment confirmation, private message, group updates, etc.

And if you want help in using the various features of the theme, you will find the narrated video tutorials very useful. They will guide you through the different stages of developing a fully functional marketplace site.


BuddyBoss Pricing

Social marketplace offers three pricing plans for you.

  1. The single site license comes with support and update for one year for a single website.
  2. The five site license provides support and update for one year for five websites.
  3. And the last one provides support and update for one year for 20 websites.

As there is a 30-day money back guarantee, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value out of your money.

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Over To You

As you can see, Social marketplace comes with all the necessary options for creating a modern, dynamic marketplace website. With all these powerful options, you will have a hard time finding another good theme with such capabilities.

So, what do you think about Social marketplace theme? Does it seem interesting enough? Which features look most impressive to you? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Sabeck

    Every entrepreneurial aspirant wishes to have a digital marketplace for himself. The social marketplace theme provides an opportunity for such aspirants on WordPress and the feat is commendable. The theme covers all requirements of these aspirants and is a perfect blend of attractiveness and usability. This review certainly opens doors for more insights on the theme!

  2. pakovia

    There is no mention, that you have to buy WC vendors Pro (149$) to have those all market features.

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