Top 30 Simple WordPress Themes of 2016

WordPress is a very complex and powerful framework that gives you infinite possibilities. A WordPress website can be anything – from a simple blog to the menu of a top-tier restaurant; WordPress can do anything for you simply because of how versatile the framework is.

Sometimes though you want something simple – just something elegant that you is not too flashy and is not too hard to set up. WordPress can do that too, fortunately. This list will go through some of the very simple WordPress themes that don’t take much effort to set up and don’t confuse your visitors with complicated navigation or effects.

Very Simple WordPress Themes


Trope Simple WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

Trope features a very simple and sleek design with a bold colored header simply spanning across the width. This simple WordPress theme puts the focus on your content rather than the fancy features. While it does come with WordPress Customizer allowing you to edit most of the page’s settings without touching any code, it doesn’t need it because its simplicity is its strength.


Wiles WordPress Simple Theme

Demo & Download

Wiles is a grid-based simple theme for WordPress that – once again – puts the focus on your content. It comes with WordPress Customizer allowing you to change its looks as you like while being fully responsive. Wiles is mostly going to be used for blogging, but you can use it for any website that you can make it work with.



Demo & Download

Basic – as the name suggests – is a very basic WP theme. It is fully responsive, but that’s where the feature list ends. It doesn’t come with any fancy effects or features, but it is very simple – think of it as a stepping stone. You can start with the Basic theme and customize it however you like, and when you are ready, you can move on to better themes with more features that suit your needs.

Twenty Sixteen

Twenty Sixteen Simple Themes WordPress

Demo & Download

Twenty Sixteen is a theme straight from the vaults of WordPress itself as the default theme for WordPress. It is a very basic simple WordPress theme that simply puts the focus on your content and packs almost no unique features. It is, however, fully responsive unlike its predecessors and is fully customizable if you are willing to get dirty with the code.


Brixton WordPress Blog Theme

Demo & Download

Brixton is a simple WordPress theme yet loaded with a lot of extensive features to make your site look great in all departments. The best thing about this theme is that it gives you an option to either keep the site simple or add more of elements as per your choice. With unlimited color options, 6-post templates, and crisp design Brixton is surely one of the best themes in our list to try for a simple website design.



Demo & Download

Posty is a clean and elegant theme designed to be used for a simple blog. It is fully responsive and comes with multiple unique layouts to choose from for all of its pages. It also comes with WordPress Customizer and lets you customize the theme with ease.



Demo & Download

Nisrag is quite a simple WP template much like Twenty Sixteen it is very basic and packs not many features but is fully responsive. The one difference it has though is the beautiful cover photo for the header – it adds a bold look to your website and gives it some depth.



Demo & Download

Allure is as a design-rich as you want it to be. While it is a very basic and simple WP theme, it is easy to make it something complicated. Allure is a one-page that is fully responsive and features custom widgets such as the Instagram feed widget. The theme packs some serious amount of features – but you have the option to keep things simple as they are by default.


Simple Html5 WordPress Themes

Demo & Download

EasyNote is an incredibly simple theme for WordPress featuring a unique custom-built slider meant to be used in blogs. The theme comes with over three different homepage layouts and six post page layouts. It also comes with a custom Mega Menu and custom support for Facebook and Twitter sharing.



Demo & Download

GossipBlog is a very simple WordPress theme to start a blog. It comes with eight pre-made layouts to choose from and 12 different homepage layouts as well. It also comes with a custom-built AJAX subscribe box and four different headers to choose from. It is a fully responsive theme, and mostly everything is customizable.



Demo & Download

Lucid is a sleek and simple WordPress template that also packs a decent number of options. It is fully responsive and is somewhat customizable with five different theme designs to choose from – with which it comes bundled with the ePanel dashboard. It also comes with some custom-made shortcodes that you can use however you like to build your pages the way you want.



Demo & Download

While it is a free theme, it gives the impression of a premium theme. It features clear text with excellent font choices and a large cover photo that can be customized with WordPress Customizer. Activello also has full integration with WooCommerce – something you might need depending on what you plan on doing.



Demo & Download

Rosemary is a fully responsive simple WordPress template featuring a very simple design and color palette. It comes with a beautiful custom slider, five different pre-defined layouts for your blog and post pages which are all customizable with the WordPress Customizer. It also comes with over five different custom plugins and widgets built just for the theme, and the theme is fully responsive as well.

Olsen Light


Demo & Download

Olsen Light is a fully responsive and simply designed theme that comes with some real nice options while being incredibly simple. It comes bundled with some custom-made widgets just for the theme and has a full plethora of options to customize it.


Marilyn Simple WordPress Site

Demo & Download

Marilyn is a theme featuring a very simple yet colorful palette of colors. It is not a very feature-rich theme, but it has all the essential features – and it is fully responsive. It comes with a custom slider and also supports a custom email newsletter sign-up form with MailChimp integration.



Demo & Download

Schema is a theme that only looks simple from the first look – inside, though it packs some extreme optimizations for search engines, an advertisement management panel, a built-in review system and much more. The theme is also fully responsive and is fully customizable, including fully custom CSS.

Colorway V3

Colorway Simple WordPress Template

Demo & Download

The colorway is a very basic and simple theme for WordPress that is still elegant to look at. It is a fully responsive theme and comes bundled with the InfoBar plugin that you can use to show a notification bar on top of your website to grab the attention of your visitors. It also comes with 16 different banners you could use and customize for your products.


Foodica WordPress Simple Template

Demo & Download

Foodica is a fully responsive theme with simple design. It puts its focus on making the website look good while being minimalist. Foodica is mostly focused on giving you the best food blogging experience possible. Foodica is fully responsive and comes bundled with Visual Customizer.


Adventure simple WordPress theme

Demo & Download

Adventure is a simple yet beautiful theme, mostly meant to host a blog for you. The theme features an incredibly simple card design and is fully responsive. It also is built to support the WPML plugin allowing you to translate it into any language you want and fully supports WooCommerce integration.


simple responsive WordPress theme

Demo & Download

Infinite is a simple WordPress theme that looks very basic at the first look but packs some advanced features that make it incredibly simple to navigate through. Infinite loads up the next articles as your visitors scroll – making the navigation and exploration of your site very simple. Infinite is also fully responsive and comes bundled with a custom drag & drop page builder.


very simple WordPress theme

Demo & Download

PersonalPress is a theme that tries to capture the look of the early IOS versions – something that is not very modern but feels rather homely. It is also very simple to navigate and is fully responsive with five different pre-built theme designs to choose from with the bundled ePanel dashboard.



Demo & Download

Paisley is based on a grid layout featuring big images and simple colors – though all of this is completely customizable. It is fully responsive and packs features such as infinite scrolling for your blog posts.



Demo & Download

Anchor might not look like the most straightforward theme out there at first glance, but it is versatile. Anchor comes with custom shortcodes, full integration with WooCommerce, a custom Mega Menu and integration with bbPress. It is also fully responsive, and everything is customizable as it also comes with detailed documentation to help you do anything you want with the theme.

Modern Studio Pro


Demo & Download

Modern Studio features not only a very simple and sleek design but also a simple color palette – black and white. This simple WordPress theme is built on top of the Genesis framework, giving it a ton of options regarding customization – while being fully responsive.


Simple Magazine Theme

Demo & Download

SimpleMag is a theme with simple design meant for your magazine-style blogs. It comes with full support for WooCommerce, bbPress, and a fully custom Mega Menu. It is also fully responsive and customizable with the WordPress editor.



Demo & Download

BizWay is a very simple WordPress theme; that doesn’t focus on adding features. BizWay attempts to be as simple as they come – the only option you have is the ability to change the theme’s colors. While the theme is very simple regarding features, it is fully responsive, so you don’t miss out on that.


OneEngine WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

OneEngine is as basic single page theme that is highly customizable and has tonnes of options to choose from. It features custom parallax and video backgrounds, and the whole design is fully responsive.

The Voux

WordPress Simple Themes

Demo & Download

The Voux is one of the most feature rich themes for WordPress that is also very simple to navigate through for your visitors. The Voux also comes with Sidekick – something of a tutorial for you to help you go through all the options it offers right from the dashboard. The Voux is fully responsive as well and comes with Visual Composer letting you change the layout of any page by just dragging and dropping elements.



Demo & Download

iCook is a highly elegant theme that is also very simple to navigate. It is mostly designed to build a food blog – full with custom shortcodes for recipes and a gallery with a fully featured filter and search function. The theme is built on top of the Tesla framework, giving you powerful options regarding administration and customization. It is fully responsive and comes with impressive features like a custom-built AJAX contact form as well.



Demo & Download

Zerif is a single page theme that is simple to browse through. It is fully responsive and extremely customizable with full support for WooCommerce. It also comes bundled with SiteOrigin Page Builder and supports fully customizable backgrounds.



Demo & Download

SociallyViral is a card based theme – one of the most simplest forms of user experiences. SociallyViral focuses on making your content go viral – while keeping the site design simple so those new visitors can browse through your site with ease. The theme is fully responsive and comes with various custom effects and options.

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Over To You

These were some of the most versatile and simple themes for WordPress. Some of these are simple regarding features, but most of them are simple just regarding how they look while at the same time packing a ton of great features.

A simple to navigate website is key to attracting and retain visitors. So a theme that provides exactly that obviously is precious. Hopefully, these themes were helpful in your pursuit of that.

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