When we talk about E-Commerce, most business owners want to start with a premium theme, a list of premium plugins and a great web hosting. In theory and practicality, any business owner should invest in their business and get returns by using premium stuff. But, not everyone is equipped with the starting investment fees.

The need for good free e-Commerce theme is much required in the community. It enables entrepreneurs or new businesses to experiment with their requirement and proceed accordingly. It is true that paid themes are a better option, but that doesn’t take away the power of a well-optimized, fully featured e-Commerce WordPress theme.

Today, I will go through one of the best free e-Commerce WordPress theme made available by ThemeIsle, named ShopIsle.

ShopIsle WordPress Theme Review

ShopIsle WordPress Theme Review

ShopIsle is a modern WordPress theme aimed at the e-Commerce website. It is fully-functional and have a great number of features.

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ShopIsle maintains a high level of design, feature-set and other sections that are not typically supported in a free theme. Without wasting more time, let’s get started to know more about ShopIsle WordPress theme.

ShopIsle Theme Design

Whenever you look or try to understand what a theme has to offer, the first aspect of the theme that we tend to look is the design of the theme. ShopIsle is no exception. It is extremely well designed with a responsive design and a clean layout.

The homepage inevitably grabs the attention of the visitor with a full-screen background and an excellent menu at the exposition. The cleaner look is attributed with the menu that aims to deliver the level of navigability to the visitors. The design is also user-friendly and is capable of capturing user attention and enable the business to make more profit out of their investment.

Below the full-page image slider, you will get small sections to showcase your collections and discounts. With the discounts, you can virtually gain the attention of the visitor and make them click more. The more they stay on the website, the more chances of an item being purchased. The rest part of the homepage include footer section, which can be divided into four sections.

The vast array of sections, responsive design, and great user experience, makes the theme layout a top-notch one. The design is what you get from a premium theme.

Clean Coded Structure

The biggest game changer other than the design of the theme is the code. ShopIsle offers excellent code to start with. It is validated, easy to modify and is very developer friendly. So, if you are thinking of customizing the website by hiring a developer, you already know that the theme holds extreme value for your business!

SEO Compatible and Responsive Design

Google has made it mandatory for the website to be responsive if they want to be ranked by them. It is no surprise that Google did make responsive design compulsory.

Apparently, the responsiveness adds value to the SEO compatibility of the theme. It loads on different devices and is tailor-made to perform well in the various browser settings.

Responsiveness check, browser compatibility check and now it’s time to discuss the loading time of the theme. Loading time is a strong proponent of how the theme fairs in SEO compatibility and user experience. No one likes a website that loads for a minute — that’s poor.

Any site that loads in the bracket of 2-3 sec is idle for making the best bucks out there. Speed matters and a few fractions of nanoseconds can lose you a customer. All-in-all, the theme offers excellent user experience via great user design, good loading speed, incredible SEO compatibility — what else you want from a free e-Commerce theme.

Theme Dashboard

Whenever I review a theme, the dashboard always plays a crucial role in reviewing the theme. The dashboard is the place where an administrator spends most of the time.

In the case of ShopIsle, the dashboard is nothing extraordinary. It offers basic controls over the theme, but it has one surprise element that I want to share – The Customizer.

The customizer of the ShopIsle theme is loaded with options. It enables you to change all the different parts of the theme without writing a single line of code.

Customizer For ShopIsle

As you can see from the above image, the theme contains every single section of the website. You can change them accordingly and also hide them when needed.

Few notable section includes slider section, video section, banner section, etc.

You can also customize the background image of the 404 not found the page. Using customizer, you can also set the Title and the text that you want to show to your visitors. An excellent 404 enables you to keep your visitors on the website and prevent the bounce rate from jumping higher.


With the robust customizer, you can create unlimited opportunities for your business.

An Excellent About Us Page


About Us page carries a lot of weight for business themes. ShopIsle offers a good about our page. About Us page lets the audience know your team and your company better. With a great design layout and small section for information purposes – the About Us page is done just right!

Pimp Up Your Site With WooCommerce

We are dealing with WordPress and eCommerce, and when these two aspects come together, it is hard to keep WooCommerce out of the equation.

WooCommerce is an excellent free to use WordPress plugin that enables the website owner to turn their website into an eCommerce heaven. The plugin offers payment gateways, product pages, and other incredible eCommerce feature.


ShopIsle is an excellent eCommerce theme, and it comes with the support of WooCommerce. The integration is simple, and all you need to do is install the plugin to take full advantage of the features.


Wrapping Up

ShopIsle is an excellent work from Themeisle. They have always developed good WordPress theme. ShopIsle is not an exception, and the free tag adds incredible value to the theme.

The theme comes with SEO optimization, browser compatibility, faster loading time, excellent customization features, dominant slider and much more.

The customizer is what makes the theme a good choice. You can edit almost everything that you can see in the theme. For more customization purposes, you can edit the theme files and add CSS. The code is well written and commented, and you will not find any problems customizing the code.

My Personal Conclusions About ShopIsle Theme

I love how the design of the theme is laid out. For a free theme, the design is just great. It is clean, modern and sharp to say the least. The one-page layout fits well for any business requirement along with all the theme customization features that come along. And if you are thinking of selling stuff, you can always try to use WooCoomerce to do it.

Reasons to get the ShopIsle theme:

  • It is free of cost. No need to pay a single cent for ShopIsle theme.
  • Completely responsive and loads fast!
  • One-Page Theme with SEO optimization.
  • Great Customization features.
  • It’s Free. Yup, I mentioned it again.

If you are looking for the premium themes, you can check their premium club membership. They do have a great collection of themes to choose from.

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